Friday, January 27, 2006

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

I am soooo hungry!! I woke up 15 minutes before class started this morning so I had to jump up throw some clothes on brush my teeth called my friend Loe for a ride and managed to grab a shake on the way out. I am always starving when I wake up ...thats usually the only thing that encourages me to get my butt out of bed and get a move on, lol. I was miserable all during class from 9-1 ...soso hungry. But I'm home now ..fixing some Sirloin and potatoes and a lot of it :)

I wont be around this weekend so thought I'd go ahead and post that I am doing the NEW ULTRA WEB CAM on SUNDAY NIGHT, probably around 11pm EST give or take and hour. I had planned on trying it out last night but I ended up ataying at the Library until 2 so I wasn't able to. Anyways, this will be my first time using the new system. I have already seen Cin on it and it is awesome quality choppiness, no picture delays, and it has sound too! I am weighing almost 170lbs ...most muscle I have ever had!! Come and check it out!! There is a FREE preview room that consist of the actual size video picture and a chat room to talk with me!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and I will see you Sunday night :):):)
Take it easy
love yas

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Takin a lil break...

Whatup whatup...
Just taking a break from studying and stopped here to send a few words your way :)
I was able to train earlier thn usual today which was soooo great. I've been training really late in the day and sometimes late at night and that starts to get old!

Great workout today; BACK!!!!
80 for 20 reps
100 for 15 reps
120 for 12 reps
130 for 8 reps

3 plates(45's) for 15 reps
4 plates(45's) for 12 reps
4 plates(45's) and a quarter(25) for 10 reps

Single-arm Dumbell Rows
80lb db for 12reps on each
90lb db for 12reps on each
100lb db for 10reps each

Seated machine rows
110 for 12
130 for 10
150 for 10

Cable Pull Overs (to strech)

Good Mornings (Standing)
Just the bar for 3 sets.

AAAAAAnnnnnnnnddddd... that's it. Good workout!

Last week when I did back, I taped some HEAVY LIFTING for yas!!
I did Free Standing Deadlifts ...315lbs for 6 reps and then I managed to add a quarter to each side and do 375lbs for 2 reps!! It was pretty cool so I made sure to tape it.

Anyways, I best get back to studying and reading so I can pass my quizzes tomorrow ...I have never taken a quiz that 75% of the class failed UNTIL last week!!! So I'm studying more than I did last week for the ones tomorrow ...Hope it works, but I've heard thru the grapevine that it doesn't matter how much you study, the class average stays pretty equally divided ...let's hope that I can be in that top 50%, lol, talk to ya'll laterrrrrrrrrrrr :):):)


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let the best team win...

...The Panther's OF COURSE!!!! I have faith in my home-town team...

Gooooooooooo Panthers ...Goooooooo HOME, SeaHawks ...LOLOLOL :)

It's almost that time ...120 more minutes...

I'll be sitting here reading and doing hw and watching the game little bit. Waiting to go train legs until afterwards :)

Well, in advance, I already feel the pain for you SeaHawk fans :):):)


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Late night workout...

OK, so, on the way home from the gym these guys were asking me how much I could bench and lift all that kinda stuff. AND, this is is what our conversation turned in to...

Wasn't planning on working legs, lol :)

As if the first time wasn't enough... A little more weight, the front tire didn't come up off the ground as far as the first time...

Daniel, Danny, Zack, and Paul... Thanks guys, that was so awesome!

Enough fun for tonight, I trained bi's and tri's and they are killing me. I have to work at the hospital all day tomorrow so I am heading to bed... Talk to yas all soon!


Monday, January 16, 2006

hangin out...

Hel-lo peeps :)
I'm so bored, someone please come save me from my bordness! I'm not tired enough to go to bed, had no class today! Just got done watching the Bachelor, Paris. I love those kind of shows! I wanna go on there and be the Buff Bachelorette that gets to choose her Hot prince charming!! That would be an awesome show ...ok, now back to reality, lol. Really tho, if I had the chance to do a reality tv show, I would be there in less than .5 seconds!

