Tuesday, March 28, 2006

168 today ...

After the gym...
Training and eating have been rushed lately bc school but this is where I stand ...for now anyways ;)

Gotta eat, love yas all!!!!
B :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back from break...

Hey ya'll
Just walked in the door from home... I'm back at school. I was able to spend a few days at home for spring break ...withOUT the internet, as if you didn't already know that. Anyways, only a few more weeks til graduation!!!! Actually about a month and a half but same difference, lol. I just wanted to say a quick hello before I start unpacking and head to the school of medicine. I've got a few projects that I have to get finished within the next 2 weeks so I best get on it. I'll write a little later and tell yas about training and weights and that good stuff. For now, weight is still at 170 and strengthis increasing while maintaining correct form ...so, I'll get back to ya probably tomorrow...
B :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

In between classes...

What up yas all?!

I'm just sitting here in the computer lab between classes getting ready to type a paper for this afternoon. I feel like blahhhh ...I wanna go train :( Skipped out on the gym yesterday to regain a little energy- My legs are still killing me from Monday so I wouldn't have been able to train back anyways. I usually take a day inbetween legs and back since I do stiffleg deads for hams on leg day and then do regular deads on back day. I actually trained chest on Tuesday ...Havn't in exactly 2 months. Went well though ...Figured I would have lost strength but didn't at all. I'll prob train chest every few weeks, not gonna focus on it too much this year. Hmmm, what can I tell ya???? Seriously my life has been pretty boring lately, lol. I'm following up on applying for jobs right now. Trying to figure out where the heck I wanna work. Have some places in mind but I'm not sure yet ...Prob end up going where I get the best benefits and overall experience.

But anyways, the NC States are coming up in April, as well as the Metrolina. The States are in High Point this year and the Metrolina in is Charlotte (Both National qualifiers) ...Switchin up locations I guess...Planning on being at both, prob helping backstage with prep and trophies and stuff. Maybe I'll see some of yas there??!!

I've been getting many backgrounds and desktop images made for me ...those are pretty cool ..I'll post 2 more at the end of this blog since I am at school and have no pics to post ...Should be getting my dig cam back sometime soon. I can't wait, then you can see me at 170 ...you ready for that, lol?!?!

Started a lil cleaning up of the diet today ...I've been eating any and everything it seems like ...tons of protein and good carbs first, then about anything I want :):):) lol. I ate a pizza and a 1/2 last night since I was gonna start being good today, so to say, haha. I was soooooo good, Dominos thin and crispy crust is the absolute best!

Alrighty, Ima head out, gotta go get some H2O in my shake and get to typing this paper. Love yas all and I will leave you with these 2 backgrounds...

B. <3