Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A pic from about 6.5 weeks out from USA's ...

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Hey ya'll :)

Just found out that some pictures from my Flordia shoot are getting put up in the members section this week!! I know that will make lots of you happy! I've had so many request and questions about my contest shape pics ... I can't wait to see them too! I also have got a pic of 6 weeks out that I am going to post on here in just a few minutes :) It's not the best of quality but It'll let you all see where I am standing in the contest run ;) Only 4 weeks and 3 days ...amazing huh? It's sneaking up on me ...man, I get chill bumps everytime I think about it. I can't explain how the thought of being on that stage makes me feel. I love bb with all my heart and it gets me everytime I think about it! I swear that I would marry this sport if I could, :)

Lifted shoulders yesterday and they are killing me. I could barely comb my hair after I got outta the shower cause my shoulders were burning so bad. Started with db presses going up to 45's for 10 reps. I'm trying to mix up burnouts and heavy sets. Then db side raises going up to 40's for 6 reps, then down to 20's for 10 reps. Then did db front raises going up to 45's for 10!!!! I struggeled but I managed to finish, haha. Then did bent over rear raises going up to 25's for 10 reps. Was a really good workout since I trained with db's the entire time. I have bi's and tri's today ...and I uped my cardio yesterday so I'm draggin a lil but I'll be alright ;)

How bout that Web Cam?? Did any of you come and watch the posedown? It went pretty good and it was actually relly fun! A lot of "most muscular" posing request tho ...what is it with that, haha, I'm all posed out from doing the most muscular pose- I might have to add that one into my routine for the USA's. Promise ya'll that if I make it to the posedown at the USA's, then I'll do that pose just for all you!! I'm psyched about it, I really am, hope many of you will be there cheering me on- if not there, on here I hope!! :)

Alrighty guys... Ima rest a little before I go train. I hope you all have a great day and I'll be bk soon :) Let me know what you thought of the webcam-

Friday, June 24, 2005

Chillin in tha road- Florida 11 weeks out

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howz yas doin??

It's Friday! Today is my day off from the gym and I am lovin the idea of not doing cardio for an entire day! I trained back yesterday at a different gym than I usually train at- One of my friends is moving to Cali so we've been training together for the past few days- He's such an awesome guy ...too bad he's going all the way to Cali! He's also training for the USA's so it'll be kinda neat to see each other now and then not see each other again until showtime ...big big difference! Went heavy yesterday since he was there to spot me. I did deadlifts with three 45's on each side for 7 reps!! It was great ...pretty exausting but felt awesome!
Bent over side db pulls-
80lb db for 12
85lb db for 10
90lb db for 8
Pull Downs- 4 sets
80lb for 12
100lb for 12
120lb for 10
120lb for 10
Bent over rows-
135lbs for 15
225lbs for 10
225lbs for 12
close grip pull downs-
80lbs for 10
100lbs for 10
120lbs for 8
I made A's in my summer school classes! I was so relieved and happy about that! Now, I am about to leave for the beach ...just for the weekend though, I'll be back Sunday :)
Ima leave you wih a new pic that I just got to see for the first time yesterday ...This material should be going up on the members section really soon! Also, much more new video of me training and posing too ...gettting ready to send a set of tapes from my workouts :) Exciting! I can't wait to see them myself! I havn't got to look at the results form the Jr Nat's this past weeked but Ima do that when I get home! You should check out Cindy's site ...Shes posted some impressive pics of herself as well as pis of other female bb's too in her journal! She has such a bright future in bb- awesome awesome shape and size! OK, well ...here it is, I hope you enjoy it!!!! Be back soon :):):)
Love Yas-

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

All together an awesome day!