Somehow during this last week I have hurt myself!? My wrist is sooo deformed! And I have NO clue what the heck happened?! I'm guessing I did something to it training, actually I'm 99.9% sure that's how I did it :) Wednesday night my wrist was killing me, sharp pains that were running all the way up the medial side of my arm! Of course, I just delt with it and tried to reason that it wasn't anything important. Thursday and Friday it started getting worse. I really noticed it when I was in class taking notes at about 90 miles per hour, lol. Friday night it was the worst pain ever. I couldn't sleep and didn't until almost 5am and I had to work at the nutrition store at 10am on Sat morning. When I got to the store, I saw something weird sticking out of my wrist ...Well, guess what, it was my bone!!!! It looks like the bone in my arm was forced in the direction of my wrist and my hand was forced in the direction of my arm. It's really weird, I never actually DID anything to it and I havn't been able to get to the doc to get it checked out yet. Hope it's not anything bad!!!!

I worked this morning at 10 until 4. Went to the gym to finish training legs. I started legs yesterday ...Did extensions for sets of 15 to warm up and then went straight to squats. I wanted to go heavy but didn't have a spot so I did what I could on my own.
Set1- 135lb for 20
set2- 225lb for 15
set3- 315lb for 6 ...Started feeling really light-headed! Decided to ignore it and try to finish the set ...I only did 8. I felt like a quitter so I did one more set of 315 for 6 reps. BY this time I was feeling horrible, headache, and just really lightheaded. Decided to head out and just finish the next day ...Well, you know me, by the time I had got to where my bag was, I felt bad for quitting. So I just rested my head in my arms on the counter top for about 15 minutes. I met my concious in the middle, lol, and decided to finish with some REALLY light leg presses. I ended up doing one plate on each side for sets of 20 and ended up doing 15 sets to make up for not going heavy. I felt ok then bc I was lying down and it was lightweight so it wasn't so bad. Thought I might as well go ahead and do some calves too so I did about 10 sets of calves with that same weight on the leg press machine ...I think I was on there for like 30 minutes, haha, good thing there was hardly anyone in there!

I finished hamstrings today...
walked incline to warm up

lying leg curls-
70lb for 15
90lb for 15
110lb for 10
Last set... Drop down
110lbs for 2
90 for 3
70 for 4
50 for 6
30 for 7
10 for 8

Stiff leg deadlifts-
started with the bar and 45's on each side ...135 for 15
added another plate to each side ...225lbs for 10
added a 25 to each side ...275lbs for 8
275lbs again for 6 reps

incline seated hamstring curls-
a plate(45) and 25- for 3 sets. 12 reps each.

finished with (light) walking lunges ...incline(10steps) and decline(10steps)
25lb dbs for 20 steps
again 25lb db's for 20 steps
and no weight for 20 steps

...Whoo-hoo what a good workout, lol, it was pretty good considering my wrist was throbbing the entire time, lol ... :(

Anyways... I best get to bed, so I can go get that checked out in the morning ...I'll talk to you all soon!


Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Night...

It's Friday night and I am about to get off work at 7 and head to the mall for a few minutes... I have to get a new bra, lol :) Think that's funny, huh?! After that I am heading to the gym!! So happy to be back in there! I am training bis and tri today. Get this... I trained shoulders yesterday and I did free weight machine presses with a 45 and 35 on EACH side for 10 reps...I did have a shot but still, I was sooo amazed. That's 80lbs on each side, craZy, i love it!

Found out my full schedule today for Nursing this semester and I am in class everyday all day plus community-clinical (home-health/hospice) one day a week ...and on my own time I have to complete 150 hours working (NO PAY) on a med-surg floor at a hospital an hour away. I have to do these 150 hours by mid April, ahhhhhhh! That leaves studying, EATING, SLEEPING, webcam and emails for YOU, and mostly ...TRAINING to still find time for somewhere in all that madness. Hmmm, I'm staying calm, lol. Oh well, not worrying right now, I'll take it as it comes. But this lil side job is toast ...done with, no time, haha. Just wanna graduate in May. After I finally grad I get to studystudystudy and send in tons of papers so I can take the boards to be an RN. Then I get to start dieting, whoooo-hooo, I sooooo can't wait! I'm so excited!

