Monday, March 17, 2008

Benna hott minute...

What's up all?!

It's getting to be warm nice weather here and I'm lovn it. I like the cold at first of winter but I get bored with it REALLL quick. I'm ready to lay out at the pool and go around in shorts and tanks ...that is, once I get my butt in shape, lol.

Lately I have just been runnin around in circles it seems. I havn't been on here in forever, which I'm sure I dont need to remind you. I have neglected webcam (sorry :-( and especialy my email!! People get so mad at me because I am so slow to respond via email. I'm a busy girl. I do have a J-O-B and I am trying to stay in the training groove. So if I'm sluggish in that area, please forgive me!!

I started a new job!! I am now working in the SICU; surgical ICU. OMG... I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!! I stayed on a Med-Surg floor for almost 2 years. I never knew the life off that floor. Needless to say, I will always be an ICU nurse fromm here out. So much more my speed and style!! You have so much more autonomy that it's just rediculous. You ARE the patient advocate and pretty much make the calls for your patients health. It's awesome. Although I do miss my BONBON (secretary on my old floor).

So as a lot of you have let me know ...I have an HUG SPREAD in the April issue of MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT!!! How exciting!! Starting on PAGE 274-281. CHECK IT OUT!!!! Awesome shoot with Per Bernell from November after NAtionals.

ALSO... I am in the April issue of IRONMAN. PAGE 275. A smaller insert with a competition picture from Nationals. AND ...LISA BOUSHARD is on PAGE 266. I had the privlidge of meeting Lisa at the Arnold this year! She is such a sweet and cool girl and is currently training for the 2008 JR USA's which I hope to be able to attend. She is looking BOMB at 9weeks out now!!!! I believe she will do very well!! Here is a picture of Lisa and her hubby, Joe. I had a blast with these 2 at the AC!!

This wasn't just a one time thing, haha, it was more like every meal!!! For me anyways, ie LIL MISS PIGGY!!

I am in the process is fencing in my yard for Deezy. She needs somewhere to run free when I'm out. But you wouldn't believe the prices. They are outrageuos!!!

That's all for now,