What can I say, I'm feeling like a million bucks today! Got my energy back along with my strength and my appeetite :) I put down some chicken and greenbeans today! and then I had a big chicken salad for dinner. Aside from eating, I did cardio at the track and lifted arms today. I never take a watch with me to the track, I just go and do my thing until I feel like it's been long enough. Well, today I figured that I would just do a combo of steps and walking around the track for about 30 min or so ...Guess I got caught up in the moment bc when I finished and got bk in my car, I had been going for 1hr and 10min ...I was so happy bc it usually feels like it takes 10 years to do 30 min of cardio! Then I came home and went to train about an hour later. I traned bi's and tri's with my sis-n-law. My workout was soooo much better bc I had lots of energy that I have been missing for about a week. We started with straight bar curls ...Don't be mad at me please!!! ...but I forgot exactly how much weight I did ...oooopppsss :) I was more caught up in my energy-spurt, haha. Anyways...
Straight bar curls- up to 80 lbs
Dumbells- up to 40lbs each
cable curls- up to 100lbs
and crossover dumbell curls(i love these but they are much harder than reg db curls)- went up to 25lb db's for 10 on each arm every set.
dips- 3 sets of 20
kickbacks- up to 25lb db for 12 reps
cable extensions- up to 60bls
one-arm cable pull downs- up to 40lbs for 6 reps
rope pressdowns- 3 burnout sets of 40 lbs doing 30-50 reps each set

Really really good workout ...got it on tape for yas too! Went to practice posing this past weekend and got my routine together for the night show. It really cool and I am so excited ...Now I just have to place in the to 5 in my class ;) This weekend we will come up with my routine for prejudging which is the most important since this is when you are presenting yourself to the judges! Ya'll ...I am so excited!! I can't wait for the USA's to get here!! One, I'm ready to get on stage and two, I'm starvin!! :)

I just finished taking one of my final exams online for summer school before I signed on to my website. I missed 3 questions that I know of and the rest were essay so I have to wait for them to be graded ...sucks! You all have to pray that I get an A in this course! I have the option of taking my other final exam anytime before Wednesday night, so I think I wil prob take it sometime tomorrorw and get it over with! I'm so ready to be done with summer school- and just school period for that matter! Only one more year and you can call me Nurse Britt :) haha, can't wait!

Alrighty guys, think Ima head to bed- I have legs tomorrow and I think I am gonna do a really heavy day and do low reps- or as many as I can get! I need to do this anyways since last week I just did a burnout workout- I was so worthless last week:( Oh well, that's over and I'm moved on. At least I got the "getting sick deal" out of the way- I would hate to get sick those last few weeks! I'll talk to yas soon- Be good!
much much love-

OH YEAH- update** I am 5 weeks and 4 days out from the USA's and I just went and jumped on the scale for ya ...weigh 137.5 lbs I'm usually about 4-5 lbs heavier at night. <3

Friday, June 17, 2005

missed ya!!

