Thursday, February 23, 2006

pretty cool, huh?!

Just a background that someone on MySpace made for muah ...Thanks Enosint, It's an awesome background!!!! I like thing like this! Back to studying ;/ LOL ...See yas soon...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hey guys, It's me, Britt...

OK... SO, this post was previously about me and my headaches, lol, BUT I checked my email yesterday and I had 32 emails dedicated to people diagnosing me, lol, seriously ranged from "it's nothing, I've had that before" all the way to a "deathly brain tumor" ...haha, so, I removed the post for the sake of that reason ...Tose of you that said I was having migraines ...well, you were soo soo right! Doc gave me a precription for migraine med and yesterday morning when the headache started, I took one and withion about 30-45 min, it was completly gone! Amanda and a few other sggested I see a chiropractor amd well, yea, I know, I really do! Hopefully I will be able to very soon ...AND the artice that was in teh paper(attached below) had many many mistakes in it ...but it's ok I guess, it's my hometown, guess they know me. THe only hting I didn't like was where they got the measurments off of my website that havn't been updated in like a year ...It said my bi's were 14 and my forearms were 11, haha, bis are a little over 15 and don't know what forearms are. Although I looked really flat in those pics bc I had just woke up :):):) with NO time to eat :(:(:( I wanted to share that with yas! Anyways my bio and measurments are the only things that havn't been updated on my site ...everything else is updated regularly (every few days) ...Alright, gotta go to class, hope all is well and have a great day!!!! :)

Here is the rest of the post... take care!

A lot has gone on since the last time I was ion here. Overall I am doing well :)
OH YEAH...The other day when I trained Back I did 120 lb dbs for single arm side rows for set of 10 on each AND I did the 120 lb db's for stiff leg deads (hams) for 10 reps. Started with 100's for 15 reps tehn 105's for 15, 110's for 12, 115's for 10 and the 120's for 8 :) Moooovin on up :) I've been noticing that since I havn't been training as much I have been getting stronger and a lil bigger too. Hmmm, think I was over training a tad?!

Passed my exam!!!! Nursing major students are on a 7 point scale for grades a 78-84 is a "c" ...That's what I made, a "c", an 82 ...Was higher than the class average though!!!!! :) It pisses me off that Nursing students are the only ones on a 7 point scale ...even the MEdical students here at ECU are on a 10 point scale ... a "c" for them goes all the way to a 70! 70-80 for everyone else is a "c". OH well ...

I'm just sitting here at StarBuck's drinking some coffee and doing some hw. Drinking decaff, lol, gotta work all day tomorrow so I gotta go to sleep at a decent time tonight.

For all of you wondering about webcam ...I really want to be performing but right now I just can't. Only about 2 more months til I gra-gee-ate, haha, for those of you who aren't as country as I am ...graduate :)

Alright I best be heading out of here, gotta go eat ...I got some new protein (cookies and cream) ahhhhh, its sooooooo good! I'd rather drink that than eat sometimes! Must be quality if I'd replace it for food :)



By the way, I was on the front page of the newspaper in my home town ...Heres the article and pics:) ...Sorry you'll have to copy and paste them into your URL ...cou;dnt figure out how to make a link :/§ionSearch=&begindate=1%2F1%2F1983&enddate=12%2F31%2F2006&authorSearch=&IncludeStories=1&pubsection=&page=&IncludePages=1&IncludeImages=1&mode=allwords&archive_pubname=Salisbury+Post%0A%09%09%09

Keep it real-

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


It's been a wild week. Training is going well when I can get in the gym. Trained legs Monday and was a little impressed, besides the fact that I made myself sick ...blah :( Started with extensions as always then moved to presses. 3 plates each side 15 reps, 4 plates each side 15 reps, 5 plates each side 15 reps, and 6 plates each side 12 reps ...I was dying but I finished so I was proud of myself. I've never trained with heavy weight and low reps. I've always went pretty heavy with as many reps as possible. Despite the pain I grow more this way, especially on legs. Then did hack squats 4 sets, plate on each side, 15 reps each. Then I finished with more extensions. I felt so sick so I had to cut it somewhat short and get out of there. Went back and finished hams late last night after I got home from clinical. Thought I got out of the liking of trianing late at night, but after training at 1030 last ngiht, I think I might start with that again. Works with my schedule, ya know.

Seems like I have sooooo much going on right now and it's making me go craZy. Hence, why I havn't posted in a few days. I would apoligize but you all know how it is. Anyway, I can't wait for the Arnold! Getmy mind away for 1 or 2 days. Me and Cin 'll have so much fun. I can't wait! Hopefully I will have n=my digital cam back by then. I got a new one and when it was delivered it was defected so that sucked!

Weight was about 166 this morning so I'll probably be around 170 before bed tonight. It's always give or take a few. Trying to lose a little for the Arnold ...can't have little miss hard body cin showing me up, lol, just joking. I need to lose a few anyways. I can't afford to keep buying new clothes.

Alrighty, I gotta head to the library, got an exam friday and a few quizzes tomorrow. Hope ya are all having a great week and I'll check back in soon!
Leave you with a pic from florida, I was about 140-45 here, and 11 weeks out form the USA's...


Sunday, February 05, 2006


I posted on my blog today and for some ODD reason, ITS GONE!!!! Really really weird!?!?