Friday, June 30, 2006


Hey ya guys...
Just checking in. It's been a long week. I only have a short minute right now ...supposed to be at the gym to train in about 10 minutes :) But I wanted to stop in a say Hi and let you know I will write more whe I get back from training.

But just to infor m yas .....I PASSED MY BOARDS!!!!!!!! I'm now a Registered Nurse and can write ...Britt Miller, RN ...WHOOO HOOOOO, so exciting :) I've been rounding up a job and such but will tell yas more later....

As for now, Ima head to the gym to lift, tan, and do just a little cardio :) I start my diet next week!!!!

Ihas planned to be on Cam last night but wasn't able to make it but will FOR SURE e on tonight so stop in and see muah :)

Love yas,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

quik pic ...

Hey ya...
Just posting a pic taken at 170lbs :) this morning before I went to take my nursing boards. It was really hard and brain washing but I'm hoping and praying that I did well ...It's hard to tell :/ I'll find out Friday how I did ...I'm just getting back from that and am about to go to the gym to train back ...So with that said, I will see you late tonight on WebCam ;)

Love yas!

B :')

Friday, June 16, 2006

Howdy :)

Sup ya'll, lol
Wanted to let ya know that I'll be on Cam tonight but it will be late. I'm going to see the movie Lakehouse tonight and I will get on Cam when I get in ...It'll be around Midnight.

Just got in from the gym ...Nice arms workout since my wrist, finally!, was a little more stable today! I was so thankful it wasn't killing me like it has been for the past 2 weeks. Still couldn't do reverse curls for Bi's, but was able to do nose breakers for Tri's. My weight is rolling around 165 ...give/take a few depending the time of day :)

I called to make an appointment to get my hair done this weekend but she didn't have anything until next Thursday- So I guess I'll have to wait until then :( It needs to be trimmed a little and definitely re-highlighted. Trying to let it grow long :) Never been longer than it is now so Ima try to let it get past this stubborn not growing phase. Thursday will be the day after I take my licensure boards!!!???? So I'm not sure if I'll be in a state of relief, shock, or panic, lol. I've been studying but I've got SOOOOO much more to go over ...As one of my professors use to tell us nursing students "You've got miles to go before you sleep" ...and all the times she's proved us right with this statement, I think this time would be the most promising!!!! I know a few of my classmates that have already taken it and passed ...havn't heard of anyone that failed yet and hopefully I wont. One girl that graduated with me moved to Hawaii and was supposed to take it today ...So I'm sure I'll hear from her tonight :/

Anyways, I've got some chicken on the stove so I need to go tend to that :) Yummy, food :) Can't wait to go to the movies so I can get some goodies :) So, I'll see you guys tonight on Cam around midnight ...Be there :')

By the way, as asked, yes, I have been doing calves on a regular basis and I think they are starting to get some size :) ...That pic on the beach was from May '05 so they've grown a little since then ...I think ...I hope ...yea, they have :)

Talk to yas soon!
Take care,


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update for WEBCAM...

Hey guys ...Something has come up tonight and I am npt going to be able to get on cam ...I'm so sorry!!!! I will be on tomorrow and the following nights as promised so I'll see yas there!

Miss Yas :') (I added my dimple into the smiley face, lol)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Up late when I should be sleeping :/ I have BIG interview tomorrow and am really nervous ...I feel like a kid the night before their big first day of school. Hopefully the person conducting the interview hasn't seen pictures of me like the one I just posted :):):):) Went shopping today for a suit to wear for tomorrow and just got pissed off more than anything guessed it, NOTHING fit. Pants were buldging tight in the legs and butt and just hanging off my waist- and the jackets left my arms flying up by my head because they wern't even close to being wide enough or big enough for my arms ...I could get a huge (seriously, like obese) size that would fit like it should in teh legs and back and arms but you could barely see me swallowed me whole :) ...that was a "fake smile". Lol. Anyways, I ended up buying something that was NOT a suit and am going to feel really under dressed and not as professional look as I should. SO, wish me luck ...PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!! :):):):)

Talk tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes ...

Thursday, June 08, 2006


How it is y'all?!?!

Just off webcam, getting my last meal in before nightynite time... Just wanted to give a heads up on my site ...It has been UPDATED with NEW pics from a few weeks ago of me in Vegas in OFFSEASON shape ...Just how I am now ...(well, a lil bigger now ;) THere is sooo much more to be posted on my site so stayed tuned as there will be updates every 1-3 days now!!!!!!!! Mike(webmaster) has been in Vegas for the past month and has been traveling bk home and now getting everything setteled bk in at home thanks for being patient over the last week with the updates :)

I'll be on cam again tom night so BE THERE!!!!!! ):):):)


Leave ya with a pic of me and my girl Cin... :)
We were trying to see who could make the ugliest face ...huum ummm, I think I won??!! Yea, I'm pretty sure I won!!!! Lol, Gotta love us!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Late night...

It's about 4am here in north cac-a-lackie ....and I'm just getting in from a night oout with the girls. I'm having myself a protein shake and typing to you guys. I went out with my sis tonight- we had so much fun, just me and her- it was a blast. I saw soooo many people that I went to highschool with. It was kind of crazy seeing all those kids and sharing our past lives ..Most conversations started with ..."Britt... OMG, I saw your website," Lol ...It was cool. I'm usually a "stay-at-home" girl, ya know, the eat-sleep-train routine, but I gotta start getting out more. I miss hanging out with everybody. At least until I have to start preparing for the Nationals, which will be late July. Then I'll get in the whole "nothing but training and working routine."

Anyways, training hs been going better than good's been great! I'm starting to put on size- eating and training right- and it;s definitely paying off! I love it when I start putting size on! I want to get back up to at least 170 before I start dieting ...and if possible, 175!!!! My highest has been 170 and that was in December of '05. I know I can do it, I just gotta work extra hard!

I talked to Cin for about 1 minute today but I was in the middle of eating with my Mom so I was going to talk to her later in the afternoon ...but we didn't end up talking so hopefully we will talk tomorrow!

Alright, Ima head to bed but I will probably be on WEBCAM tomorrow(Sunday) night around 9pm EST ...So I will see you then ;)

B :)