Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy late Merry Christmas to yas!!!!! Christmas was fun as always this year. I absolutly love Christmas time ...It puts you in such a good spirit ...all the lights and cards and music and presents ...i love it! I got mostly gift cards and money. I did get a new pair of Tim's and a really pretty picture for my house. I am so excited about my house. I have been getting to pick everything out this past week. Like the cabinets, floors, lights, paint ad all that fun stuff. I can't wait to move in. We had breakfast at my Moms house on Christmas morning- I layed around all afternoon then had to go to work Christmas night. I tried to sleep some but my nephews were stomping around the house playing basketball. They were soooo wild but at least they had fun. My little neice is such a baby doll, she is so beautiful. SHe was so cute in her Christmas outfits.

The fight was tonight ... Liddel and Ortiz ...I really wanted Tito to win, but ya know, that's not too realistic. Tito's my kinda man ...he likes to get down and dirrrty on the ground, lol. OF COURSE I didn't get to watch it, because I'm here at work ...and will be for new years eve and new years also ...and a few days after that.

I tried WEBCAM the other night but my cam isn't working's always something, right? Now my wireless connection is screwed up ...I hate computers! So until that is fixed, I'll have to use these computers at work whenever I get the chance. I'm excited about starting webcam back up- Seems like it's been forever.

Anyways's now New Year's Morning, haha, I wrote the first part of this post last night but had to save it as a draft and finish it tonight because I got really busy and couldn't get back to it. Tonight has been a little crazy also but not too bad. I had a new admission around 11pm and got finished with that with exactly one minute before the NEW YEAR. I ran to the conference room with a thousand nurses yelling for me to hurry up and we all toasted to the new year with our non-alcoholic grape juice, hahahaha ...It was cute though.

This year...Hmmmmm, do not know what is in store for this year but I am excited and curious to see what will come about in my life. I think thisd year will be a good year despite the fact that I am not going to compete. I hope to stay fit and just keep my muscle. Definitely do not want to lose any muscle if I can help it. I want to work as much as possible, possibly apply for a traveling nurse position, possibly just switch positions, or maybe just stay put for a little longer ...Whatever happens, I know it will happen as it should. I am ready to settle a little- feels more stable that way, right??!! Random comment coming ... I need to have a HUGE yardsale ...I have sooo much crap that I need to get rid of. I also have tons of stuff from school that I need to do something with ...Like my nursing books, other course books, notes from class, papers that i have written, blah blah blah ...things that I just don't want to throw away but have no where to put them??!! I want to keep them for when I go back to school, but who knows, I guess I just need to chunk them and forget about it.


B :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just a lil pic...

Everything is going ok here I had a really bad leg workout yesterday. To be completly honest, it sucked! Me and my big man, Adam (haha, just a friend) rode down the road to a Gold's about an hour or so away to train. I just felt really weak from the start. I didn't even go up past 215 lbs on squats, lol. Oh well, another day another workout, right?! Ther'll be more. Then my shoulder started hurting me again yesterday. But anyways, I'm about to go and try to get a better one in than yesterday. So Ima go eat and head to the gym ...Me and Cin finally talked since we were together in Miami ...That's horrible, right?! Ok, see yas later!!


B :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Update yall....

Hey-Lo to all....
I've got some pics to share with ya ...I have tons but couldn't decide which ones to post first so I blindly chose a few. Above is me and Cin after prejudging and after I stuffed my adorable little face at a local deli in Miami, hahaha. A lot has been going on with me since the show ...I've been working like crazy lately- a little overtime here and there. Not to mention I just bought a house :):):):) Well, it's in hte process of being built but I signed my John Hancock to the papers a few days ago. I'm so excited. But then again I know I will have no time for anything ese once things start rolling with customizing everything to my liking. I'm also thinking about relocating to a closer workplace once everything is setteled with my house. Convience, ya know??!! Hmmmmmmmm, the gym- I am getting ready to head there now and train. I have been combining my workouts since I am only able to get in there 2-3, sometimes 4 times a week. It just depends on my schedule- It changes from week to week. I'm trying to do cardio whenever possible but it just doesn't seem to be working out as I had planned. Since I can't train as much I wanted to eat a pretty balanced diet as well as hanging with cardio for awhile ...I'm trying but (as my coworkers always say....) I'm "splurging" ...haha, lol. I love my co-workers, they are the absolute best individuals to work with and I really mean that. Always willing to lend a helping hand. Anyways, here are some more pictures and I will have more later and there are tons more coming to MEMBERS SECTION!!!!!

****WEBCAM TONIGHT**** See yas there!

Brother, Sis-N-law, me, and Cin after weigh-ins

Friday night before Mens prejudging

Night Show

Shoot with Gene X

Lisa Bickels (1st place) and I (3rd place)- Middleweight Class

Me at Prejudging Saturday morning

Alrighty, that's it for now, I'm headed to the kitchen to eat some tuna then I'm off to the gym- weight is still around 150-155 ...
...LOVE YAS, B :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

So much to tell...

Starting with a BIG Whatssssssss Uppppppppp to all of yas....
Hope your all doing well and still loving me reguardless of my MIA status :) I know ya do. Let me say Thanks to everyone who supports the greatest sport ever, bodybuilding. It was so awesome to have you all by my side and rooting me on throughout the entire process of preparing for Nationals. This year was a little different with work and all in the mix of things but I managed and still came out on top ...I am exstatic to say the least reguarding my 3rd place finish in the 2006 NPC Nationals middleweight class ...I said "exstatic" ...NOT satisfied :) But that's me for ya. Wednesday around lunch time I began carbing-up, weighing about 123lbs. Which is a little risky for me because I never start carbing up until after making weight at early weigh-ins. We left for Maimi Wednesday night, driving, and got there Thursday morning around 11-ish. It was definitely an experience ...pissing every hour along the way of the 13 hour drive, everyone falling asleep leaving ????? to drive, and as you can imagine with 2 bodybuilders in the same car- it didn't exactly smell like roses, lol. Once we got there, we checked in our rooms and all of the sudden everyone was wide awake, so my family went out on the beach for awhile while I showered and washed my hair for the last time until Saturday night after the show. After I was all cleaned up I started putting on my protan, which after 4 coats between then and prejudging (2 days), was still not dark enough. I ended up putting on 2 coats before I went to early weigh-ins that night. Nervously awaiting the time of weigh-ins, my belly continues to yell at me wanting something to eat. I hadn't eaten in about 10 hours just to make sure that I would make weight at early weigh-ins. When we arrived at weigh-ins the men were still going through their line-up so of course there are millions of bodybuilders and people waiting around in this muggy/stinky hallway. After 2 more hours (12 hours of not eating) Middleweights were finally called to line up and weigh-in. Out of 19 Middleweights, I was the third in line to step on the scale ...Not even looking at my surrounding opponents, I make my way to the scale to only find out the I am 3 LBS OVERWEIGHT ...HOT DAMN!!!!! 128 ...the woman was like step off the scale, blow all your air out, and step back on ...congratulations, you gained 1 LB ...129 ...WTF ...blow all you air out ...How about go to the bathroom then come back and step back on ...that's more like it ...ANYWAYS, Not saying a word, I stepped off the scale just as the show panel says to me you'll make weight no problem in the morning, Britt ...Smiling, I say I hope so :) Next morning (Havn't eaten for 24 hours)step on the scale and weigh 124.75 ...THANK GOD for fractions. So I've made weight and now I can restart the carbing up process. That just goes to show you just how depleted I was before I started carbing up ...gained 5LBS from wednesday at noon to thursday night just from carbs ...not to mention probably a little cortisol too considering I hadn't slept in about 36 hours. Anyways, I had a wonderful meal Friday night before prejudging Saturday morning ...Me finishing up my HUGE piece of cheesecake that Cindy had to help me eat ...OH YEAH, MY BABY GIRL CINDY ...Cindy got there Thursday night actually. That's a long story too ...Her flight was late, her text messages didnt go through, I fell asleep and my friend Adam went a picked her up. Cindy had never met Adam before ...Adam is a character :) ...and she ends up going out to eat with him and staying in his room that night because she didn't want to wake me or my family up ...Adam's a nice guy though, I wouldn't have sent him to get her if he wasn't. I would have been like who the fuck is this guy ...but Cin was cool with it. The next morning before the last weigh-in, I go up to Adams room and jump on Cindy and wake her up ...I was so happy to see her ...She's my bestest bestest friend :) We're so much alike it's insane ...I think we started getting little attitudes with each other by the end of the trip, lol. She's my girl though, we had a blast. I swear we ate at least one of every kind of food possible in Miami ...we were 2 little/big fat cows walking into the airport when it was time to leave Miami, lol ...with huge distended bellies. OK, there is sooooooooooooo much more to tell but i am getting sleepy so I will continue my story tomorrow ...I will add some pics tho ......
B :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lil Update...

Hey guys...
I just wanted to update yas a little about the past few days... I was a little sick over the weekend. Had to leave work a few hours early on Thursday morning ...not long after I wrote in my journal. I was so lightheaded and just started feeling sick all over. I thought I was maybe getting the flu, as it is flu season and I am in the hospital 50% of the time ...But I guess it was just a little bug bc I am feeling ok now ...

