Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me here

Hi Guys,

It's late and I'm just sitting here at my computer thinking about so much. Do you ever find yourself thinking and daydreaming only to realize 30 minutes has past? I do it often and the idea of writing during that time is appealing to me. Tonight I wrote as I thought. Still thinking, I decided to stop and turn to page one. As my eyes gazed from line to line I realized how cool it is for one to be able to express themself, and maybe in a way that they wouldn't normally. You can really get to know yourself. Do you know really know yourself? There is more to me than I sometimes let myself see.

I have been cleaning up my diet and such for the first weekend of March; the Arnold Classic. I will be appearing at the SPECIES booth signing pictures and posters. I am very proud to say that I am sponsored by SPECIES Nutrition. It's flattering to know that someone wants you to represent their company. I believe in SPECIES products and have used them for over a year now. I will proudly sit my apple bottom at their booth at the Arnold Classic! I recently have had my two magazine write-ups from 2008 framed. I can just stand and look at them for hours. The feeling that I get, the feeling of accomplishment, embraces me and makes me feel so good. Since I was 12 years old, when I started training with weights, my dream has been to take weight training as far as the man above would allow me. So it really hits me hard when I think about Bodybuilding and possibly my future in Bodybuilding. The way that Bodybuilding takes my breath away, so do other things in life. Having a family and coming home to a house full of love and pure happiness is one of those other things for me. Bodybuilding takes great dedication and determination as does a family. I believe that those who live truly happy lives, have balance. When it's my turn to experience this, I want balance. I think about this often and sometimes think that I can't have both. I feel like I have to be all or nothing. Three things I want are balance, trust, and love. I believe those three things equal happiness. The reason this is on my mind tonight is because I watched The Bachelor earlier. Wow, are some of those girls sane? I have to admit, Jason is a keeper! Anyway, it's funny how all this came from that!!

So on to my "pain" ...My knee is acting crazy with every step that I take! I decided I was going to start running for a portion of my cardio; And I did. Thirty minutes on day one, twenty minutes on day two, and that was it. Done. No more. Finished. Negative. I'm guessing my weight is beyond my running capabilities at this point. So I've been limping around while connected to a heating pad and smelling like menthol. The bad thing for me at this moment is I AM going snowboarding Friday, damn it. Ha Ha Ha. At work we planned a day's skiing trip for Friday. I'm doing all I can to be healed by that time. It's crazy because it doesn't hurt when I do the stepper, it just hurts when I walk. I will let you guys know how leg day turns out tomorrow!

It's bedtime for me. I have to turn the heat down before I go to bed. I like it COLD when I sleep. Which reminds me, I want to go camping!! I'm going to talk someone into going camping with me! I don't care if it's in my back yard!

By the way, GO STEELERS!!!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Jus Chillin...

Sitting here messing on the computer - I love music and just hanging out and listening. I found a group on You Tube that is pretty dope and has got some talent, or what I call talent anyway. So here is a video by them that I really like. It tells a story that probably only a few of my closest will understand. I could follow this video with Nelly Furtado's "I'm like a Bird" but anyway... Hope you enjoy. All my love. If that wasn't a cliche, I'm not sure what is...
Off to the gym..