Shoulders yesterday...
MAchine presses
35 on ea side- 20 reps
35+25 on each side- 10
35+25+10 on ea for 10 reps
same- 8 reps

single side laterals (12 reps all sets)
30lb db
35 db
40 db
45 db

db presses (10 reps all sets)
35lb dbs
45lb dbs
50lb dbs
55lb dbs

bent over db rear delts (sets of 12)
25lb dbs
30lb dbs
35lb dbs

Donkey calve raises (10 sets of 10)
2 plates

IT was an OK workout, didn't get as much of a pump as I wanted. OK, so I made a page on if you know what that it. If not, it's just some little website where you can find old and new friends profiles and chat/keep in touch with them. On my profile I started writing about me and just kept going and going and going and when I finished, I found it to be really interesting ...I was like, that is really me. SO I thought I would share it with you ...LOL
I'm a senior Nursing Student as East Carolina University and a National level female Bodybuilder; Check out tha WebSite... WWW.BRITTMILLER.COM ;) Been reading all these profiles and these girls are like ..."I'm so and so and I'm really petite and I'm a beauty queen and blah blah blah" Well, sorry, LOL, Can't say none of that but can say Ima cool ass girl and a hot chic but I'm definatly not petite, lol. I'ma thick girl, big girl, stacked girl, diesel, jacked girl, whatever your lingo might be, pick one, your choice. I LOVE IT! Anyways... I am 21 I weigh 165lbs offseason, 124lbs onstage I have brown and blonde hair- Underneath dark and top blonde I love bodybuilding and training I love my FANS I love criticism, It only makes me stronger My dream is to be the youngest Professional Female BB ever I'm competing in the Nationals in Miami in November 2006 I love the weird looks and stares that I get I love my family My nephews are the best I want a husband and kids one day I love having fun I love disipline Tend to take chances and risks I love lifting more than most guys I hate sketchy people I love dressing up I love my Mom I am very distanced in my personality Keep too myself most of the time Not stuck up, just mind my own business Love gettin shitty everyone once in a blue moon ;) If you are close to me you know what I mean I love my website I love taking pictures I love dieting for competitions I love my brothers, they are my inspiration I do WebCam and DVD's for my website ...Sorry, not nudes ;) Sometimes I am too serious but sometimes I am too laid back I love my best friend LOE I love a guy that loves me I love my body I hate people that lie I like being sneaky I eat with my fingers I love hugs and kissses I don't like to rush I don't become close with anyone too quick I love gaining weight I think Cindy Phillips is the coolest BB chic ever I beleive people change I am a shoe freak I love my Boobs :) I like older guys with hot ass bodies I love the adrenaline rush that I get when I train I have a hard time waking up in the mornings I like doing things that others don't know about Don't like Bullshit and don't take Bullshit so don't bring your Bullshit my way I talk with my mouth full I love sweets I love boys, well, men so to say :) If I love you, I really love you; If I don't like you, I really don't like you I started BB at age 14 I love honest people Sometimes the truth hurts Deal with it Cops say I don't stop at stop signs, I say I hesitate I love spending money I love being a smart ass I am straight up and blunt I will hurt your feelings before I lie to you I'm very picky I love high heels I love nursing school, beleive it or not I am a nerd I am obsessed with bodybuilding and my body I love my sister-n-laws, they are the best I love peanut butter I love being sexy I am the 2005 BB middleweight USA champ I am the 2005 Collegiate National BB champ I am the 2004 BB NC State overall champ I love what I do I have 9 BB trophies but more memories than I could ever count I burp really loud :( I hate quitters I hate people that gossip I love someone that can have a down-right good time I love making memories I love the feeling of being on the BB stage I love tight jeans I leg press 585lbs for sets of 15 I hate bad drivers I don't like people that try too hard I don't try to fit in I am my own person I hate people that think their shit doesn't stink AND I love my friends :)
So, wha do ya think, sounds like me, huh?! ;)

Alrighty guys, Ima head to the mall and gym to train arms but I will be in touch soon. I am signing up for webcam on Sunday, check the schedule!


Monday, January 09, 2006

Par-tay tiiiime...

Promised you some pics from the other night so here they are! Having a good time in G-Vegas...

ME and the roomie, Em...

Leslie, Christine, and me

Loe, Christine, me and Les b4 leaving...

