Monday, May 29, 2006

Up at the crack of dawn...

Mornin' ya'll...
I woke up extreamly too early this morning! I have these huge windows in my room that take up almost an entire wall and the sun was shining thru them like no other this morning so of course I couldn't fall back asleep. Oh well, guess I need to get up anyways ...maybe I can get in the habit of getting up early and taking a short nap in the afternoon :) Tha'd be soo awesome- My body would LOVE that! I did that my freshamn year in college ...I would go to my 0800 classes which would get out around lunch time, then I'd get some lunch take it to my dorm, then take a 1-2 hour nap ...ahhhhh, it was sooo great! I'd get up go to the rest of my classes and then go train. Thinking back on it it was so freakin hard but now it seems like it was the life to have. I'm really worried about my how my time schedule is going to be once I start work ...If I work 7a-7p ...I wouldn't get home 'til 8-9 at night ...then I'd only have an hour to train ...hmmm, I'd rather work 7p-7a, get off in the morning, go train, eat, and go to sleep ...wake up and do it all over again. There's no 24hr gyms around here so that'd work much better. This past year in clinicals I remember not getting out of the hospital sometimes until 2 hours after the time that I was really supposed to get off ...Like when we would have new admissions at the last minute or bags of TPN wouldn't get to the floor until shift change ...and you can't just leave your unfinished work for the next shift. I had a really good preceptor and that's one thing that I llearned from her ...Never leave anything extra for the next Nurse to do, start new tasks down to the last minute of your shift and always finish what you start. If that means staying extra to get it done then that's what you do ...Not everyone thinks this way but if you want to be productive and satisfactory then I guess it's what you do ...kind of like doing for others as you would want to be done for or treating others as you would want to be treated ...anyways, enough on that ...Don't wanna think about work til I have to :) I take my boards in about 2 weeks so WISH ME SOME GOOD LUCK!!!!

I would go ahead and go to the gym this morning but today is my day off ...I trained Chest on Friday, Legs on Saturday, and Back yesterday ...and all 3 are hurting equally right now! I can barely walk bc my legs are soooo freakin sore ...I did heavy squats on the smith machine, 2 45's and a 25 on each side for about 7-8 reps ...everything else was the usual ...presses, ext's, lunges, lying curls and seated curls.Chest ws pretty much all incline, only went up to 50lb db's ...Bakc was AWESOME! Hd a kickass back workout ...Started with 4 sets of pullups, deadlifts form the ground w/ 2 45's and a 25 on each side (275) for 8 reps, single arm db rows (which I have a story behind), pull downs, seated rows, and reverse grip single arm pulls ...I was doing my 3rd set of single arm DB rows with a 90lb db ...finished my set no prob, was putting the weight back in the rack and the weight slipped off the other side and landed rigt on top of my ring finger on my left hand ...OOOOUUUCCCHHHH%^%$##@@!$^&&**()))*%!@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our weights aren't that rubber stuff, they're freakin solid iron and it urt ohhh so bad! At first, like for the first 30 seconds, I was like ok, I'm fine, I just smashed the hell outta my finger with 90lbs but ya know, whatever, I'm good :) Then this huge black knot and sac of blood rose up off the top of my knuckle ...I swear, it was exactlylike in the cartoons when they get hit over the head with a hammer and a huge exaggerated knot rises up off there head within seconds ...LOL, seriously, that's how it was I went and out it in a cup of ice water for a few minutes and then sucked it up and finished training ...I only had to finished the 4th set of db rows and seated rows. I didn't go up to the 100lb db's bc my finger was throbbing too bad but I did finish with a little bit lighter weight for the last set and did good weight for seated rows and hyperext's. Anyways. I'm not typing with that finger right now, lol, it's a little stiff and bruised/swollen but NOT broken, Thank God!!!!

I'm already hungry again!! I drank a shake and ate some grits when I got up and now I'm wanting something else ...sooooo, Ima go eat again and get to studying for a few hours for my Boards in a few weeks. I'm supposed to be studying a few hours everyday so we'll see how that goes :):):):)

WEBCAM later today!!!! Come see me ...I've began to start putting my size back on!!!! and I'm lovin' it!!!!

<3 B

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A few pics from the Beach...

Chillin on the BoardWalk

Walking on the beach and drinking my H2O

Leaving the Aquarium

Gettin sum sun :)

Lol, being my crazy self

Talk to yas soon!
Love Yas!



Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From the beach...

Hey ya guys!
Im having a blast here at the beach ...I've taken tons of pictures and am just trying to figure out why my little "picture-poster" isn't working??!! Hopefully I'll figure it out and I'll add them to this post. Until then stay tuned ...LOVE YAS!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a trip!!!!