Well, That 1/2 way explains why I didn't post pictures of 4 weeks out ...Now for the other 1/2 ...OK, so... everything's going along great with prep for Natinals and all- And it is concluded that I need to do something different this year with my diet and cardio ...something drastically different :/ Yea, so I'm doing it ...So far, so good, in the manner that we are seeing what we expected. It's just scarry bc I hate change and like to stick with what I KNOW works, ya know??!! Anyways, I'm making it and am PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that I come in looking better then ever now that we have made some crazy but logical changes in my prep ...I'm looking forward to seeing what I look like in a few weeks!!!!! I know Nationals is going to be awesome this year ...SO so so many awesome/top competitors will be competing and bringing their best to the stage. ANd that is all I want to do ...Bring my absolute best ever physique to the stage. If I can do that then I will have accomplished what I set out for!

So ...for now, no pics ...but soon, real soon ;) Less than 4 weeks to go!!!!! I can not wait to see everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! And the time that comes after the show is going to be soooo much fun! Amanda, I'll email you about where we are staying ...We'll all definitely have to get together and go out for some food and FUN!!!!!!!! And Miss Cin ...I can't wait to see you!!!! Hurry and get your Airline ticket girl, for I have to kick your boo-tay, haha, yea right ...But you know everyone would like to see us braw ...haha, sorry guys, not gonna happen :)

B :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

4 Weeks Away from the divinity of FOOD!!!!!

What's going on peeps...
Im just taking a seat at work for a few. Just done eating and feeling great about now. I had a huge bacon-cheeseburger earlier today and it was just what I needed. My energy and fullness are restored, lol, and will be for a good little while hopefully. Always does the trick ;) I was going to take a pic before and after the burger today but was too excited and completly forgot, haha. The difference is just amazing though! So crazy what some added fat in your diet can do! Anyways... On another note...

ME AND CINDY ARE REUNITEING ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!! In Miami :) We booked our flights and hotel last night and are stoked about getting to meet up snd chill together for almost an entire week! I love my girl! I'll pick her up from the airport after weigh-ins at the show ...Then on Sunday my family is leaving back for home but me and Cin are staying for a few more days to go out and have a little fun! I'm sure we'll have some great stories to tell and pictures to show yas after returning home, lol. We always have a blast together because we are so entirely alike...

Well, I am taking pictures tomorrow of 4 weeks out from Nationals so I will be sure to post a preview of that! I am so excited about the show ...It's getting so much closer sooooooo quickly!!!!! It's great! I'm just ready to get back in the groove of everyday life ...Not that it's too much different from now but it is somewhat different with the diet and gym schedule of course. I can be less paranoid if I miss a day at the gym or miss a day of cardio, ya know ...Now, I freak out if something gets knocked off my schedule or if change occurs, lol, I like getting in the groove and staying there ...I hate change :) Unless it's good of course ...But hey, it's all life, right??!!

OK, ladies and gents, I gotta run ...Time to tend to my peeps here at the h-o-s-p-i-t-a-l :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll update this post tomorrow and load some 4-week-out pics for yas ...KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK????!!!!! BE GOOD ...or BE GOOD AT BEING BAD ;)

Your one-n-only,
B :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun day and 6 weeks out from Nationals :)

Hey-lo guys...

Whooooooo Hooooooooo, my internet/computer is back in comission, lol. Finally! It's been almost a month now since it began acting up. Just finished with AM cardio and a shake- and am about to head to the gym for hammies and maybe a little chest and of course summore cardio ....Gotta luv it.

My room is a little cluttered now but actually looks pretty good ...still very modern. I just added my computer desk into my room which will work very well for webcam when I start that again- which WILL BE THIS WEEK!!!!! :) I have 3 huge floor to ceiling windows in my room so the lighting should be great for that. The room I was doing webcam in was really dark ...It was like "candlelight webcam," haha.

I am a lil under 6 weeks out and am dying for this diet to be over! Work is always having parties and bringing food in almost everyday it seems. Women love to bring snacks and food in bulk to work, it's horrible ...I just try to stay away from it- It's not a problem or temptation for me but it's the fact that they don't understand and like to waive it in my face saying ...Brrriiiiiiittt, don't you want some ....MMmmmmmm ...I just have to laugh about it and joke with them so I don't get an attitude, haha, but I've been close a few times :)

Anyways, I gotsta run so here are a few pictures from Carowinds yesterday ...For those of you that have no clue what Carowinds is, it's like Bush Gardens or Six Flags amusment park. It was a good time and not to mention great cardio all day :)

Talk soon,
B :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Still holding strong...

Hey Everyone!
Let me start by apologizing for the long absence. I am at work right now and beleive it or not I am actually sitting down with free time on my hands??!! It has been a full-house around here ever since I started. Tonight is the first night that I have not had a full patient load ...and I have actually been able to eat every four hours like I am supposed to, and not every 6 or 7 like I was. So tonight has been a good night- only four patients for me :) I am liking my job and I am pretty use to the mode of things. My body has gotton in the groove of things and has adjusted pretty well. My sleep schedule is all out of wack but I just sleep when I am tired and stay up when I am not. It works well for me, lol :) My quality of sleep has definitely went through the roof! Considering how drained I am all the time, I can lye my head down and be in a deep sleep within seconds- and that is pretty much at any given moment :) That is good though, it makes things go by so much quicker in terms of dieting and training. NATIONALS is coming up pretty soon ya'll ...The excitement really has not hit me yet but I am definitely awaiting the day of the show! So so so ready to step on that stage :) I have to send my entry form in pretty soon ...I think it is has to be in by October 20th. Next Wednesday, October the 4th is my birthday :) Not really anything exciting ...cause I can't EAT anything fun:( Oh well, just more of a reason to celebrate afterwards ...right??!! :) November the 4th I will be ONE week out form the Nationals ans am guest posing with Branch Warren at Quincy Roberts' ELITE Classic in High Point, NC. Quincy has been helping me with my posing for the past few years. I like working with him because he is straight forward, no bullshit. I absolutly love that quality in people. Just be straight up, ya know?! Anyways ...6 weeks out from Nationals and I DO HAVE PICTURES of each week counting down from 11 weeks out but you'll have to wait until I get my internet back up and running at home. I was having computer problems and now my internet is acting up. I started dieting at 19 weeks out. So, I have the pics on my digital camara and I promise you'll see them the minute everything comes together :) Seems like I am coming along as I should but from day to day my opinion changes ...sometimes drastically, lol, which is pretty frusturating and not to mention, annoying, haha :) So, my solution has been to just ignore what I look like, hahahahha, I know I'm doing what I am suppose to be so I know my body has to be responding so I just try not to get caught up in judging my body on a regular basis. I wait from week to week to see what my brother has to say and that is what I go by :)

People had been telling me about this girl that works here at the hospital that I do ...They were like she is big, she's a bodybuilder, she competes, and all that ..So I was thinking, Im going to have to go and see who this is ...Well, some time passed and it slipped my mind. The other day after I came in and was starting to give my first round of medications, I heard a voice behind me say "There you are" ...I didn't think they were talking to be but just by reaction I turned around ...I didn't recognize her and for a split second I was like is she talking to me????!!!! Then I quickly realized that this was no average woman, this girl was BUILT, haha. SO then I figured out that that is who everyone had been telling me about. Her name is Tara Boyd. She was so nice and welcoming to me. We talked for a few minutes but I had to get back to my patients. She told me that she had judged me a few times while I have been coming up in the sport. I'm not really one to show a lot of excitment but I was really excited to finally meet someone locally that is into the sport like I am! She generously invited me to come train at some of the local Peak Fitness centers around the area. I have not had time to call her just yet but I definitely want to get up with her and maybe train or just hang out. Most BB's have so much in common it seems, haha. Anyways that was pretty cool ...

My Mom and I live in a little house right inside town and I really like it. It's so great to be close to pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Well, my Brother and Sister-n-law sold their house the other day :( I love that house soooo much. My brother built it from ground up and really customized everything and put his own touch on everyhthing from the floor plan to the accessories and to the yard and landscaping. It's so beautiful! I lived there for about 2 years I guess, when I was home from school. Anyways, my point is that they sold it last week and it's kind of sad :( BUT the good news is that they are moving in with my Mom and I until they get their new land and house and such ...So exciting :) I'm such a family kinda girl :) I love my family and would do anything in the world for them. I'd usually prefer going out with the fam as opposed to going out with friends. I have 2 nephews and a neice and hopefully another on the way sometime soon from my oldest Brother (the one that I've been talking about). My other brother and sister-n-law just has a baby girl named Kyleigh about 5 months ago ...She's a doll- so beautiful! Anyways, back to the house story ...I basically take up the 2 spare bedrooms in our house ...bc I have tons of crap that I have no where to put, lol. I had my computer desk, tv, tv stand, wooden chair, stair stepper, and shoes and clothes in the spare bedroom now I get to move it all out to the garage, haha. I actually moved the desk into my room so it's a little cramped in there right now but it's ok. We'll now have 5 cars in the driveway instead of 2 and in general it's gonna be a lil tighter, lol. Just a little change I guess but I'm ready for them to move in :) Oh yea, what should be really funny is that we have a house cat and they have 3 dogs, one in which is a house dog, hahahha. It's hilarious to watch those 2 in the house together when they bring him over. The cat has no front claws and the dog is really hyper and spastic which makes it so funny to watch them bc buster, the dog, can't bear to look at the cat, Cody, and Cody will just stare Buster down- This really gets Busters blood flowing and he will get really really jumpy and Cody will end up smacking him in the head ...time after time after time after time, lol, then hissing at him over and over again. It cracks me up!

