Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Passed time...

Britt here...

Hey guys!!!! Not sure where to start here. It's been one hell of a ride these past weeks - or months I should say. There's been ups and downs, the good and the bad. Not always skippy, lol. Mmmm Skippy Peanut Butter, lol, sorry :-) But more good than bad I have to say. I've been extreamly fortunate to have had all the support that I've had this time around - dieting and training. I have a trainer this year. He has been here for me through thick and thin ...through all my crazy thinking. You wouldn't beleive how messed up my mind-vision connection is when it comes to answering a simple question ..."How do you look today?" I've come up with some pretty far-fetched answers, lol. Pretty much everything from the most simple to the most complicated have changed for me this year. Everything except my determination and dedication ;) ...Over the years - first starting out - and along the way as well - it's very hard. To stick to your diet, do your cardio, to NOT have those thoughts of wanting to quit, etc. Now it's like this is a part of me - a part of who I am. It makes me, ME. Yes ...I whine and complain but it's only to make me feel better ahhahaha. It's just good to not have to question yourself everyday about things. Just to be able to get up and do what you have to do without debating. You do what you gotta do to reach your dreams. It's an awesome feeling.

So Anyways... A lot has went on. I've been to Oklahoma a few times to train ...Amazing! New Jersey for a photo shoot. Cindy has been to my house to visit! We had a blast as we always do. I've meet some incredible people. My baby-girl Deezy has gotton HUGE!!!! She's just a baby and her paws are softball sized, lol. she's a mess. My neighborhood has said that I have to get rid of her chain-linked fence b/c they are not allowed. whatever hahaha. Don't know what I'm going to do b/c to fence in my entire back yard with an appropriate privacy fence will be close to $5000.00!!!!! I'd let her stay inside but she's so darn big and sheds black hair like crazy. She makes me laugh so hard. I had her pinned in the yard on a chain - attached to a stake in the ground to let her hang out a little while - while I was cleaning inside the other day. I came outside and she was gone!!! I called her and then heard something that sounded like reindeer bells and santas sley ...lol. She came running around the house dragging along the 20foot chain with the stake bouncing along on the end. I was dying. She's so funny. There is a little white kitten that comes around that she likes to hang out with and play with. It's soooo cute.

Work is stressful. I havn't been feeling well lately so I've missed some days at work. Being worn down is starting to take a toll on my body. I have the best boss at work. She is so awesome. So understanding and willing to work with you. I have wanted to change specialties in Nursing for about the past year but she is the only thing keeping me static right now. And she's so cute too ...she's pregnant. Pregnant people are so cute. I have 2 nephews and a little neice and they are all so beautiful. I love kids and can't wait to have some one day. There's just something about that mother-child connection that I find so appealing. Rikki and Mike (webmaster and his wife) have a new little girl. She's such a good baby! They've done a really great job with her - great parents.

So I have my suits for Nationals! They are beautiful - Thanks to Tamara of Bikini Guru! She does such a great job. Pretty plain this year but that is what I wanted. My body will speak louder than the suits anyways ;) Havn't got jewelry just yet but have an idea of what I want. Posing routine, custom made by Joey :), is all taken care of. Just a little more practicing and It'll be ready to show. Hair is RED now, lol. Always changing. Always will probably ahahah. I can't keep one thing for too long - I get bored with it and need something new or different. I got a new tatoo. It says Eternal Love. Which has underlying meaning to me. It's really means a lot to me. More than what lyes on the surface of the words. Little pieces from my life - growing to be who I am now. It's pretty cool.

Ok well that's a little update for now. Check back and I'll try to keep this darn thing updated ahahha. OH YEAH ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRLIE CINDY!!!!! On Wednesday, Halloween!!!! Cindy is turning 24. LOVE YOU BABE...MISS U!! And oh yea, I had a birthday about a month ago :) I'm 23 now, lol.

B :-)