ME and Ems at the bar having a lil fun ;)

K, I'm heading to the gym so I can get bk here and get ready to do webcam for YOU! Can't wait to see ya there!! Be there at 11PM sharp...


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Panthers all the way!

HEy guys-
I've been lying around all afternoon watching the playoff games and being laZy!!!! Guess it's time for me to get my butt moving to the gym. Training legs today so I want to get in there before the crowd gets there. The Rec is open until 1130pm on Sundays and everyone starts getting there around 5 or 6 and it stays pretty much packed until close. P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S are kickin ass today, that's awesome!
Speaking of football and the Panthers, here is a picture of me and my little nephew in his Carolina helmets, how cute, He's my little football player! He's sooo obsessed with football and could tell you more than the average person about anything that has to do with football. It's amazing how smart he is and he just turned 4 a few months ago!

Here is a picture of me and my Mommy:) at Thanksgiving ...She's so pretty!

Here is me and my brothers dog Buster ...This dog is awesome, he's so hyper, I love it! He got hit by a car last year and broke his leg and some of his ribs. He was so pitiful, I felt so bad for him. He was just born last Christmas(2004) and was a present.

This was March of last year(2005)when I was dieting for the USA's and I was the guest poser for the NC States where I handed my State title to Tangela Morgan. I had been dieting for about 1 month ...My muscles were soo full, I love this look!

Last but NOT least... Here is me and Cin in at the Olympia in Vegas before we went to a local Gold's Gym and recorded some awesome lifting clips...

I'll post pictures from last night when I get them downloaded from my roomates camara. Last night was a blast. Went to a few bars and just had straight fun! ...See you all tonight!


WebCam is at 9PM EST guys, sorry, the time got changed at the last minute. See ya then! Can't wait!
Love Ya

Saturday, January 07, 2006

This is my year

How is the new year treating ya? It's off to a great start for me. I have so much to look forward to this year. I am back at school, well, actually working at the nutrition store. Had to work at 10am so I left my house at 6am this morning after staying up til 2am packing and loading my car in the freezing cold! The trunk of my car likes to fall and knock me in the head when it gets cold outside so me and my mom are outside with icesickles hanging from our noses trying to pack my car while trying to keep from being KO-ed by the trunk of my car! What a night and day ...I'm pooped and falling asleep! I get off at 3 and am heading straight for my nice warm bed and passing out. THink I am going out for a fun night tonight before school murders me this LAST semester starting Monday. Whoo-Hoo, can't wait :)

I am training before I go out tonight tho. I have taken about 14 days off and I am ready to get back in and own my body again! I've lost a little size but I needed a break from everything for a short bit. Went to the gym yesterday and did a few exercises for every bodypart and I was filled back out pretty much to where I was 2 weeks ago by the end of my workout ...Amazing what one workout can do and how much the body can change from one week to the next! Not sure what today will bring, maybe do the same as yesterday and start isolation with Legs on Sunday ...Sound good?!

About the new and improved WEBCAM ...I am going to be on SUNDAY @ 3PM EST!!!! I can't wait! I havn't been on in sooo long. I'm excited and ready to give you all a real muscle show ;) I am not sure what all the differences are from the old Webcam but as soon as I learn more about it I will let yas all in on it. Cindy has some extra info on the Webcam in her journal, I think she knows a little more about it than I. Speaking of Miss Cindy Phillips ...She looks b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ...Aww, she's such a cool kid ...I miss 'er. We'll meet again, hopfully soon. We had talked about her coming to visit here at ECU so we'll see ;)

Anyways, I have some new pics for ya ...Some from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few from the past few days. And I'm sure that you'll LOVE 'em, lol, so I will get to posting them when sleeping beauty :) awakes from her much needed nap that I'm taking when I get home!!!!

What 2006 holds for me so far...
Improving my Website ...for YOU all, of course ;)
Possible photo shoot this winter
Possible trip to the Arnold
Getting a job
Going to see Cindy compete in Canada
Starting the competition diet

Talk to you all soon...

PS- Thank You to my fans who sent me Christmas Cards, It was really sweet of you and I really enjoyed them!!

I love ya!!

<3 B.