Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Morning after the USA's...

Here are a few pics of the morning after the 2005 USA's ...As you can tell, I took a shower :) No more tan for me ...OOOps :) Amanda(LHW), Barbara(LW), and Me(Britt, MW)and I'm not sure where Heather(HW) was at this time!? ENJOY...

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Whats up guys...
WEBCAM tonight around 9PM EST. It's a late notice but it's something new thats being tried with the cam tonight. Something about something that's free??!! Not sure about the details but I'll find out more later tonight...
SPREAD THE WORD and I'll see ya a little later :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Britt here...

Whats up ya'll-
Long time no see huh?!? If you havn't already figured out (as most of you prob already have) ...School has definatly started back :( Yea, this semester is already kicking my ass! And I just realized that I have an exam on the Friday that I am supposed to be leaving for the Olympia. I'm hoping that I can take the exam early bc if not I am totally screwed. This semester my classes are based around the care of the elder adult and the care of the psychologically disordered. VERY interesting thus far into the class!! That's ALL I will say :)

I have been training to grow and I am finally seeing some results! I'm eating well but ALL THE TIME, lol. It's working so I'm sticking with it. I am staying around 150/152 all the time ...somewhere right around there depending on the time of day, of course a lil lighter in the mornings. I am trying to stay in decent (comfortable)shape considering I have a really long offseason ...Almost a whole year of growing time ...hell yeah!! Ya know, I hate being uncomfortable and never having ANY clothes that fit and sweating ALL the time and all that other stuff that comes with extra weight! So I figured I would try my best to stay at a moderate offseason size. As all of you are asking ...What weight class will I come in at the '06 Nats?!?! Hmmm, to tell you the truth, if I gain ANY muscle (which I damn-well better:) I will have to move up a weight class. I weighed in at 124 this year-making the 125 cut-off by ONE lb and I was so depleted when I weighed in that night. Saying that, I will be a LHW which I am TERRIFIED of but I'll get over it when the time comes ;) I always do :)

CLASSES ARE SO CANCELLED TOMORROW!!!! I was supposed to have my Med-Surg Clinical tomorrow at the hospital so now I have this NEVER-ENDING assignment that I have to complete ...BOOH!! No fun!! Oh well, guess it's better than standing on my feet for 9 hours and then coming home and having to write our weekly NEVER-ENDING paper, lol. Either way, typing papers suck, lol :) And now I get to train tomorrow, YAY!

I trained legs today with a friend and by the end of extensions he had already capped-out on me ...CASEY!!!! Lol, just playing man, I know you tried :) BUT he did video from then until the end of hams so thats awesome! Got some footage for yas! I did 245lbs for 8 reps from the ground on stiff-legs today ...felt rediciously great :) I did chest yesterday (excluding any and all DB presses) and my chest is killing me today; it's so sore! Might have to try this every once in awhile. I just did ALL flys (machine, cable, DB) except for one incline machine press and it turned out pretty good. I have back tomorrow ...I LOVE lifting back, it's my favorite as of right now ...I'll start hateing it as I continue to get stronger, lol ...it takes more energy to load the plates on than it does to lift your set, lol :)

There are some AWESOME NEW videos posted in the members section of my site. They are from the USA's when I was in my top condition :) ...That I miss soooo much! Also, there are some new pics that were posted today under the "BEACH" section ...I'll give you a few previews at the end... You should go check em out!!!! I'll also post a few from the USA shoot and then one of me and my babe;)

WEB-CAM as you all have been asking about ...I am not sure when the next time I will be on is :( School is killing my LIFE! Wait, what life!?!? Yea, that's what I mean! Trying to get in the gym to train and stay with my cardio everyday has been my goal lately. I have an exam this week and 2 next week and not to mention tons of UNNECESSIARY busy work for nursing school! I promise I will get a session scheduled for soon ...Don't know exactly when but I will let you all know! I will more than likly just pop on as one of the other girls are finishing up, that way many of you will already be there. But again, I'll let ya know :)

Alrighty guys, It's about time I get back to studying ...BLAHHHHH :X lol, Right after I watch the season finalle for GILMORE GIRLS for my roomate, Em. Yep, shes in class and she is DEFINATLY obsessed with this show, lol, so being the GREAT friend that I am, I'm observing until she gets home, lol :) But I will talk soooooooooon :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Few Vegas pics...

Here are a few pics from the USA's in Vegas this year. I have many many more but I am between classes right now and need to get my butt back to school :) Hope everyone is doing well and after this hectic day is done, I will rewrite my journal ...from tha otha day, ya know, the one that obnoxiously deleted itself, lol. Just doing cardio today bc I'm in PAIN ...so I'll talk soon guys,

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I just wrote this HUGE journal for you all and downloaded almost 15 Pics ...and it is GONE ...DELETED ...Damn internet! I spent almost a whole hour on that one! UGGGGGGGHH, Guys, as much as I want to rewrite it, I have no time right now- I have to be on the hospital floor at 6am tomorrow morning. I will redo later, I promise :( For now, here is a pic of me and my roomie...