Ok, so I guess I need to get going ...I will have those countdown pics up really soon ...fingers crossed :):):):)

Congratulations to Miss Cindy Phillips for an amazing placing in the Canadian Nationals 2 weeks ago!!!! She looked so amazing! Hard work shines through everytime ...never fails :) Awesome job baby!!!!! I miss ya and hope you will get to come to Nationals!

B :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Taking a break...

Hello guys!
I am on my break at work and decided to write a little. My internet, or my computer I should say, at home is so brooooooooke, lol. It makes me really mad but I'll leave my madness in disquise. How is everyone? Not like you can answer me or anything but at least you know I care and asked ;) I am ok. Training and prep for Nationals is pretty fast-paced right now. With work and all, the week to week count downs seem almost like they run together ...Ok, so this was really short but something has come up. I will come back and update this post and write more before I get off work if time allows ...if not, I'll be in touch soon ...9 weeks to go :)
B :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

11 Weeks Out...

Here is what you all have been asking to see ...My progress at 11 weeks out form the 2006 NPC Nationals ...I hope that you like what you see ;)

I have been SUPER busy lately ...Work is coming along gerat! I absolutly love what I do so that suffices when I have a rough day. Training is coming along well also. Sometimes it's hard to get in the gym like I want to, but I manage and get done what I am able. I am kind of in a rut right now with my weight ...It's not moving it seems so I'm trying to get past this little stone in the road ...Anyways, I just wanted to drop this in my blog to keep you updated ...I'll leave you with another pic of me before work one day...

LOVE YOU ALL and THANKS for everyones support!!!!!

Stop by and see my girl Cindy Phillips ...She is 3 weeks out from blowing everyone off stage at the 2006 Canadian Nationals!!!!! LOVE YA GIRL ...You're almost there!!!!!

B :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey Hey Hey...

Hey guys...
What it be? I'm just hanging out right now ...having a little down time and wanted to get back to my site and blog since I've been so busy lately. I've missed yas!!!! I'm 13 weeks 5 days away from showtime exciting!!!! I swear I sit around drooling and waiting for the next meal that includes carbs, lol. I'm about 150 right now ...Trying to stay ahead of the game- hopefully it'll pay off in the end ...on stage :)

So much has happened I don't know where to start and then I don't even know if I can remember it all. I got a Stair-master at my house now so I don't have to go to the gym everytime cardio is due ...That has been soooooo nice ...I absolutly love it. Sometimes it even gets old though, so I'll go walking outside or ride my bike or something- Keeps it from getting tiring, ya know!? So BIG CONGRATS TO HEATHER POLICKY!!!!!!!! Her physique was right on this year imperfections at all!!!! I thought she looked amazing. Another well-deserved pro card given! I have started my job and I really love it! It's actually a real joy and it keeps me smiling too. It also allows me to eat when I need to and all that good stuff- 12hr shifts aren't that bad ...extra cardio from walking around all day, lol. I havn't been on cam much lately but hopefully that will change soon, once I get everything in line and situated. I have been really slack on taking weekly pictures to show my progress ...actually havn't taken one picture :( I've got to start doing that this weekend ...only 13 weeks left :)

My girl Cindy Phillips has about 5 weeks left until her show ...I'm so excited for her- I know she's going to look great ...Stop by her site and wish her well and tell her how amazing she looks!!!! She deserves it- she's busting her A-double-S ;) ...I miss you girl!!!!

I have some things that I have to tend to but will talk to you all really soon- I'll let you know asap about webcam times and date ...k????!!!!

Love yas all!!!!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video for yas :)

Check it out guys ...the end of the entire clip is amazing- I freakin' love it :) ...much much more in the members section :)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey yas!!!!

Yes, I have deleted the comments box once again and I want to apologize to you all who come to my site to support me- due to the ruthless comments that have been posted on my blog by the "anonymous" them self. I mean really, the word perfect is NOT in my vocabulary, but seriously ...what is it???? Have I achieved more than you, do I work harder than you, i mean it physical???? ...are my eyes browner than yours or are my teeth whiter than yours ...I don't get it- ...obviously you've got some big balls coming to my site and talking some sort of fictional jealousy while defensively hiding behind the letters a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s ...which in this case I believe spells gutless coward. I actually feel sorry for them in that they have no life other than to come to my site to only hate on what I have achieved ...simply pitiful. Those are the ones that need psychological help and ya know if they'd simply ask I'd be so kind enough to give them some sort of reference to outside help, LOL. I hate that people have to live their lives in that kind of mindset ...Any-who ...Enough about the psycho haters ... :) Thank you to all that are by my side year-round and support me for who I am!!!!
My apology is given once again ;)

Weight is around 155 right now ...Been dieting for 2 weeks and a day :) 16 weeks 4 days to go ...not so bad, huh?!!!!! I trained back today and had a really really awesome workout. Getting into the groove of the in-season training and dieting lifestyle. The picture that I have posted is from about a week ago ...I'll post some more along the way that show my progress. I've been talking to Cindy and she is looking great! Girl has about 9 weeks to go I believe. I can't wait to see her onstage ..strutting her stuff, lol. She's working really hard this year and from what I hear has been putting her everything into this competition ...So it will show in the end ...Keep at it girl, your only what you let yourself be ;) (I love that saying :)

Work is great. I love being an RN. It's such a reward when you know that you've contributed to someones wellbeing. It's definitely going to be tough as a new nurse working, trying to get use to that lifestyle while simutaneously starting the competition lifestyle ...but just as I said a minute ago, your only what you let yourself be. I just have to do it, lol, that's all there is to it. When I get frustrated and stressed about dieting and working (previously school) I just remember that everyone else is doing the same thing as I am ...No one has is easy. Believe it or not, it works :)

I have been surfing the web a lot lately, looking at new newly turned fbb pro's and seeing wheat their plans are for the future. I think that Amanda Dunbar has great potential as a pro fbb. This is just me thinking, but I don't doubt at all that we will soon be seeing her on stage as a pro with all the big-time pro's ... it's amazing ...To turn pro and step on stage with the veterans of the sport soon after awesome would that be? I think that she is one of the ones that has the sport of fbb calculated down to the bone the way, for those of you that want to see for yourselves, her website is ...

Well guys, I have to get to bed ...Oh yea, Bill G ...I've been training calves pretty religiously lately and I even did a few sets of abs the other day, I was just playing around- I was working out beside of the ab area so I figured I'd do a few sets just to say that I did 'em :):):):) Actually felt pretty good :)

Congrats to my friend C who just got a new job!!!! Miss yas Hun!!!!

Goodnight guys and I will talk to you all soon ...sooner than before :)

B :')

Friday, July 07, 2006


I couldn't add this pic to the last post for some odd reason so I had to attach it after I posted the journal ...but anyways, this is a picture form LAST YEAR, 2005, when I was 11 weeks out from the USA's ... Whew...After looking at pics form last year ...I've got a long ways to go this time around :)


Good day today...

Hi yas all!!!

I'm just hanging out looking at the new FLEX mag ...awaiting my last meal before bedtime :) I've had a crazy busy week ...Monday I started my diet, Tuesday was the 4th and such, Wednesday I got another interview set up for next week with a different hospital- just to find out about 10 minutes later that the other hospital wanted me to come in for a follow-up interview on Thursday morning (today) ...And Today, I went for the 2nd interview and no more than 30 minutes after I left the hospital I received a call from them offering me the position ...So in short, I took the position and am cancelling plans for the interview that I made for next week ...soooo, That's been my week :) I accepted the position as an RN on a Cardiac floor whic I think I am really going to like. The nurse manager was super nice and everyone on the floor seemed so supportive. I can't wait to get started. Orientation starts in about 2 weeks :) So exciting :) I had really wanted to hold off and not get a job until January so I could focus on the Nationals ...but considering some of my college loan guidelines, unfortunatly I was not able to do that ...oh well, life isn't always easy but I'll make it :) I'm really excited about the Nationals this year. I really want to see what I can offer this time around. To progress from last year would be more than enough for me long as I can say that I improved 100% from the time I last stepped on stage ...That's quite alright with me. That's all you can do :)

Anyways, I'm heading to the beach for a while since I'll be starting work soon. I can't wait to just get there and be lazy for a few days :) I hate traveling while I'm dieting's such a hastle ...packing all your food is the main thing and it seems like you can't have fun either- bc you can't go out and eat, if you go out to do something fun it just seems like it's drab bc you can't eat, lol. Seroiusly, I'm all about food. I can't do anything without having to stop somewhere or stop something to get me something to eat :)

Training is going well. Deadlifted 315 today for 6 reps- felt really good at the time but after today's workout my back is killing me. It's funny watching me do cardio, lol, I seriously have not did cardio since I stepped of stage at the USA's in July of 2005 ...yea, I feel like such a fatass huffing and puffing on the treadmill, lol :) Oh well, Gotta love it :)

Alrighty guys, I'm off to eat and go to sleep- I gotta full day ahead. Sleep tight and have a great weekend!!!!

I'll be on webcam when I get back from the beach there ;)

B :')

Friday, June 30, 2006


Hey ya guys...
Just checking in. It's been a long week. I only have a short minute right now ...supposed to be at the gym to train in about 10 minutes :) But I wanted to stop in a say Hi and let you know I will write more whe I get back from training.

But just to infor m yas .....I PASSED MY BOARDS!!!!!!!! I'm now a Registered Nurse and can write ...Britt Miller, RN ...WHOOO HOOOOO, so exciting :) I've been rounding up a job and such but will tell yas more later....