Hi guys!!
I just got my new computer! I was about sick of not being able to get on the internet whenever I wanted to ...I missed ya'll :( haha. Anyways, I'll update ya on everything that has happened this past week. Monday, I set off to ECU to move my furniture to my new apartment. I think I had to stop about 3 times on the side of the rd because a drawer kept flying out of my dresser and hitting the back glass of the truck. By the time I got there I think I had my whole dresser wrapped in red duct-tape, haha, it was so funny. Then I got settled in all day tuesday and got some things moved from my old apartment to my new one. I went to the student rec center and trained chest and triceps that night and finished up with cardio. I noticed that I was feeling really weak an dsick to my stomach as I was leaving the gym. I figured it was just because I hadn't had carbs in a few days and my body was just tired from not getting enough sleep. I thought wrong because that night I was miserably sick. I thought I had food poisioning but my body was aching really bad so I didn't know if it was that or if I was getting the flu. I had to go to class that next morning and give a presentation for my class ...seemed like it took forever! THe professor let me leave after I presented since she could see that I was not the same Britt she was used to. Went bk home and slept alllllll day. Didn't eat the entire day ...I tried eating my steak and potatoes that morning and there was no hope ...You know its serious when britt can't put down some food :)
Got up the next morning and drove myself to the store, got some medicine and soup and finally started feeling better ...came home thursday to my new computer which made a lot of things better! I had planned on coming home wednesday bc I had to get my hair done thurs morn but its now rescheduled for next week. I can't wait ...think ima go with a little more blonde :) sounds good to me! Until today(friday), the last time I trained was tuesday before I got sick :( I hated not beingable to get up and train. Yea, I lost some weight and size since I wasn't eatin or training, but don't worry, now I'm even more determined to get bk in the gym, put my size bk on, and look even better than before!!! You can count on that!! I got up this morn and did my cardio and then headed to the gym to train legs. I was really weak compared to the usual so I decided that I would just do a low weight burnout session ...Started with hams, moderate weight lying curls for 3 sets, 16 reps each then did one legged curls for the same. I did 4 different types of squats for 3 sets apeice and 16 reps each: regular, front, wide, and together. Then I did 3 sets of lunges for 30 reps each. Finished with extensions, squeezing with every rep until I couldn't move my legs another inch. This sounds like a foo-foo (haha) workout but it really kicked my butt, especially since I wasn't fully recovered from being sick. Came home, ate, showered, and went back before the gym closed to train back and do the rest of my cardio. This went a little better then the leg workout, had more energy for some reason!? Still didn't go as hard and heavy as I usually do but I'll be bk to normal soon :) I taped the back workout today so you all will get to see just how much size can be lost from not training or eating for a few days. It's amazing how much of a toll it takes on your body! You will see how much weaker I was compared to the usual! It's amazing to see and look at but it sucks to experience it! Anyways- I am heading to bed after I eat me some chicken and shrimp, yumyum :) Tomorrow morning I am traveling to meet with the guy that is helping me with my posing routine for the USA's. Only 6 more weeks ya'll !! It's sneaking up on us, I am ready for it now but I know I will be sad when it's all said and done! Hope you will be there cheering me on, or if you can't be there I hope you will still be cheering for me! Thanks guys for all your support throughout my dieting and preparation for the USA's! I am training shoulders tomorrow and maybe some bi's and tri's too- whenI get bk from practicing my posing. So I wil update you on how I am feeling and looking tomorrow since I have a working computer:) Hope you all have a wonderful night- love yas :)
talk tomorrow-

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Man, this past week has been sooooo crazy! If you can't tell, I have been without a computer for about a week now! I absolutly hate it! I've been running back and forth to about 20 different peeps houses to use their internet! I really can't deal with te library ...I spend so much time there at school it makes me sick to think about being there when I REALLY don't have to ...I was there the other day and some little kid threw a clifford book at me- I shit you not! I wanted to but his lil ass but I got over it when his momma did it for me, haha :) Gotta love them little tots. Anyways, I have a brand new computer in the mail! Should be here by wednesday or so, yay!!

As for lifting, it's been hectic but I'm gettin er done! I've been taping my workouts everyday for about a week now! Should be some good stuff! I did a quick bi/tri workout today but had to hurry bc I had to start loading my furniture up to take to ECU in the morning. Yep, finally getting moved out after weeks of anticipation! I have class wednesday morning and then I'm coming bk home.

I had my last cheat meal this past weekend :( I am 7 weeks out and can't afford to out that crap in my body anymore. I swear I ate the WHOLE buffet at Golden Corral! I just take it to an extreame and stuff myself to the point that I am miserable for like 2 days!! I can't help it ...big girls gotta have big food ...rightright??!!

Anyways guys, I LOVE YA'LL but I'm exausted and I'm going to the gym at 430AM to train since I will be moving all day tomorrow. And I still have to pack and fix my chic-chic to take with me- Hope yous haves a goods nights ... :)

I'll post ya some new pics once I get my new comp working! Stay tuned and pray that all my shit doesn't go flying outta the back of the truck into the middle of the freeway tomorrow ...YES, that IS my luck :) ...:(

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

bad day for britt...

