Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beach post...

Hello Guys!!!! Just checkin in with yas ...My POS computer is acting up again- guess it's time for a new one, huh? So...I am at the beach with my friend Holly(Loe) visiting for a few days! It's so fun to be here and chill with her- we always act a fool when we're together- act like we're 10 again ...It's so great, I love it!!!!! We've just been relaxing and playing, lol. Seriously, 4wheeler, playstation, fighting and wrestling ...just picking around ...I don't wanna go back to work, :( ...Ok, maybe I do ;) It's just great to be here with my girl. As you all know, me and Holly were in Nursing school together- She graduated this December and just PASSED HER STATE BOARDS ...WHOOOOOO HOOOO!!! That's awesome- She's gonna be working at Wilmington hospital. Anyways, These pics are of me, Holly, and the awesome Moms and Pops. We went out to eat Japan last night in J-Ville ...Japanese, whatever, I call it Japan :) We are going shopping in Wilmington today (I havn't got her a graduation present yet :) and later going to some place with a band, bar, and a bunch of arcade games, hahaha. We watched The Gaurdian yeaterday and it was GREAT!!!! So so good! Anyways, Ima shower and we're gonna get going so I will holla at yas later ...


B :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's Goin' On Guys .....

How are yas all?
I'm doing pretty good I'd have to say. Training, work, webcam!!, the house ...everything's coming along nicely thus far. My schedule's been really really full these past few weeks but what's new, lol, I'm always stressed for time :)

First off, I would like to thank you all for being concerned about me and my possible future bodybuilding career ...I really appreciate your thoughts and concerns ;) ...BUT I would like to tell my fans and whoever else wants to listen, I AM NOT GIVING UP OR QUITTING FEMALE BODYBUILDING ...I'm just taking a little break- Ya know, home girl needs a break every once in awhile ;) I have so much going on right now that I think I need to tend to the most important things- like making a future for myself that I know can hold me up and carry me through life. I went to school and worked pretty damn hard for my BSN and now I want to really utilize what I have been rewarded with- without having to be stressed out all the time- Since I graduated in May of last year, and finished with my Nationals Prep in November, I have been soooooo laid back and just "whatever" that it would be insane for me to go and do something crazy like try to compete in bodybuilding this year. I'm young ...I've got time :) ...So anyways, those are my thoughts and intentions when talking about that ...

But one more thing that I was thinking about ... I have competeted quite a bit since my freshman year in highschool!!!! ...That's nine years ...And what amazes me is that I can honestly say, that until this past November/December, I have NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER taken more than 5-6 days off from training in those 9 years ...NEVER!!!! I know your body needs a break every once in awhile but that was a HUGE no-no for me, haha ...I just couldn't do it ...I was so stuck on training training training that I didn't think about anything else. If I missed a day in the gym I'd go insane, it was such a big deal- Now I laugh about that but I still see and understand why I was that was- I was determined to accomplish something- Bodybuilding/training is addictive, very addictive, LOL. Here is what I have accoplished thus far...

1999 (9th grade highschool) Elite NC Show -- competed in figure ...didn't place :(
2001 (11th grade highschool) Metrolina NC Show -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding

2003 (Freshman in college) NC States -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding
2003 (Freshman in college) Metrolina -- 3rd place figure

2004 (Sophmore in college) NC States -- 1st place lightweight bodybuilding and overall champ

2004 (Sophmore in college) Jr Nationals -- 2nd place middleweight bodybuilding

2005 (Junior in college) Collegiate Nationals -- 1st place heavyweight bodybuilding and overal champ

2005 (Junior in college) NPC USA -- 1st place middleweight bodybuilding

2006 (Graduated/RN) NPC Nationals -- 3rd place middleweight bodybuilding :)

Here is a picture of my very first bodybuilding show ...Well ...I'll have to post them on here later bc it's not letting me for some reason right now?!

Then I will post a picture from 2006 Nationals, my latest show this past November...

I have a few more pictures to post as well since I got some feedback from the last pictures saying that you all really like the "everyday-life" pics ...I have tons of them bc I love taking pictures :)

My friend Holly just graduated from Nursing school in December and is getting ready to take boards so I am hoping to spend some time with her coming up soon- She's a trip, she make me laugh so hard sometime, I love her to death ...we are total opposites but yet get along so well and have an awesome time together just hanging out. We were pratically roomates my senior year in college ...Although she wore my nerves into the dirt sometimes, she kept me sane most of the time ...BUT DON'T TELL HER THAT ;) LOVE YOU LOE!!!!! I MISS YA and your moma and dad!!!! I'll post a pic of us too...

I hope to see Cindy soon, we are trying to book a trip together soon to relax a lil' :) Maybe do a bit for out sites?! Hopefully we can get that lined up.. Love my girl :) Miss ya Cin ...and Neil :)

Alright guys ...I've beenloving doing webcam lately so stop by and see me soon! I'll be on Tuesday night (jan 16) ...See ya there ;)

Going to go eat a lil somethin somethin (i.e. something good- prob sweets :)
<3 B.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A few pictures from the holidays for yas...

...Cute pics, huh? They are of me, brother, doggie (Buster) playing cards getting ready to spade us all out, haha- my sister-n-law, me and my friend Tiffany, and me and my neice playing on the floor on Christmas day.

I am about to go to the gym and tan and do some cardio training today :) Just got done eatong some chicken and almonds ...and some other stuff that I'd rather not talk about, haha, feeling a little guilty :)

Anyways,I gotta go and write my girl Cin and get going to the gym so I'll talk to yas later ...

B :)