As for now, Ima head to the gym to lift, tan, and do just a little cardio :) I start my diet next week!!!!

Ihas planned to be on Cam last night but wasn't able to make it but will FOR SURE e on tonight so stop in and see muah :)

Love yas,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

quik pic ...

Hey ya...
Just posting a pic taken at 170lbs :) this morning before I went to take my nursing boards. It was really hard and brain washing but I'm hoping and praying that I did well ...It's hard to tell :/ I'll find out Friday how I did ...I'm just getting back from that and am about to go to the gym to train back ...So with that said, I will see you late tonight on WebCam ;)

Love yas!

B :')

Friday, June 16, 2006

Howdy :)

Sup ya'll, lol
Wanted to let ya know that I'll be on Cam tonight but it will be late. I'm going to see the movie Lakehouse tonight and I will get on Cam when I get in ...It'll be around Midnight.

Just got in from the gym ...Nice arms workout since my wrist, finally!, was a little more stable today! I was so thankful it wasn't killing me like it has been for the past 2 weeks. Still couldn't do reverse curls for Bi's, but was able to do nose breakers for Tri's. My weight is rolling around 165 ...give/take a few depending the time of day :)

I called to make an appointment to get my hair done this weekend but she didn't have anything until next Thursday- So I guess I'll have to wait until then :( It needs to be trimmed a little and definitely re-highlighted. Trying to let it grow long :) Never been longer than it is now so Ima try to let it get past this stubborn not growing phase. Thursday will be the day after I take my licensure boards!!!???? So I'm not sure if I'll be in a state of relief, shock, or panic, lol. I've been studying but I've got SOOOOO much more to go over ...As one of my professors use to tell us nursing students "You've got miles to go before you sleep" ...and all the times she's proved us right with this statement, I think this time would be the most promising!!!! I know a few of my classmates that have already taken it and passed ...havn't heard of anyone that failed yet and hopefully I wont. One girl that graduated with me moved to Hawaii and was supposed to take it today ...So I'm sure I'll hear from her tonight :/

Anyways, I've got some chicken on the stove so I need to go tend to that :) Yummy, food :) Can't wait to go to the movies so I can get some goodies :) So, I'll see you guys tonight on Cam around midnight ...Be there :')

By the way, as asked, yes, I have been doing calves on a regular basis and I think they are starting to get some size :) ...That pic on the beach was from May '05 so they've grown a little since then ...I think ...I hope ...yea, they have :)

Talk to yas soon!
Take care,


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update for WEBCAM...

Hey guys ...Something has come up tonight and I am npt going to be able to get on cam ...I'm so sorry!!!! I will be on tomorrow and the following nights as promised so I'll see yas there!

Miss Yas :') (I added my dimple into the smiley face, lol)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Up late when I should be sleeping :/ I have BIG interview tomorrow and am really nervous ...I feel like a kid the night before their big first day of school. Hopefully the person conducting the interview hasn't seen pictures of me like the one I just posted :):):):) Went shopping today for a suit to wear for tomorrow and just got pissed off more than anything guessed it, NOTHING fit. Pants were buldging tight in the legs and butt and just hanging off my waist- and the jackets left my arms flying up by my head because they wern't even close to being wide enough or big enough for my arms ...I could get a huge (seriously, like obese) size that would fit like it should in teh legs and back and arms but you could barely see me swallowed me whole :) ...that was a "fake smile". Lol. Anyways, I ended up buying something that was NOT a suit and am going to feel really under dressed and not as professional look as I should. SO, wish me luck ...PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!! :):):):)

Talk tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes ...

Thursday, June 08, 2006


How it is y'all?!?!

Just off webcam, getting my last meal in before nightynite time... Just wanted to give a heads up on my site ...It has been UPDATED with NEW pics from a few weeks ago of me in Vegas in OFFSEASON shape ...Just how I am now ...(well, a lil bigger now ;) THere is sooo much more to be posted on my site so stayed tuned as there will be updates every 1-3 days now!!!!!!!! Mike(webmaster) has been in Vegas for the past month and has been traveling bk home and now getting everything setteled bk in at home thanks for being patient over the last week with the updates :)

I'll be on cam again tom night so BE THERE!!!!!! ):):):)


Leave ya with a pic of me and my girl Cin... :)
We were trying to see who could make the ugliest face ...huum ummm, I think I won??!! Yea, I'm pretty sure I won!!!! Lol, Gotta love us!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Late night...

It's about 4am here in north cac-a-lackie ....and I'm just getting in from a night oout with the girls. I'm having myself a protein shake and typing to you guys. I went out with my sis tonight- we had so much fun, just me and her- it was a blast. I saw soooo many people that I went to highschool with. It was kind of crazy seeing all those kids and sharing our past lives ..Most conversations started with ..."Britt... OMG, I saw your website," Lol ...It was cool. I'm usually a "stay-at-home" girl, ya know, the eat-sleep-train routine, but I gotta start getting out more. I miss hanging out with everybody. At least until I have to start preparing for the Nationals, which will be late July. Then I'll get in the whole "nothing but training and working routine."

Anyways, training hs been going better than good's been great! I'm starting to put on size- eating and training right- and it;s definitely paying off! I love it when I start putting size on! I want to get back up to at least 170 before I start dieting ...and if possible, 175!!!! My highest has been 170 and that was in December of '05. I know I can do it, I just gotta work extra hard!

I talked to Cin for about 1 minute today but I was in the middle of eating with my Mom so I was going to talk to her later in the afternoon ...but we didn't end up talking so hopefully we will talk tomorrow!

Alright, Ima head to bed but I will probably be on WEBCAM tomorrow(Sunday) night around 9pm EST ...So I will see you then ;)

B :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Up at the crack of dawn...

Mornin' ya'll...
I woke up extreamly too early this morning! I have these huge windows in my room that take up almost an entire wall and the sun was shining thru them like no other this morning so of course I couldn't fall back asleep. Oh well, guess I need to get up anyways ...maybe I can get in the habit of getting up early and taking a short nap in the afternoon :) Tha'd be soo awesome- My body would LOVE that! I did that my freshamn year in college ...I would go to my 0800 classes which would get out around lunch time, then I'd get some lunch take it to my dorm, then take a 1-2 hour nap ...ahhhhh, it was sooo great! I'd get up go to the rest of my classes and then go train. Thinking back on it it was so freakin hard but now it seems like it was the life to have. I'm really worried about my how my time schedule is going to be once I start work ...If I work 7a-7p ...I wouldn't get home 'til 8-9 at night ...then I'd only have an hour to train ...hmmm, I'd rather work 7p-7a, get off in the morning, go train, eat, and go to sleep ...wake up and do it all over again. There's no 24hr gyms around here so that'd work much better. This past year in clinicals I remember not getting out of the hospital sometimes until 2 hours after the time that I was really supposed to get off ...Like when we would have new admissions at the last minute or bags of TPN wouldn't get to the floor until shift change ...and you can't just leave your unfinished work for the next shift. I had a really good preceptor and that's one thing that I llearned from her ...Never leave anything extra for the next Nurse to do, start new tasks down to the last minute of your shift and always finish what you start. If that means staying extra to get it done then that's what you do ...Not everyone thinks this way but if you want to be productive and satisfactory then I guess it's what you do ...kind of like doing for others as you would want to be done for or treating others as you would want to be treated ...anyways, enough on that ...Don't wanna think about work til I have to :) I take my boards in about 2 weeks so WISH ME SOME GOOD LUCK!!!!

I would go ahead and go to the gym this morning but today is my day off ...I trained Chest on Friday, Legs on Saturday, and Back yesterday ...and all 3 are hurting equally right now! I can barely walk bc my legs are soooo freakin sore ...I did heavy squats on the smith machine, 2 45's and a 25 on each side for about 7-8 reps ...everything else was the usual ...presses, ext's, lunges, lying curls and seated curls.Chest ws pretty much all incline, only went up to 50lb db's ...Bakc was AWESOME! Hd a kickass back workout ...Started with 4 sets of pullups, deadlifts form the ground w/ 2 45's and a 25 on each side (275) for 8 reps, single arm db rows (which I have a story behind), pull downs, seated rows, and reverse grip single arm pulls ...I was doing my 3rd set of single arm DB rows with a 90lb db ...finished my set no prob, was putting the weight back in the rack and the weight slipped off the other side and landed rigt on top of my ring finger on my left hand ...OOOOUUUCCCHHHH%^%$##@@!$^&&**()))*%!@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our weights aren't that rubber stuff, they're freakin solid iron and it urt ohhh so bad! At first, like for the first 30 seconds, I was like ok, I'm fine, I just smashed the hell outta my finger with 90lbs but ya know, whatever, I'm good :) Then this huge black knot and sac of blood rose up off the top of my knuckle ...I swear, it was exactlylike in the cartoons when they get hit over the head with a hammer and a huge exaggerated knot rises up off there head within seconds ...LOL, seriously, that's how it was I went and out it in a cup of ice water for a few minutes and then sucked it up and finished training ...I only had to finished the 4th set of db rows and seated rows. I didn't go up to the 100lb db's bc my finger was throbbing too bad but I did finish with a little bit lighter weight for the last set and did good weight for seated rows and hyperext's. Anyways. I'm not typing with that finger right now, lol, it's a little stiff and bruised/swollen but NOT broken, Thank God!!!!

