Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Times...

Taking things day by day here - Live and learn - I'll be the first to admit that I ALWAYS learn the hard way, LOL. It's my nature I guess. I don't come off as the type that lets others walk all over me - but sometimes I do - and I'm not doing it any more. I've had enough and I've learned. Like I said, you live and learn and true friends are very RARE these days!!

I have been working and just hanging out. I've got the itch to go back to school! I think I am applying to start back in the Spring - maybe - not sure if I want to go back to CRNA school or Nurse Practioner school ...such a hard decision. CRNA is #1 but requires much more before applying. I wouldn't be able to apply until the Spring of next year (2009) and then probably wouldn't get to start for 1-2 years later (2011 maybe) then I'd be in school for 2 years. Nurse Practioner school I could start in the Spring of this year (if accepted - 25 people per year accepted) and be finished in 2 years ...sooooooo dunno just yet I;m just having fun right now until something sparks my interest ...Here is me and my friend Meg before going out the other night. It was so funny - we learned the Soulja Boy Dance, LOL ...freaking hilarious!!

The year is starting off good for me. I am going to be starting Boxing lessions (which I LOVE) - I was kickboxing a few years ago with a past world champion, Randy Smith. But went off to college and unfortunatly stopped :( But I miss it and have been wanting to get bk to it. When I went to LA in November I went to Randy Couture's Training Gym, that really made me want to get back into it. It's sooo fun and it's a hellova workout!

Here is my new BABY!!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!! CHECK IT OUT ...2007 CBR600RR - IT'S SICK!!

Alright guys...Gotta go to sleep


B :-)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What a nice day!!

It's such a nice day here today; warm and just a little windy. I love it!! ...It will probably get really cold later today and tonight as it usualy does. I wish it would snow!! I worked New Year's Eve so there was no partying for me ...We toasted the new year with our sparkling cider, lol. Went out with the famly last night and had a few beers with dinner. That's always fun.

I have my first professional bodybuilding SPONSOR!!!!! YAY!!!! Dave Palumbo with his fairly new line of supplements and clothing has sponsored me! Seems so crazy. I never thought this day would come. I got my SPECIES warm up suit in the mail the other day by surprise ...I was so excited, lol. My first reaction was ...Man, I hope my ass fits in these pants, hahahha!! And it does so no worries :) I wore it around the house and then to get my hair done. I'm proud of that thing. My hair is still dark with red highlights. I really like it. It is soooo long. I like that too.

Here is the link to my profile on the SPECIES site...

Training is going well. Back into things not 100% just yet, but it is coming. Preparing for 2008. Diet is starting to clean up and I'm starting to train very heavy. OMG ...I did legs hard and heavy for the first time on MONDAY ...Today is FRIDAY ...and I am still tip-toeing around. Still cant squat down, lol. Within all the pain there is a good feeling as well.

I am going to visit my friend Holly at the beach in a few weeks ...YAY!!! She's so crazy we always have a stupid fun time. Then I'm back in Oklahoma to train soon as well. OK guys, That is all for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!! Oh yea, and I about forgot my new years resolution ...To find the love of my life!!!! HAHAHAHHA, JUST PLAYING ...My New Years Resolution is to find something new, anything, and accomplish it with excellence. Don't know what it may be but I'm in that state of mind; Nursing, BB, relationships, religion, sports ...anything.

If anyone has questions or comments please email me from my website,

I will leave you with this... I think sometimes we all feel this way...

-- Shannen Wrass --

Today I found a friend
who knew everything I felt
she knew my weakness
and the problems I've been dealt.
She understood my wonders
and listened to my dreams,
she listened to how I felt about life and love
and knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me
or tell me I was wrong
she understood what I was going through
and promised she'd stay long.
I reached out to this friend,
to show her that I care
to pull her close and let her know
how much I need her there.
I went to hold her hand
to pull her a bit nearer
and I realized this perfect friend I found
was nothing but a mirror.

B :)