Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Here is my new email so you guys can finally get in touch with me again. The hotmail acct has not been working for months now ...Here is the new one bam1004@stonecoldmail.com

It is not linked to my site yet but will be soon ...I'll let yas know! But if you want to email me, it does work!

I'm heading to the gym for about an hour but here are a few of my fav members sections pics from the USA's ...just for you ...

Much love

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can't beleive it's already November!

I can't beleive that it's already November! It's almost time for the Nationals! I went home this weekend to go to "Quincy Roberts Elite" Bodybuilding show. He always holds a good show. I hepled hand out trophies to the Women's BB classes. A few of my friends from home were doing it to warm up for Nat's and a few were there to guest pose along with BIG Ronnie Colman! He was soooo Huge and looked awesome as always! Here are a few pics of some freinds that will be doing the 2004 Nat's ...

This is Shaun Crump at the end of September of this year. This pic is from his website, www.shauncrump.com. He will be a Heavyweight at the 05 Nats. Me and Shaun won the 2004 NC States and both went on to place 2nd at the 2004 Nationals. Shaun has not competed since the Jr Nat's and has put on some tremendous size! Shaun guest posed at the show this weekend and he looked phenom. Shaun has always been there for me and helped me along the way. As we have always said, Hold ya head up high! I miss ya and I love ya :) Good Luck Babe, you look awesome!

This is Greg Jones at the 2004 Nat's. He placed 4th in the Heavyweight class. I don't have any pics on my new computer so I had to get them from GraphicMuscle.com. You can check out his profile there. Greg also looked phenom this weekend at the show. He returned as the overall winner of the show in 2004 and was one of the guest posers. Greg has also supported me through my training and dieting. Thanks, and just so you know, it means so much. I know you will do great and you know you
have my support. I love ya and good luck babe!

This is Tangela Morgan. Tangela won the NC States this year (2005) and placed 1st in the LHW class at the Jr Usa's. Tangela has multiple titles and they are all overall or first place titles, that is amazing! She won the heavyweight class this weekend at the Elite. I wish you the best of luck girl, your almost there, about 3 more weeks! Tang was s a school teacher at my old highschool before she moved ...can you imagine the little boys reactions to her!? haha. I love ya girl!

Good luck to all three of you! I miss ya'll so much and wish I could be home to support yas. Even though I will not be able to be at the Nat's in Alanta because of school, I will be here calling and checking up on ya and supporting you with everything I have! For all that don't know, all four of us are from the same gym in Salisbury, NC. NC is dominating!!!! lol. I LOVE YOU GUYS and I know you will all kick ass at the Nationals! ...I can't beleive that Shaun and Greg will have to compete in the same class against each other being such good friends and everything ...ya'll behave, lol. ANYWAYS, GOOD LUCK!!!!

Other than that, I have just been here at school. I actually have a day off from clinicals today!!!! YAY! I slept until about noon and have been lying around ever since! It feels soo good to relax! I stayed home sunday night to finish some homework that was due Mon morning and didn't leave until around 130am to come back here so I didn't get here until around 5am, ahhhh! Sent my work in and got to bed around 530am. Woke up at 730am and went to Clinical at 9am. SOOOO tired all day yesterday at clinicals. Got out at 4pm came home and did some work that was due by 5pm. Didn't get it in until around 6om but hopfully it will be ok?!?! THEN ...WENT TO SLEEP!!!! until 8pm, woke up, ate, and did a paper that had to be turned in by 12midnight. Sent it in with 15 minutes to spare :) Got ready for bed and passed out!!!! This is how my days have been this semester, minute to minute! Now you can see why I am so ready for Christmas, even thanksgiving! Hmm, guess you are wondering where the lifting part of yesterday was?! haha, well, there wasn't one :( I've had to sacrifice some of my lifting time for school time and it drives me CrAzY but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm still geting stronger SOME HOW even though I am not lifting as much! I love that! I just started a new diet today. Trying to focus and put on a little "good" size instead of eating everything in sight like I have been latly :):):) I went home with a friend last weekend and her WONDERFUL MOM made me food ALL weekend long! It was sooo great! Holly and I sat around and did homework all weekend and her mom catered to my BB eating, it was soo funny! She was like I've never shopped for a BB before! She came in the door with eggs, extra lean hamburger, steaks, potatoes, ham ....I LOVE YOU LYNN!!!! Shes like my 2nd Momma, lol. She takes care of me and checks up on me all the time just as her daughter(my bff Holly, :) does. Seroiusly, they are so good hearted and soo nice to me and I am soo thankful for them! This is for them both (BrittsHonor :) ...

This weekend my Mom fixed some gooood country cookin ...we had the family over and ate my most fav meal, the one I have the day after every competition ...Cube steak and gravy with mushrooms and onions, homeade mashed potatoes (with gravy, of course!), green beans, sweet potatoe cassoarole (yummm), and jelly biscuits. It was oh so awesome! Of course I had to walk around the neighborhood a few times after that meal, haha. I LOVE YOU MOM AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME AND EVERYHTING YOU DO FOR ME! Here is me and my Mom... :)

After my Exam Friday Me and Holly and some friends are going to a Journey concert. They were laughing at me bc I was so young :( HOlly has been making me listen to Journey nonstop this past week, it's so funny! It'll be so great to get outta here and have a little fun! Anyways, I am about to relax for a few then head to the gym to train legs! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to yas again soon!

There are some awesome new pics in the members section! Check them out!! I love my fans!