I'm already hungry again!! I drank a shake and ate some grits when I got up and now I'm wanting something else ...sooooo, Ima go eat again and get to studying for a few hours for my Boards in a few weeks. I'm supposed to be studying a few hours everyday so we'll see how that goes :):):):)

WEBCAM later today!!!! Come see me ...I've began to start putting my size back on!!!! and I'm lovin' it!!!!

<3 B

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A few pics from the Beach...

Chillin on the BoardWalk

Walking on the beach and drinking my H2O

Leaving the Aquarium

Gettin sum sun :)

Lol, being my crazy self

Talk to yas soon!
Love Yas!



Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From the beach...

Hey ya guys!
Im having a blast here at the beach ...I've taken tons of pictures and am just trying to figure out why my little "picture-poster" isn't working??!! Hopefully I'll figure it out and I'll add them to this post. Until then stay tuned ...LOVE YAS!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a trip!!!!

Got back from the most awesome trip ever yesterday. Me and Cin had the best time in Vegas with Mike and Rikki! We were really catered to while we were there ...thanks Mike and Rikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Cin spent every second of the day with each other; it was sooo hard to say goodbye at the end of the week! We're so much alike, personality and all, that it's just crazy. She's my new bestest friend :) and not to mention new sister ...I swear, everywhere we went we were asked "Are you 2 sisters? You are, right?" ...Of course we told them that we were!!!!!! :) We were starred at everywhere that we went ...but it wasn't so uncomfortable since we were together- Guess it's just odd to see TWO female BB's together considering the way FEMALE BB is dying out now. But we enjoyed the stares, fun stuff :)

Aside of all the awesome shoots we did (tell ya about them later) we pretty much just goofed off and had a good time together! THe first day we were there, God forbid, we decided to go get our hair and nails done at a local salon and spa ...CIndy's hair turned out beautiful! and everything was fine and dandy for me at first- Cin was getting her hair done and I was getting my nails done. We decided that it would be best just for me to get my hair touched up since it didn't really need it i did... and it was the worst mistake ever!!!!!!!!!!! This girl with black hair and blobs of crayon color red in her hair was apparently the one that was gonna do my hair ...ok, ya know, everyione has a diff style, so whatever, go ahead and do your thing ...wel was thatb a bad idea or what??!! I'd say YES! She finished, rinsed my hair, and began to dry it. I hadn't seen it yet but I could tell tha it didn't feel right for some reason ...just weird. Then when it was dry, she started running this crappy ass straightner thru it ...I was getting pissed bc I could tell that it wasn't working and it was just pulling the hell outta my hair she says, OK!!!, IM DONE!!!, HERE IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!! I took one look and flarred up ...I was so so pissed ...This girl was almost reaching that level where you can't take it anymore, ya know??!! So, to make the story more simple and SHORT, I expressd my feelings about my hair and how I thought it was god awful and actually looked gray ...yea, and well she was like lets go outside in the sunlight ...I was lkike NO!!! It looks like shit, light is light, im not blind... and she kept combing my hair and rubbing her hands thru it ..OMG I swear I was about to knock her out ...ABOUT THIS TIME ...Cindy was getting pissed at her too ...I kept looking at CIn and I could tell that she just wanted to bust out laughing bc that girl was making me sooooo mad, lol. Anyways, needless to say, I came back the next morning and SOMEONE ELSE fixed my hair for FREE :):):):)

We trained together 3 times in Vegas. Tice at Gold's and once at Las Vegas FItness Center ...which was absolutly HUGE! It was so nice. We trained arms, legs, and chest and shoulders ...It was great! I wish she was around all the time to be ale to train with! I'm going to see her when she competes in the Canadian NAtionals and hopefully shes coming to visit b4 I start work!!!!!

We ate sooo much food the entire time! we were like lil piggies, lol. Always had some kind of food in our hands :) Mike and Rikki were always laughing at how often we were eating. We went to the new buffet in the Wynn and it was sooo great! SOOO much food. We had a bunch of steak, potatoes, rice, salad, chicken ad to end it all, tons of dessert! We looked like 2 lil bloated blimps when we left there, lol :)

We went shopping at the Fashion Show mall one day and this HUGE striper store another day. We bought soo much stuff at the stripper store for photo shoots but we saved a lot of it for contest-shape. When we were checking out the guy had to ive us stripper names so we could get a discount he called us Daisy(cindy) and Bunny(me), lol, how in the hell did he come up with "BUNNY"????!!!!

We went out to the nightclub Tryst Thursday night. It was unbelievible ...sosos nice and classy. Had a waterfall right smack in the middle of the club! While we were getting ready to go out we were having a few drinks and being our crazy selves we videoed each other around the house acting like we were on the MTV reality show CRIBS ...hahahhaha, it was hilarious!!!! I think we watched that tape like 50x the next day and laughed our asses off. Cin has the tape and I thnk is sending it to MIke to post on out sites'll see our carzy sides and see how alike we really are, lol.

I was going to unpack but am leaving for the beach this week so I figured id just leave it all packed. Ive got shit everywhere! I got my authorization to test in the mail for my nursing license :):):):) This allows me to take the nursing boards to be able to practice nursing in this state. I'm goign to take the test a few weeks after I get bk from vacation. We were told not to make an appointment to go take it until we had studied for 2 weeks straight, 3 hours a day!!!! Man, that sucks, but I guess ill do it, gotta pass, right???!!! Alrighty, well, ima head out for now taking my computer with me to the beach so ill stay in touch and will post some pics from the beach as well!!!! Finally got a new camara!!!!

I MISS YA LOVE YA CINDY!!!! ...or should I say Daisy, lol!!!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Britt and Cindy here!!

Hey yall!
Sorry i havent posted in a while, i have no internet at home yet- I will have it this coming weekend and will start doing webcam then. I'm done with school now, all graduated, yahhhhhh!!!! And right now Cind and I are in VEGAS! We just got outta the jacuuzzi and now we're cookin all kinds of food.

Tomorrow night there's goin to be a live webcam jacuzzi show with cindy and I. So check that out, its gonna be hottt!

We'll take some pics after we traina nd do some fun stuff tmorrow that we'll post for you... Until then, Much love to yas!!!!

ANNNNDDDD... By the way, ONCE AGAIN... If you don't like me or my personal website then why bother wasting your time looking at ME?!?! This is MY blog, not yours, so if your not interested, then do the only logical thing and don't look at it!!?? How hard is that to understand?!

Anyways, Cindy and I want to tell yas that we love yas and we'll see ya tomorrow night at the HOT TUB!!!!!!!

Cin and B.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Still at about 161...

Snapshot from the other day after the gym ...I'm still sitting around 160 after coming down from 170. I'm just not gaining like I was before ...But I'm still holdin' my head up high :) Only one more nursing exam ...yipp-ieeeeee I'll be in touch soon,

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Heaviest Lift @ the BICEP CHALLENGE...

150LB BARBELL CURL just posted in the MEMBERS SECTION under the bicep challenge btw Me and Cindy Phillips ...DON'T MISS IT!!!!
B ;)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Never before seen pics...

I wanted to share a couple of pics with yas ...These were taken by the awesome David Kippen of Muscle Moods photography at the NPC USA's in Vegas, July 2005 @ 124lbs... He's great to work with! Many many more from this shoot will be posted in the members section ...I hope you enjoy!

B :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Scatter brained....

Hey Babes...
Whoooo Hoooo I just finished taking an exam that I've been studying for all friggin week- It was definitely hard but I just pray that I passed! Havn't been to the gym in 2 days ...I trained legs on Tuesday I believe ...??, yeah, it was Tuesday, and they're bringin' the pain pretty badly today. I know yas all want to hear the workout so HERE GOES...

70lb x 15 reps
90lb x 15 reps
110 x 12
130 x 12
150 x 10

210lb x 1 rep
190lb x 2 rep
170 x 3
150 x 4
120 x 5
110 x 6
90 x 7
70 x 8
50 x 9
30lb x 10 reps

3 45's each side x 15 reps
4 45's each side x 15 reps
5 45's each side x 10 reps
5 45's each side x 10 reps again
6 45's each side x 8 reps

OUCH about right now :)

Few sets of light Free-Squats for burn
bar x 15 reps
45 ea side x 15 reps
45 ea side x 15 reps again ...actually lost hold of the bar on this set around 8 reps- started rollin off my traps I went down with the weight and grounded it on the safety bar ...took the weight off the bar ...put the bar back on the rack ...put the weight back on ..and did 15 more reps :)

20 lb db's x 15 reps each leg
20 lb db's x 12 reps each leg
20 lb db's x 10 reps each leg

HAMMIES....was pretty tired from quads so didn't go full force on stiff legs
Stiff leg deadlifts
90lb db's x 15 reps
100lb db's x 12 reps
110lb db's x 10 reps

Stiff legs on Smith machine for a good stretch
bar x 15
45s on each x 15
45s on ea x 15 again

Lying ham curls ...yeee-yah, i was really feeling these that day!
60lb x 15
80lb x 15
100lb x 15

then a lying curl burnout
100lb x 1 rep
90n x 2
80 x 3
70 x 4
60 x 5
50 x 6
40 x 7
30 x 8
20 x 9
10lb x 10 reps

then 1 set of 100lb lying curls until failure

Finally to finish off hammies...
light weight seated curls for a good squeeze
70lb x 15 reps
90lb x 15
110lb x 15

AAAANNNNDDDDDDD, THE END! OF A CRUEL WORKOUT ...guess that's why my legs are still pretty stiff right now. It's one of those "hurt so good" feelings tho. I feel like I've been walking on glass for a few days now, lol. I was surprised, I didn't get sick in the gym but had an awesome workout ...getting back to my old self again :):):):) Can't wait to train back today! It was funny when I got home from the gym after doing legs, I was getting me some fatfree Sherbet outta the freezer for some of my post training simple sugars (gotta luv the offseason) ...Well, I eat it straight out of the container so when I'm done I put the spoon in the container and put it all back in the freezer ...haha, if you can already imagine ...for some reason the damn spoon decided that it wanted to get stuck to my tounge when I went to eat the sherbet off it, so i was chillin with a spoon hanging from my tounge for a little while, lol. Anyways...

