Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quick Pic...

Had dinner and a movie with the fam on Friday night...

Will write more on Monday ...For now I have to get some sleep..


B :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hi Guys!! Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite poems... I'm off to the gym to train legs early this morning ...See yas!!!! Web Cam prob tonight!!

B :)

Hope you enjoy...

The Last Pedal
© By Carolann S. Wallace

Perfect as a rose pedal
Watch as it endures
The blooms fight for their life
As they are surrounded by knives
For what they know best
Is the blossom of their hearts
They live in the moment they open
Hopes to achieve, reside in their minds

Pedals come and pedals go
Stop to watch as they appear
Appreciate the colors and smells
Learn from them while they are here
For they will disappear
No more chances do they get
They cannot be forgiven
For they must open and if they don't
It is the end

Some will arise to the occasion
They are beautiful in every way
Every chance they get
To send sweet aroma in the air
To fill the days with colors so fair
But the life is short
Because they opened, they must fall
The fall to death
Conscious of the life they lived
Are they successful or
Do they suffer in agony
as the last pedal falls

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just me

What ups yaw...
just off webcam. i got my nose pierced a few weeks ago at the beach. ive wanted it done for a long time but never had the urge to do it. so i did it lol.didnt hurt or even get sore. not many can tell i even have it. course it was the first thing my mom saw ...she doesnt like it. i dont think she really cares too much for any of my tatoos or piercings but shes cool with them. shes a great mom.

so i have a new roomate now. its a little different living with someone after living alone for so long. im the biggest clean freak now that i have my own place. i walk around picking up tiny pieces of dirt and wiping everything down all the time ahaha. you might even call me a little ocd when it comes to keeping my house clean. never been like that until i bought a house of my own. its true that you respect things that you have to earn yourself- very true. sometimes i feel a little consistant with cleaning but its my house so i have the right to be picky bout it, right?

deezy is growing like a weed. shes prob 25-30 lbs now. i have to take her back to the vet soon for more shots. she gets on my last nerve sometimes. she doesnt listen very well and i end up beating her butt haha. i got her a dog lot to keep her outside now. shes tearing up too much stuff in my house. chewed on my bed!!!!!!! i was soooooooooo pissed ...sooooooo dissapointed that she did that. tried chewing on my blinds, peed in the couch, and chewed my molding in the laundry room. !!!!!!!!! again, i get so upset because i had to buy everything brand spanking new that is in my house. the only thing that is not new are my coffee/end tables that my brother gave me when he moved to his new house. everything else came straight from my pocket. so you can see why it bothers me :)

ive been in a really irritible mood lately. anything and everything sets me off it seems like hahaha. i try to keep my cool but the combo of everything is a little much lol. i started a diet about 2 weeks ago too so that might have a little to do with it too. but anyways is going well. i have my one year evaluation coming up next week so i better get a raise, hahah. if not ill prob be pissy with them too hahah. i got my hair cut and colored this week. a littler darker in the bottom and a little light on the top ok i guess. i want something different but i cant find anything i like- nothing drastic. so i just cut a few side bangs. its a little change.

well thats all for now its bed time for me. finally getting tired. my sleep schedule is all wacko as usual.

B :)