Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hey Guys...

What's up?!
It's Britt here! I just wanted to stop in and say hello to you all. I know I havn't been here in awhile. It's been a crazy past ...well, FOREVER for me! School is just overwhelming at this time and trying to get in the gym and train is taking a lot out of me too. There were some comments about me not ever posting in my Blog and not acknowledging my fans ...I love my fans and have NO disrespect for any of you! Just understand that I am really really busy with planing my future career have been caught up in that for bigtime lately! I graduate from Nursing school in May and I am really trying to "get er done" if you know what I mean, lol :) I will be applying for jobs soon ...How craZy is that???? But anyways, I love my fans!

Just got back from the Olympia this past Tuesday morning! The trip to Vegas was great and the Olympia experience was awesome! Yaxini won the womens and of course Ronnie took the mens! I really thought Iris Kyle was going to take it again. I was hatin all that talk about cutler maybe taking the title from Coleman ...yea, don't think so, lol! Iris Kyle looked phenom! She was ripped to shreaded as always! One day ...One day!! Yaxini was just overall beautiful! As you all probably already know from Cindy's blog ...We finally got to meet and chill together! Cindy is great and has an awesome personality. We are so much alike that it is unreal. I wish we lived close by where we could hang out and especially train together! We did a few shoots together and had a lot of fun doing them. We started making a DVD which is a really cool idea. And we had some strength contests and good stuff like that. Shes such a little ball of muscle ...5 foot and 145lbs ...that's jacked! Cindys got a hot little body and she is well on her way in the sport of BB. Ima have to catch up with her on the size factor, lol. I can't beleive she lost her camara ...that really sucks! I know we had some really good pics on there. Liek us lifting in the gym, doing photo shoots and vodeo, just pics aropund the hotel, and pics of us eating the big "beefeater", haha. We had a 24oz prime rib the night that we were leaving vegas, along with an appetizer, salad, bread, and dessert! Yep, we are 100% BB's, lol. You all know about me and my love for food :) If Cindy and I were around each other all the time, we would be major fatasses, haha. One of the days we had muffins, cookies, and coffee and it was sooooo good! Steve and I and his friends, James, Paul, and Sage ate buffets the entire time that we were there! I had soo much good food, it was great!

Neal, Cin, Me, and Steve

Me and Cin

Me and Steve's friends, Paul and James

THen the bad news... I got sick the second that I went to the airport on Monday night. I was sick the entire way home on my flights and was even sicker when I got back to the airport here. My wonderful friend Holly came and opicked me up. We were supposed to go shopping after she picked me up but we had to go home instead bc I was so sick :( I slept the ride home. Got home and slept for 2 days straight then couldn't stand it anymore so I had to go to the doc ...They put me in a hospital bed in one of the rooms bc I couldn't stand up. Gave me a shot of Phenergan to keep my stomach setteled bc I couldn't stop puking ...that's nasty, I know! I really don't even remember being there but was supposedly there for a few hours?! I had to go back the next day for follow up and well, now I'm better!!! But still don't know what was wrong with me poisioning, flu ...??? that's what the doc thought. But I have to say thanks to my wonderful HOLLY for taking awesome care of me. Shes did everything for me this past week! Gotta love her! On top of that, I had so much school work to do and got even more behind bc of all that stuff ...oh well , I'll make it, always do the end.

THat't what I'm doing now ...Writing papers! I've finished one paper today and am getting ready to start another in just a few minutes! I have a few exams and papers due this week as usual. This is why I am always busy, so don't hold it against me ...Pleeeeeeeeeease, ya know I love yas.

My lifts are going through the roof lately (except this wk since I've been sick). When in Vegas I repped 7 plates once on barbell t-bar rows. and I repped 150lbs once for barbell curls. It felt awesome! Neal had pics but unfortunatly they lost hte camara. We definatly have it on video though! I did 115lbs for 6 reps on barbell curls yesterday. Did 275 on free weight squats for 6 reps. 95lb db's for stiff leg deadlifts for 8 reps. THat's all for now but I'm trying to increase my lifts and put on a little size so there WILL be more soon! ;)

Anyways, I had so much fun meeting Cindy and Neal and can't wait to hang with them again!
By the way ...My email has not been working for about ...wel, over a month. Someone changed my password again?! Why, I don't know, but we are getting me, once again, a new email addy. Should be up soon so I'll be able to at least respond to some of you when I get free time. I love reading you alls emails but it hard sometime to write back to everyone. But to assure you ...I DO read them all! So when I can get into the account I will let you know, actually that accout will not be working, I'll just have a new addy. Talk to you all soon and I will try my best to keep you updated at least once a week on my lifts and all!

Me and Cin

Love My Fans!!!!