GUESS WHAT!!?? Me and Miss Cindy are going to Vegas together after I graduate :) We're gonna do some offseason shooting together. Probably doing some training together too for video ...I can't wait for us to be able to seriously train together! How exciting! It's gonna be soooooooooo much fun ...Can't wait to see muh gurl! AND we are doing LIVE WEBCAM ...TOGETHER ...from VEGAS!! You'll get to chat with us both at the same time! I havn't did webcam in a really long time bc of school but I'm looking forward to starting again in a few weeks! The only bad thing about this trip is that I know me and Cin are gonna shop like craZy!!!! We both LOVE to shop ;) I just ordered some new luggage!!!! I really needed it- It's my graduation present from my Moms :):) Love You Mom!!!!

Thanks guys for all the awesome comments you left on the last post I made ...Some of the things you all come up with cracks me up but some is really sweet too ...THANKS AGAIN, YA MADE MY DAY!

ONLY 2 more weeks til graduation! OMG, I honestly cn't believe it! But i"m sure as hell not arguing with the fact! So ready to get out and start working and I'm really looking forward to the Nationals this year ...I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I even begin to think about it! Just as I sad last year, and the year before that, I ONLY WANT TO BRING MY BEST TO THE STAGE, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS ...100% IMPROVMENT EACH YEAR IS WHAT I STRIVE FOR AND IN TURN IS WHAT I WILL STEP ON STAGE WITH ...This is what drives me :) n-e-ways, getting rid of those butterflies ...

Some of you have been emailing me about the guy I met, lol, yea well, we're just friends ;) I'm ridin solo ...and so far I've found nothing wrong with that, lol ...Although he is an awesome awesome guy! Everything happens the way it does for a reason, right?! Yea, it does. Sooooo, I know I have some other stuff to tell yas but I can't remember it for some reason... When I do I'll post again ...only 2 more exams to go!!!! Pray fo muah!!!!

Oh yeah, DVD should be coming out soon ...It'll be for sale on my site, ...I'll let you know as soon as Mike lets me know!

Ima get a shower and then I'm off to train BACK this afternoon...

I have to spend the day at school tomorrow doing some online exams that have to be finished ny monday so I'm dreading that! It's so B-E-A-utiful outside ...I just wanna head to the beach for the weekend and get a nice tan!!!! Blahhhh, i have to study for an exam on Monday too so that's a no-go, oh well, maybe I'll lay out on the lawn and get a tan, lol ;)

Talk to ya all soon,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What up


What's Up Ya'll ...Just finishing up some late night school work ...My eyes are shutting so I'm getting ready to go to bed but I wanted to post a pic for yas first :)

I had an awesome arm workout today ...Tri's are killin me. Did a little calves too. By the way, for the calve workouts ...I usually do seated, standing, and donkey presses. Something that I have been trying that I really like is 10 for 10. I do 10 sets of 10 reps of which ever of those 3 exercises I choose. Doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty intense. Take about 45 seconds between each set ...just enough time to change the weight. I should be training calves about every 3 days but I have really been slacking lately. I still havn't gained my weight back from being sick. I ended up going from 170 down to 153 in 6 days ...I'll let you do the math, lol, it's pretty discouraging. And those lbs were lost just because I didn't eat for 6 days ...That's so crazy. It's been about a week and a half since I have been better and I am only up to 160. It's so hard to get back up to 170-- And it took me sooo long to get there in the first place ...Oh well, I'll gain it back in time- But I'm still not eating a full load like I was.

This last week has been really good for me- in all aspects- A lot going on but it's coming together well. Still not sure where Ima work but I'll figure that out soon enough. I've already registered for the test I'll have take to get my nursing license- Finished sending everything in today. I have a presentation this week, a test the next week and the one after that, then I have my final ...aaaannnddddd, well, that's it! I'll be done, graduated! (All prayers are still accepted, Lol)

I've got legs tomorrow- and I have a feeling that Ima get my ass kicked- I have a training partner tomorrow and he's none less than an over-achiever, which is awesome EXCEPT on leg day, haha. Nah, I'm playin, Ya'll know I love training hard. I've trained solo for quite a while now but he's such a great guy to train with- It's nice to be able to train with someone that too has a passion for the weights. My legs are still sore from last week. I trained them 2 days after I got back in the gym from being sick, so I had really not trained them in 2 weeks- They were KO'ed after that workout, and still are :)

Alrighty, Ima go to bed so I can get some nuch needed rest ...I'll talk to yas all soon ...

Love Yas All,

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not feeling 100%

Hey yas all...
Its been an interesting weekend/week for me. I've been miserably sick. All the sudden got really sick Friday night with a bad case of the flu. I've been sick ever since. I missed my Saturday and Sunday CLinicals at hte hospital- which it was supposed to be my last weekend for the semester but now I have to finish this coming weekend- Which in turn means that I will not be at the NC States this weekend :(:(:(:( Sorry!!!! I had planned my work so that I could come home to see everyone and help out at the show- but now it's pretty much impossible :( I thought I was doing better Sunday afternoon, actually talked to my babygirl CinPhillips that night, but then I tried to eat something for the first time and got really sick again. Therefore I havn't been eating, just drinking stupid Gatorade (Uggghhhh :( just tons of sugar) but anyways ...Had to drag myself to school to take an exam Monday morning that I didn't get to study for any after Friday night. Came home went back to bed- got up this morning bc I had to go to clinical- ending up leaving early- came home went to bed- and now I can't sleep anymore aaaannnndddddd my stomach still hurts, bad :( Yes, I'm a whiney-butt but I give myself the right to be, lol, I've been thru hell these last 5 days. Oh yea, I had a flat tire the other day too and had to fix it in the cold, lol- just thought I'd add another little complaint :)

So I havn't been in the gym since Friday and have lost a little over 10 lbs bc I'm not eating. Sucks! really bad. Can't wait until I can get back in the gym and gain my weight back. I wont take long to gain it back but ya know it seems like it takes forever! And I worked so hard to get up to 170 too, even you all know that! Ima try to get back in the gym tomorrow but we'll see how I feel after I get outta clinical tomorrow. Not gonna go back until I feel 100% better- definatly don't wanna get sick again! On a better note ...During all this Bad something good did happen ...I met a hot guy aaaannndndd well, I'm kinda interested :)

As I said before, Me and Cindy talked on the phone the other night ...She's such an awesome girl and we're so much alike that it's just crazy. We don't just have the BB perspective in common but life in general values, you know further down the road. Right now, life is great with BB, but many are asking where is the sport goiing ...that's really not even a factor with me ... I train and compete because it is what I love and that is one thing that will never change; I will always have a passion for BB. Doing well in competition, having a website, having fans like you all, being known for what you've accomplished at 22 years old, just everything ....It's just so great, I love it! But when I think about the future, there is so much more to me than BB. I will always train and keep in shape but the day will come when it's time to change gears. No one knows when exactly that will be but it'll be when I feel like I have accomlished what I have desired. I want to keep my life open to other things aside of BB know, like all the wonderful things in life, things and feelings that can't be replaced ...things like marriage and kids. Just something I have been thinking about lately ...More than likely since I'm graduating and really getting out on my own ...But for now, until that time comes and those things happen, Nursing and BB are my passions ...Anyways, BIG CIN's muh girl, lol, I'm going to watch her compete in Canada at the Nationals in September if everything goes as planned! Love 'er!! If we shoot together, it'll be amazing, we'll both be dieted down :) I'll be about a month and a half out from the Nationals and she'll be all ripped up, lol, can't wait!

Anyways for you that keep asking about the calve exercises ..How about this, Since I have to do calves as soon as I get back in the gym, I'll do a kick-ass Calve workout and give you the low-down on exactly what I did afterwards ...Sound good? ;)

Alrighty guys, Ima get going and try to get some good sleep so maybe I can be all better tomorrow!

Be in touch soon...
Love Yas,

Leave ya with a pic when I was 11 weeks out from the USA's, 2005...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

168 today ...

After the gym...
Training and eating have been rushed lately bc school but this is where I stand ...for now anyways ;)

Gotta eat, love yas all!!!!
B :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back from break...

Hey ya'll
Just walked in the door from home... I'm back at school. I was able to spend a few days at home for spring break ...withOUT the internet, as if you didn't already know that. Anyways, only a few more weeks til graduation!!!! Actually about a month and a half but same difference, lol. I just wanted to say a quick hello before I start unpacking and head to the school of medicine. I've got a few projects that I have to get finished within the next 2 weeks so I best get on it. I'll write a little later and tell yas about training and weights and that good stuff. For now, weight is still at 170 and strengthis increasing while maintaining correct form, I'll get back to ya probably tomorrow...
B :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

In between classes...

What up yas all?!