Got back from the most awesome trip ever yesterday. Me and Cin had the best time in Vegas with Mike and Rikki! We were really catered to while we were there ...thanks Mike and Rikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Cin spent every second of the day with each other; it was sooo hard to say goodbye at the end of the week! We're so much alike, personality and all, that it's just crazy. She's my new bestest friend :) and not to mention new sister ...I swear, everywhere we went we were asked "Are you 2 sisters? You are, right?" ...Of course we told them that we were!!!!!! :) We were starred at everywhere that we went ...but it wasn't so uncomfortable since we were together- Guess it's just odd to see TWO female BB's together considering the way FEMALE BB is dying out now. But we enjoyed the stares, fun stuff :)

Aside of all the awesome shoots we did (tell ya about them later) we pretty much just goofed off and had a good time together! THe first day we were there, God forbid, we decided to go get our hair and nails done at a local salon and spa ...CIndy's hair turned out beautiful! and everything was fine and dandy for me at first- Cin was getting her hair done and I was getting my nails done. We decided that it would be best just for me to get my hair touched up since it didn't really need it i did... and it was the worst mistake ever!!!!!!!!!!! This girl with black hair and blobs of crayon color red in her hair was apparently the one that was gonna do my hair ...ok, ya know, everyione has a diff style, so whatever, go ahead and do your thing ...wel was thatb a bad idea or what??!! I'd say YES! She finished, rinsed my hair, and began to dry it. I hadn't seen it yet but I could tell tha it didn't feel right for some reason ...just weird. Then when it was dry, she started running this crappy ass straightner thru it ...I was getting pissed bc I could tell that it wasn't working and it was just pulling the hell outta my hair she says, OK!!!, IM DONE!!!, HERE IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!! I took one look and flarred up ...I was so so pissed ...This girl was almost reaching that level where you can't take it anymore, ya know??!! So, to make the story more simple and SHORT, I expressd my feelings about my hair and how I thought it was god awful and actually looked gray ...yea, and well she was like lets go outside in the sunlight ...I was lkike NO!!! It looks like shit, light is light, im not blind... and she kept combing my hair and rubbing her hands thru it ..OMG I swear I was about to knock her out ...ABOUT THIS TIME ...Cindy was getting pissed at her too ...I kept looking at CIn and I could tell that she just wanted to bust out laughing bc that girl was making me sooooo mad, lol. Anyways, needless to say, I came back the next morning and SOMEONE ELSE fixed my hair for FREE :):):):)

We trained together 3 times in Vegas. Tice at Gold's and once at Las Vegas FItness Center ...which was absolutly HUGE! It was so nice. We trained arms, legs, and chest and shoulders ...It was great! I wish she was around all the time to be ale to train with! I'm going to see her when she competes in the Canadian NAtionals and hopefully shes coming to visit b4 I start work!!!!!

We ate sooo much food the entire time! we were like lil piggies, lol. Always had some kind of food in our hands :) Mike and Rikki were always laughing at how often we were eating. We went to the new buffet in the Wynn and it was sooo great! SOOO much food. We had a bunch of steak, potatoes, rice, salad, chicken ad to end it all, tons of dessert! We looked like 2 lil bloated blimps when we left there, lol :)

We went shopping at the Fashion Show mall one day and this HUGE striper store another day. We bought soo much stuff at the stripper store for photo shoots but we saved a lot of it for contest-shape. When we were checking out the guy had to ive us stripper names so we could get a discount he called us Daisy(cindy) and Bunny(me), lol, how in the hell did he come up with "BUNNY"????!!!!

We went out to the nightclub Tryst Thursday night. It was unbelievible ...sosos nice and classy. Had a waterfall right smack in the middle of the club! While we were getting ready to go out we were having a few drinks and being our crazy selves we videoed each other around the house acting like we were on the MTV reality show CRIBS ...hahahhaha, it was hilarious!!!! I think we watched that tape like 50x the next day and laughed our asses off. Cin has the tape and I thnk is sending it to MIke to post on out sites'll see our carzy sides and see how alike we really are, lol.

I was going to unpack but am leaving for the beach this week so I figured id just leave it all packed. Ive got shit everywhere! I got my authorization to test in the mail for my nursing license :):):):) This allows me to take the nursing boards to be able to practice nursing in this state. I'm goign to take the test a few weeks after I get bk from vacation. We were told not to make an appointment to go take it until we had studied for 2 weeks straight, 3 hours a day!!!! Man, that sucks, but I guess ill do it, gotta pass, right???!!! Alrighty, well, ima head out for now taking my computer with me to the beach so ill stay in touch and will post some pics from the beach as well!!!! Finally got a new camara!!!!

I MISS YA LOVE YA CINDY!!!! ...or should I say Daisy, lol!!!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Britt and Cindy here!!

Hey yall!
Sorry i havent posted in a while, i have no internet at home yet- I will have it this coming weekend and will start doing webcam then. I'm done with school now, all graduated, yahhhhhh!!!! And right now Cind and I are in VEGAS! We just got outta the jacuuzzi and now we're cookin all kinds of food.

Tomorrow night there's goin to be a live webcam jacuzzi show with cindy and I. So check that out, its gonna be hottt!

We'll take some pics after we traina nd do some fun stuff tmorrow that we'll post for you... Until then, Much love to yas!!!!

ANNNNDDDD... By the way, ONCE AGAIN... If you don't like me or my personal website then why bother wasting your time looking at ME?!?! This is MY blog, not yours, so if your not interested, then do the only logical thing and don't look at it!!?? How hard is that to understand?!

Anyways, Cindy and I want to tell yas that we love yas and we'll see ya tomorrow night at the HOT TUB!!!!!!!

Cin and B.