Friday, March 02, 2007

Arnold weekend is here...

Too bad I wont be there :( The last few years at the Arnold were fun; The Expo especially. Seeing all the competitors and the companies they represent is pretty cool. I've always liked seeing the Pro's at their booths promoting their sponsors- I've always wanted to be in their place. Anyways... I'm wishing all the Arnold competitors The Best this weekend. I know it will be an awesome turnout....

On another note ...What did you all think about the Sacramento Pro??!! First off, congratualtions to Heather ...Job well done! Nailed her Pro debut! I'm not sure what I think about the turnout for the Sacramento??!! I understand the 20% rule ...but to my knowledge it is supposed to denote 20% less muscle, not 20% more softness/or 20% less hardness!!!! Bodybuing is hard work to say the least- and for them, "The Comittee," to go and downsize our ending/onstage physique is flat out demeaning ...This is how I feel about it. I know that it takes a hell of a lot of work to become a Pro- meaning that you have to be in tip-top shape, almost perfect, to the T conditioning ...OK, this gets you Pro ...and them once you are there, the rules change a little ...softness is becoming more and more in the demands of the Pro competition. I am not implying this to the female bodybuilders, This is directed to the rules of female bodybuilding- The Pro's are doing nothing but doing what they have to do to win/place on that level- and right now the thing to do that will make you a winner is to come in soft. To me, I think that make female bodybuilding as a whole look like shit. This sport is made as difficult as it is to wean out the ones with no dedication to bringing out the absolute best of there physique. Bodybuilding is the most complicated thing I have ever did in life- I do it because it challanges me, I love disipline and having dedication, i love transforming my body to something almost unreal ...Before you know it, and it's actually already starting to happen, everyone and their 75 year old Mom will be onstage competing in female bodybuilding competitions ...Hey, no hate here, the more the merrier ...IF you have did your part and deserve to be onstage. It's on thing to lose 200lbs and go from a size 38 to a size 16 ...but it's something totally different to lose 40-50lbs and transform your body from offseason shape to tip top onstage ripped hard dry condition and still maintain your feminity. Props to everyone that loses mad amounts of weight ...I help people do this everyday, encourage them, support them, motivate them and even train with them. These people have straight-up dedication and I have total respect for them ...but if we were to put all these people on stage and label them as bodybuilders ...what would bodybuilding be labeled as????? All this stems from the fact that I THINK famale bodybuilding is slipping into the norm. We are suppose to be different than others ...If female bb's can maintain their femininity and still be shredded as hell ...then that should be the norm of female bodybuilding. If female bodybuilders have to become "softer" and "less hard" to get that "feminine look" then that's not FEMALE bodybuilding, now is it? Bodybuilding in general (male or female) is not labeled soft and watered over, it's labeled with the words hard, muscle mass, ripped, shape, symmetry, vascularity and so on ...This is BB and the only line between male and famale bodybuilding should be straight femininity ...NOT softness- If you don't have the feminine characteristics, then coming in less conditioned is not going to suffice for femininity- and this is what I think "The Committee" is trying to accomplish when they are looking for this softer and less conditioned look ........................WHEW!!!!!! Glad I got that off my chest, hahah. So those are my thoughts ...Anyone beg to differ? I would love to hear who agrees and/or disagrees and the reason behind your thoughts...

So, training is going well when I am getting in the gym. Trained back yesterday.

Pulldowns 5-6 sets- max 120lbs for 6 reps

Pullups- assisted- 4 sets with good stretching in between

Deadlifts- free weight from the ground- 5 sets- Max 275lbs for 6 reps

Seated machine rows- 3 sets-dont remember weight- sets ranging from 60-200lbs

Seated machine pull downs- 3 sets- same weight range as other machine exercise

I had a pretty short workout but is was a hell of a workout- I trained shoulders today and I was struggling with my back bc it was so weak. I had to wear my belt while traing shoulders, haha. It really helped though- without it I'd have probably fell out on the floor, ahah.

Seated smith machine presses- 5 sets

bar for 50 reps

10 each side for 20 reps

20 each side for 15 reps

30 each side for 10 reps

40 each side for 8 reps

25 each side for 10 reps

Superset DB side laterals with DB single-arm side laterals ...too many sets to count :)

singles-went up to 30lb DB for sets of 10

together- went up to 30lb DB's for sets of 10

Did burnout set on single-arm laterals- started with 35lb DB and went down to 5lb DB in incriments of 5lbs ...oooouuuuch :)

Front raises with preweighted bars- 5 sets

50lb for 20 reps

60lb for 12 reps

70lb for 10 reps

80lb for 10 reps

20lb for 20 reps

Finished with seated bent over DB lateral raises

20lb for 15 reps

25lbs for 15 reps

30lbs for 12 reps

35lbs for 10 reps

And I was toasted :)

Alrighty folks, I've got to get to bed- I work tomorrow.

Leave yas with a pic from Nationals by Physique Art...


B :)