I'm just sitting here in the computer lab between classes getting ready to type a paper for this afternoon. I feel like blahhhh ...I wanna go train :( Skipped out on the gym yesterday to regain a little energy- My legs are still killing me from Monday so I wouldn't have been able to train back anyways. I usually take a day inbetween legs and back since I do stiffleg deads for hams on leg day and then do regular deads on back day. I actually trained chest on Tuesday ...Havn't in exactly 2 months. Went well though ...Figured I would have lost strength but didn't at all. I'll prob train chest every few weeks, not gonna focus on it too much this year. Hmmm, what can I tell ya???? Seriously my life has been pretty boring lately, lol. I'm following up on applying for jobs right now. Trying to figure out where the heck I wanna work. Have some places in mind but I'm not sure yet ...Prob end up going where I get the best benefits and overall experience.

But anyways, the NC States are coming up in April, as well as the Metrolina. The States are in High Point this year and the Metrolina in is Charlotte (Both National qualifiers) ...Switchin up locations I guess...Planning on being at both, prob helping backstage with prep and trophies and stuff. Maybe I'll see some of yas there??!!

I've been getting many backgrounds and desktop images made for me ...those are pretty cool ..I'll post 2 more at the end of this blog since I am at school and have no pics to post ...Should be getting my dig cam back sometime soon. I can't wait, then you can see me at 170 ready for that, lol?!?!

Started a lil cleaning up of the diet today ...I've been eating any and everything it seems like ...tons of protein and good carbs first, then about anything I want :):):) lol. I ate a pizza and a 1/2 last night since I was gonna start being good today, so to say, haha. I was soooooo good, Dominos thin and crispy crust is the absolute best!

Alrighty, Ima head out, gotta go get some H2O in my shake and get to typing this paper. Love yas all and I will leave you with these 2 backgrounds...

B. <3

Thursday, February 23, 2006

pretty cool, huh?!

Just a background that someone on MySpace made for muah ...Thanks Enosint, It's an awesome background!!!! I like thing like this! Back to studying ;/ LOL ...See yas soon...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hey guys, It's me, Britt...

OK... SO, this post was previously about me and my headaches, lol, BUT I checked my email yesterday and I had 32 emails dedicated to people diagnosing me, lol, seriously ranged from "it's nothing, I've had that before" all the way to a "deathly brain tumor" ...haha, so, I removed the post for the sake of that reason ...Tose of you that said I was having migraines ...well, you were soo soo right! Doc gave me a precription for migraine med and yesterday morning when the headache started, I took one and withion about 30-45 min, it was completly gone! Amanda and a few other sggested I see a chiropractor amd well, yea, I know, I really do! Hopefully I will be able to very soon ...AND the artice that was in teh paper(attached below) had many many mistakes in it ...but it's ok I guess, it's my hometown, guess they know me. THe only hting I didn't like was where they got the measurments off of my website that havn't been updated in like a year ...It said my bi's were 14 and my forearms were 11, haha, bis are a little over 15 and don't know what forearms are. Although I looked really flat in those pics bc I had just woke up :):):) with NO time to eat :(:(:( I wanted to share that with yas! Anyways my bio and measurments are the only things that havn't been updated on my site ...everything else is updated regularly (every few days) ...Alright, gotta go to class, hope all is well and have a great day!!!! :)

Here is the rest of the post... take care!

A lot has gone on since the last time I was ion here. Overall I am doing well :)
OH YEAH...The other day when I trained Back I did 120 lb dbs for single arm side rows for set of 10 on each AND I did the 120 lb db's for stiff leg deads (hams) for 10 reps. Started with 100's for 15 reps tehn 105's for 15, 110's for 12, 115's for 10 and the 120's for 8 :) Moooovin on up :) I've been noticing that since I havn't been training as much I have been getting stronger and a lil bigger too. Hmmm, think I was over training a tad?!

Passed my exam!!!! Nursing major students are on a 7 point scale for grades a 78-84 is a "c" ...That's what I made, a "c", an 82 ...Was higher than the class average though!!!!! :) It pisses me off that Nursing students are the only ones on a 7 point scale ...even the MEdical students here at ECU are on a 10 point scale ... a "c" for them goes all the way to a 70! 70-80 for everyone else is a "c". OH well ...

I'm just sitting here at StarBuck's drinking some coffee and doing some hw. Drinking decaff, lol, gotta work all day tomorrow so I gotta go to sleep at a decent time tonight.

For all of you wondering about webcam ...I really want to be performing but right now I just can't. Only about 2 more months til I gra-gee-ate, haha, for those of you who aren't as country as I am ...graduate :)

Alright I best be heading out of here, gotta go eat ...I got some new protein (cookies and cream) ahhhhh, its sooooooo good! I'd rather drink that than eat sometimes! Must be quality if I'd replace it for food :)



By the way, I was on the front page of the newspaper in my home town ...Heres the article and pics:) ...Sorry you'll have to copy and paste them into your URL ...cou;dnt figure out how to make a link :/§ionSearch=&begindate=1%2F1%2F1983&enddate=12%2F31%2F2006&authorSearch=&IncludeStories=1&pubsection=&page=&IncludePages=1&IncludeImages=1&mode=allwords&archive_pubname=Salisbury+Post%0A%09%09%09

Keep it real-

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


It's been a wild week. Training is going well when I can get in the gym. Trained legs Monday and was a little impressed, besides the fact that I made myself sick ...blah :( Started with extensions as always then moved to presses. 3 plates each side 15 reps, 4 plates each side 15 reps, 5 plates each side 15 reps, and 6 plates each side 12 reps ...I was dying but I finished so I was proud of myself. I've never trained with heavy weight and low reps. I've always went pretty heavy with as many reps as possible. Despite the pain I grow more this way, especially on legs. Then did hack squats 4 sets, plate on each side, 15 reps each. Then I finished with more extensions. I felt so sick so I had to cut it somewhat short and get out of there. Went back and finished hams late last night after I got home from clinical. Thought I got out of the liking of trianing late at night, but after training at 1030 last ngiht, I think I might start with that again. Works with my schedule, ya know.

Seems like I have sooooo much going on right now and it's making me go craZy. Hence, why I havn't posted in a few days. I would apoligize but you all know how it is. Anyway, I can't wait for the Arnold! Getmy mind away for 1 or 2 days. Me and Cin 'll have so much fun. I can't wait! Hopefully I will have n=my digital cam back by then. I got a new one and when it was delivered it was defected so that sucked!

Weight was about 166 this morning so I'll probably be around 170 before bed tonight. It's always give or take a few. Trying to lose a little for the Arnold ...can't have little miss hard body cin showing me up, lol, just joking. I need to lose a few anyways. I can't afford to keep buying new clothes.

Alrighty, I gotta head to the library, got an exam friday and a few quizzes tomorrow. Hope ya are all having a great week and I'll check back in soon!
Leave you with a pic from florida, I was about 140-45 here, and 11 weeks out form the USA's...


Sunday, February 05, 2006


I posted on my blog today and for some ODD reason, ITS GONE!!!! Really really weird!?!?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

I am soooo hungry!! I woke up 15 minutes before class started this morning so I had to jump up throw some clothes on brush my teeth called my friend Loe for a ride and managed to grab a shake on the way out. I am always starving when I wake up ...thats usually the only thing that encourages me to get my butt out of bed and get a move on, lol. I was miserable all during class from 9-1 ...soso hungry. But I'm home now ..fixing some Sirloin and potatoes and a lot of it :)

I wont be around this weekend so thought I'd go ahead and post that I am doing the NEW ULTRA WEB CAM on SUNDAY NIGHT, probably around 11pm EST give or take and hour. I had planned on trying it out last night but I ended up ataying at the Library until 2 so I wasn't able to. Anyways, this will be my first time using the new system. I have already seen Cin on it and it is awesome quality choppiness, no picture delays, and it has sound too! I am weighing almost 170lbs ...most muscle I have ever had!! Come and check it out!! There is a FREE preview room that consist of the actual size video picture and a chat room to talk with me!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and I will see you Sunday night :):):)
Take it easy
love yas

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Takin a lil break...

Whatup whatup...
Just taking a break from studying and stopped here to send a few words your way :)
I was able to train earlier thn usual today which was soooo great. I've been training really late in the day and sometimes late at night and that starts to get old!

Great workout today; BACK!!!!
80 for 20 reps
100 for 15 reps
120 for 12 reps
130 for 8 reps

3 plates(45's) for 15 reps
4 plates(45's) for 12 reps
4 plates(45's) and a quarter(25) for 10 reps

Single-arm Dumbell Rows
80lb db for 12reps on each
90lb db for 12reps on each
100lb db for 10reps each

Seated machine rows
110 for 12
130 for 10
150 for 10

Cable Pull Overs (to strech)

Good Mornings (Standing)
Just the bar for 3 sets.

AAAAAAnnnnnnnnddddd... that's it. Good workout!

Last week when I did back, I taped some HEAVY LIFTING for yas!!
I did Free Standing Deadlifts ...315lbs for 6 reps and then I managed to add a quarter to each side and do 375lbs for 2 reps!! It was pretty cool so I made sure to tape it.

Anyways, I best get back to studying and reading so I can pass my quizzes tomorrow ...I have never taken a quiz that 75% of the class failed UNTIL last week!!! So I'm studying more than I did last week for the ones tomorrow ...Hope it works, but I've heard thru the grapevine that it doesn't matter how much you study, the class average stays pretty equally divided ...let's hope that I can be in that top 50%, lol, talk to ya'll laterrrrrrrrrrrr :):):)


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let the best team win...

...The Panther's OF COURSE!!!! I have faith in my home-town team...