whats up guys-
yes, just as i named this post, i am having a bad day!! Started ok but then definatly made a turn for the worse ...First my comp freezes up and for-real wouldn't do a damn thing, it wouldn't even turn off ...seriously, i cut the power off and it stayed on, haha, yea, gotta laugh :( Got really pissed off bc I was working on school work that is deadlined for tomorrow morning, so decided I was gonna lye down and take a nap- wake up to it POURING down raining, thundering, and lightening ...can anyone guess what had happened?? Oh yea, britt left her sunroof wide open and her windows as far down as they could possibly be ...I think there is more water saturated in my seats then there is puddling in the yard! So I get over that and decide to start up the computer and pray that its done being an ass ...well, that didn't work bc obviously the lightning did a job on it- yep, it's fried ...now I have to go get that fixed and somehow manage to use someones elses comp everyday to do my school work until mine gets fixed. I am at my uncles house right now using his comp so I wanted to let ya in on this oh so wonderful day that I have had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing ...AHHHHHH, haha, ok, I'm good to go now :) AND, one more thing, with all this happening I havnt got to work out today ...now aint that some crap! Im gonna try to start my assignment now and finish it before the gym closes (1030) and hopfully I can get there in time to do a lil something. I was supposed to trian legs but I don't think ill have time for that ...maybe Ill just do cardio, who knows! Anyways, thanks for all the compliments on my pics ya'll, I'm glad you liked em!! Alright, I'll be in touch ...hopfully from MY own comp really soon-
talk later-
much luv-

From the Arnold--March2005

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Britt talkin...

Hey peeps ...
I am just getting back from the gym and I am worn out!!!! I trained chest harder than I have in quite a while. I started with some machine flys to stretch out my chest a bit before I went heavier.
set1 60lbs for 15
set2 80lbs for 10
set3 90lbs for 10
set4 100lbs for 8

Incline smith machine presses
set1 bar for 30
set2 135 for 10
set3 145 for 8
set4 155 for 8

Incline freeweight presses
set1 45 on each side for 10
set2 45 and 25 on each side for 10
set3/set4- 45 25 10 on each side for 10

Incline dumbell flys
set1 25lb db's for 12
set2 30lb db's for 10
set3 35lb db's for 10
set4 20lb db's for 20

Finished with machine flat presses
set1 60lbs for 10
set2 80lbs for 10
set3 100lbs for 10
set4 50lbs for 20

Now I'm just hanging out ...I'm so hot right now- I got in teh tanning bed today and used this stuff called "siren" haha and if you can imagine ...my ass was lit up! I'm still on fire- I did cardio after I tanned too, so that made it even worse! I had a lot of fun this weekend at the beach, seeiung my fam and all, the wedding was on the beach and it was so pretty! Although it did start raining as soon as the wedding started! OOppps, bad timing huh?! During the day before the wedding we spent the day at a bar that was actually on the beach, I think I was the only sober one there, haha :) It was fun, watching all the drunk people dance and make fools of themselves was the best part!! It was pretty cool bc some people actually knew me and were coming up to me and asking "didn't you place 2nd at the Jr's this past year ...I thought that was you" ...That part was really cool! When I went to the Gold's gym down there on Sat morning, I met a guy that trained with Kevin Levrone and he was telling me how he weight like 210lbs now and is taking up acting! That blew me away! A lot of people were making conversation at the gym, so I told em about my website so hopfully they will check it out! It was funny bc a million people were commenting on my physique and asking how I kept my body looking this way ...and I was thinking ...if they only knew that I didn't look like this year round, haha. So... pretty fun weekend. Found out that I have to drive bk to school again next week, I can't wait for this summer school stuff to be done with!! Oh well- I have legs tomorrow ad I thing I am going to run steps afterwards to give them a shocker ...lil burn-out never hurt nobody, haha. Alrighty, well I 'll talk to ya guys later, hope ya likethe pic, I have more ofthem to post!! Night :)
luv *britt.

At 11 weeks- about 3 weeks ago...

Sorry guys- For some readon I couldn't get it posted but it worked this time ...Hope you like!! :)
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Friday, June 03, 2005

Going away for the weekend...