Gooooooooooo Panthers ...Goooooooo HOME, SeaHawks ...LOLOLOL :)

It's almost that time ...120 more minutes...

I'll be sitting here reading and doing hw and watching the game little bit. Waiting to go train legs until afterwards :)

Well, in advance, I already feel the pain for you SeaHawk fans :):):)


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Late night workout...

OK, so, on the way home from the gym these guys were asking me how much I could bench and lift all that kinda stuff. AND, this is is what our conversation turned in to...

Wasn't planning on working legs, lol :)

As if the first time wasn't enough... A little more weight, the front tire didn't come up off the ground as far as the first time...

Daniel, Danny, Zack, and Paul... Thanks guys, that was so awesome!

Enough fun for tonight, I trained bi's and tri's and they are killing me. I have to work at the hospital all day tomorrow so I am heading to bed... Talk to yas all soon!


Monday, January 16, 2006

hangin out...

Hel-lo peeps :)
I'm so bored, someone please come save me from my bordness! I'm not tired enough to go to bed, had no class today! Just got done watching the Bachelor, Paris. I love those kind of shows! I wanna go on there and be the Buff Bachelorette that gets to choose her Hot prince charming!! That would be an awesome show ...ok, now back to reality, lol. Really tho, if I had the chance to do a reality tv show, I would be there in less than .5 seconds!

Somehow during this last week I have hurt myself!? My wrist is sooo deformed! And I have NO clue what the heck happened?! I'm guessing I did something to it training, actually I'm 99.9% sure that's how I did it :) Wednesday night my wrist was killing me, sharp pains that were running all the way up the medial side of my arm! Of course, I just delt with it and tried to reason that it wasn't anything important. Thursday and Friday it started getting worse. I really noticed it when I was in class taking notes at about 90 miles per hour, lol. Friday night it was the worst pain ever. I couldn't sleep and didn't until almost 5am and I had to work at the nutrition store at 10am on Sat morning. When I got to the store, I saw something weird sticking out of my wrist ...Well, guess what, it was my bone!!!! It looks like the bone in my arm was forced in the direction of my wrist and my hand was forced in the direction of my arm. It's really weird, I never actually DID anything to it and I havn't been able to get to the doc to get it checked out yet. Hope it's not anything bad!!!!

I worked this morning at 10 until 4. Went to the gym to finish training legs. I started legs yesterday ...Did extensions for sets of 15 to warm up and then went straight to squats. I wanted to go heavy but didn't have a spot so I did what I could on my own.
Set1- 135lb for 20
set2- 225lb for 15
set3- 315lb for 6 ...Started feeling really light-headed! Decided to ignore it and try to finish the set ...I only did 8. I felt like a quitter so I did one more set of 315 for 6 reps. BY this time I was feeling horrible, headache, and just really lightheaded. Decided to head out and just finish the next day ...Well, you know me, by the time I had got to where my bag was, I felt bad for quitting. So I just rested my head in my arms on the counter top for about 15 minutes. I met my concious in the middle, lol, and decided to finish with some REALLY light leg presses. I ended up doing one plate on each side for sets of 20 and ended up doing 15 sets to make up for not going heavy. I felt ok then bc I was lying down and it was lightweight so it wasn't so bad. Thought I might as well go ahead and do some calves too so I did about 10 sets of calves with that same weight on the leg press machine ...I think I was on there for like 30 minutes, haha, good thing there was hardly anyone in there!

I finished hamstrings today...
walked incline to warm up

lying leg curls-
70lb for 15
90lb for 15
110lb for 10
Last set... Drop down
110lbs for 2
90 for 3
70 for 4
50 for 6
30 for 7
10 for 8

Stiff leg deadlifts-
started with the bar and 45's on each side ...135 for 15
added another plate to each side ...225lbs for 10
added a 25 to each side ...275lbs for 8
275lbs again for 6 reps

incline seated hamstring curls-
a plate(45) and 25- for 3 sets. 12 reps each.

finished with (light) walking lunges ...incline(10steps) and decline(10steps)
25lb dbs for 20 steps
again 25lb db's for 20 steps
and no weight for 20 steps

...Whoo-hoo what a good workout, lol, it was pretty good considering my wrist was throbbing the entire time, lol ... :(

Anyways... I best get to bed, so I can go get that checked out in the morning ...I'll talk to you all soon!


Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Night...

It's Friday night and I am about to get off work at 7 and head to the mall for a few minutes... I have to get a new bra, lol :) Think that's funny, huh?! After that I am heading to the gym!! So happy to be back in there! I am training bis and tri today. Get this... I trained shoulders yesterday and I did free weight machine presses with a 45 and 35 on EACH side for 10 reps...I did have a shot but still, I was sooo amazed. That's 80lbs on each side, craZy, i love it!

Found out my full schedule today for Nursing this semester and I am in class everyday all day plus community-clinical (home-health/hospice) one day a week ...and on my own time I have to complete 150 hours working (NO PAY) on a med-surg floor at a hospital an hour away. I have to do these 150 hours by mid April, ahhhhhhh! That leaves studying, EATING, SLEEPING, webcam and emails for YOU, and mostly ...TRAINING to still find time for somewhere in all that madness. Hmmm, I'm staying calm, lol. Oh well, not worrying right now, I'll take it as it comes. But this lil side job is toast ...done with, no time, haha. Just wanna graduate in May. After I finally grad I get to studystudystudy and send in tons of papers so I can take the boards to be an RN. Then I get to start dieting, whoooo-hooo, I sooooo can't wait! I'm so excited!

Shoulders yesterday...
MAchine presses
35 on ea side- 20 reps
35+25 on each side- 10
35+25+10 on ea for 10 reps
same- 8 reps

single side laterals (12 reps all sets)
30lb db
35 db
40 db
45 db

db presses (10 reps all sets)
35lb dbs
45lb dbs
50lb dbs
55lb dbs

bent over db rear delts (sets of 12)
25lb dbs
30lb dbs
35lb dbs

Donkey calve raises (10 sets of 10)
2 plates

IT was an OK workout, didn't get as much of a pump as I wanted. OK, so I made a page on if you know what that it. If not, it's just some little website where you can find old and new friends profiles and chat/keep in touch with them. On my profile I started writing about me and just kept going and going and going and when I finished, I found it to be really interesting ...I was like, that is really me. SO I thought I would share it with you ...LOL
I'm a senior Nursing Student as East Carolina University and a National level female Bodybuilder; Check out tha WebSite... WWW.BRITTMILLER.COM ;) Been reading all these profiles and these girls are like ..."I'm so and so and I'm really petite and I'm a beauty queen and blah blah blah" Well, sorry, LOL, Can't say none of that but can say Ima cool ass girl and a hot chic but I'm definatly not petite, lol. I'ma thick girl, big girl, stacked girl, diesel, jacked girl, whatever your lingo might be, pick one, your choice. I LOVE IT! Anyways... I am 21 I weigh 165lbs offseason, 124lbs onstage I have brown and blonde hair- Underneath dark and top blonde I love bodybuilding and training I love my FANS I love criticism, It only makes me stronger My dream is to be the youngest Professional Female BB ever I'm competing in the Nationals in Miami in November 2006 I love the weird looks and stares that I get I love my family My nephews are the best I want a husband and kids one day I love having fun I love disipline Tend to take chances and risks I love lifting more than most guys I hate sketchy people I love dressing up I love my Mom I am very distanced in my personality Keep too myself most of the time Not stuck up, just mind my own business Love gettin shitty everyone once in a blue moon ;) If you are close to me you know what I mean I love my website I love taking pictures I love dieting for competitions I love my brothers, they are my inspiration I do WebCam and DVD's for my website ...Sorry, not nudes ;) Sometimes I am too serious but sometimes I am too laid back I love my best friend LOE I love a guy that loves me I love my body I hate people that lie I like being sneaky I eat with my fingers I love hugs and kissses I don't like to rush I don't become close with anyone too quick I love gaining weight I think Cindy Phillips is the coolest BB chic ever I beleive people change I am a shoe freak I love my Boobs :) I like older guys with hot ass bodies I love the adrenaline rush that I get when I train I have a hard time waking up in the mornings I like doing things that others don't know about Don't like Bullshit and don't take Bullshit so don't bring your Bullshit my way I talk with my mouth full I love sweets I love boys, well, men so to say :) If I love you, I really love you; If I don't like you, I really don't like you I started BB at age 14 I love honest people Sometimes the truth hurts Deal with it Cops say I don't stop at stop signs, I say I hesitate I love spending money I love being a smart ass I am straight up and blunt I will hurt your feelings before I lie to you I'm very picky I love high heels I love nursing school, beleive it or not I am a nerd I am obsessed with bodybuilding and my body I love my sister-n-laws, they are the best I love peanut butter I love being sexy I am the 2005 BB middleweight USA champ I am the 2005 Collegiate National BB champ I am the 2004 BB NC State overall champ I love what I do I have 9 BB trophies but more memories than I could ever count I burp really loud :( I hate quitters I hate people that gossip I love someone that can have a down-right good time I love making memories I love the feeling of being on the BB stage I love tight jeans I leg press 585lbs for sets of 15 I hate bad drivers I don't like people that try too hard I don't try to fit in I am my own person I hate people that think their shit doesn't stink AND I love my friends :)
So, wha do ya think, sounds like me, huh?! ;)

Alrighty guys, Ima head to the mall and gym to train arms but I will be in touch soon. I am signing up for webcam on Sunday, check the schedule!