Hey guys,
I am heading to the beach this afternoon for a wedding. Not wanting to drive all that way but hopfully it will be nice and sunny and I'll get a tan. I will take lots of pics for you all since I can dl pics from my dig cam now :) I just want to say sorry to you all for the weirdo-drama that has been going on ...hopfully it will be resolved when I return!! I just don't understand what drives people to do things like that!? ...pretending your someone else so you can find out personal things about others ...that's just wrong and down right nasty ...and they changed my password to the gmail acct so I havn't been using it for the past 2 days and will not be ever again- But I will get you all a new address to email me at- when I get one I will post an announcment on here(my blog)! I'm over it though, and Cindy, don't you worry about it either girl and as you asked earlier about msn ...I don't even have an msn screen name and it makes me mad that they are still trying to finds ways to protrude! Just don't talk to anyone that says they are me until we talk on the phone, I'll get in touch with you I promise and we will get it all straightened out! Anyways, aside from all that,
I trained shoulders today at a different gym than I usually train at ...just to change the enviornment a little bit, ya know?! I need to do that every once in awhile to change things up. I am starting to feel a little weaker since it's getting closer to showtime and since I am still losing weight every week ...but workouts are still good and strong! I can still do 275 on dead lifts for 6 reps so I think I'm hangin in there. I'm about to head out and do my cardio before I leave guys, but I will be back in touch when I get home later this week. Hope you are enjoying the site- OH YEAH... I GET TO CHEAT THIS WEEKEND ...YAY!! Hmm, what do I want, cheeseburger and cookies ...Mmmmm, sounds good to me!! Haha, talk soon guys!
Here is a pic for ya from Florida at 11 weeks out :) Enjoy!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


OK, anyone that has emailed me at britt.miller@gmail.com my have recieved a fraud email from me. Someone has hacked into mine and cindy's email accts and has been writing false emails. Please, if anything bad, rood, etc. has been sent to you disregueard it please!! I have now have a new email acct and it will be posted on my site later today! As for now ...DO NOT EMAIL ME FROM MY SITE... (britt.miller@gmail.com) Sorry guys, people like this make me SICK!!
Much Love-

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just checkin in...

Is it ever gonna stop raining? It's been raining here all day, it makes it so dark and blahhhhh outside :) I like the sunshine :) I took yesterday off from training at the gym. I had tons of work that had to be finished and turned in today by noon so I stuck around here and did that pretty much all day. When it got a lil cooler outside around 8pm I did manage to go to the football stadium right down the road from my house and do plymetric training on the steps. I ran steps for close to an hour, going up and down FOREVER it seemed like. I tried to keep up my endurance between every set so I could keep burning cals. It was a hell of a workout, I'll tell ya that! After running up steps for a certain amount of time your legs just go numb, so I was ok at the time, but today they're pretty sore. I did a lot of different exercises and it's something different from the norm so I might start doing them every once in a while. I'm training legs today :) So I'm building up the motivation to go heavy today since my knee hasn't been bothering me!!

I finally got the web cam installed yesterday and will be starting that really soon, Exciting!! THere are some new galleries posted in the members section and some preview pics posted in the free section too!! Check em out!! I have a couple preview pics from Florida that I am going to post soon- I really wish I was back in Flordia, it was so nice! But hey, I'll be in Vegas 8 weeks from today!! I can't wait to go! I know that the whole deal is going to be such an experience for me, if nothing else, definatly a true learning experience. I'll be running with the BIG dogs up there- So, hopefully I will dial in just right and have a nice competition :)
And if things don't work out for the best, you can bet that I'll be back for more! I love this sport! But for now, we're prayin for the best!

Alright gang, I'm getting pretty hungry (as always)and a lil aggitated ;) ...I'm waiting on someone to bring me some food and I'm starvin ...you all know tha feelin!!
I hope that everyone is having a B-E-A-utiful day and I will be back for an update soon :) Pray that I have an awesome LEG DAY!!