Monday, October 16, 2006

Lil Update...

Hey guys...
I just wanted to update yas a little about the past few days... I was a little sick over the weekend. Had to leave work a few hours early on Thursday morning ...not long after I wrote in my journal. I was so lightheaded and just started feeling sick all over. I thought I was maybe getting the flu, as it is flu season and I am in the hospital 50% of the time ...But I guess it was just a little bug bc I am feeling ok now ...

Well, That 1/2 way explains why I didn't post pictures of 4 weeks out ...Now for the other 1/2 ...OK, so... everything's going along great with prep for Natinals and all- And it is concluded that I need to do something different this year with my diet and cardio ...something drastically different :/ Yea, so I'm doing it ...So far, so good, in the manner that we are seeing what we expected. It's just scarry bc I hate change and like to stick with what I KNOW works, ya know??!! Anyways, I'm making it and am PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that I come in looking better then ever now that we have made some crazy but logical changes in my prep ...I'm looking forward to seeing what I look like in a few weeks!!!!! I know Nationals is going to be awesome this year ...SO so so many awesome/top competitors will be competing and bringing their best to the stage. ANd that is all I want to do ...Bring my absolute best ever physique to the stage. If I can do that then I will have accomplished what I set out for!

So ...for now, no pics ...but soon, real soon ;) Less than 4 weeks to go!!!!! I can not wait to see everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! And the time that comes after the show is going to be soooo much fun! Amanda, I'll email you about where we are staying ...We'll all definitely have to get together and go out for some food and FUN!!!!!!!! And Miss Cin ...I can't wait to see you!!!! Hurry and get your Airline ticket girl, for I have to kick your boo-tay, haha, yea right ...But you know everyone would like to see us braw ...haha, sorry guys, not gonna happen :)

B :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

4 Weeks Away from the divinity of FOOD!!!!!

What's going on peeps...
Im just taking a seat at work for a few. Just done eating and feeling great about now. I had a huge bacon-cheeseburger earlier today and it was just what I needed. My energy and fullness are restored, lol, and will be for a good little while hopefully. Always does the trick ;) I was going to take a pic before and after the burger today but was too excited and completly forgot, haha. The difference is just amazing though! So crazy what some added fat in your diet can do! Anyways... On another note...

ME AND CINDY ARE REUNITEING ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!! In Miami :) We booked our flights and hotel last night and are stoked about getting to meet up snd chill together for almost an entire week! I love my girl! I'll pick her up from the airport after weigh-ins at the show ...Then on Sunday my family is leaving back for home but me and Cin are staying for a few more days to go out and have a little fun! I'm sure we'll have some great stories to tell and pictures to show yas after returning home, lol. We always have a blast together because we are so entirely alike...

Well, I am taking pictures tomorrow of 4 weeks out from Nationals so I will be sure to post a preview of that! I am so excited about the show ...It's getting so much closer sooooooo quickly!!!!! It's great! I'm just ready to get back in the groove of everyday life ...Not that it's too much different from now but it is somewhat different with the diet and gym schedule of course. I can be less paranoid if I miss a day at the gym or miss a day of cardio, ya know ...Now, I freak out if something gets knocked off my schedule or if change occurs, lol, I like getting in the groove and staying there ...I hate change :) Unless it's good of course ...But hey, it's all life, right??!!

OK, ladies and gents, I gotta run ...Time to tend to my peeps here at the h-o-s-p-i-t-a-l :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll update this post tomorrow and load some 4-week-out pics for yas ...KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK????!!!!! BE GOOD ...or BE GOOD AT BEING BAD ;)

Your one-n-only,
B :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun day and 6 weeks out from Nationals :)

Hey-lo guys...

Whooooooo Hooooooooo, my internet/computer is back in comission, lol. Finally! It's been almost a month now since it began acting up. Just finished with AM cardio and a shake- and am about to head to the gym for hammies and maybe a little chest and of course summore cardio ....Gotta luv it.

My room is a little cluttered now but actually looks pretty good ...still very modern. I just added my computer desk into my room which will work very well for webcam when I start that again- which WILL BE THIS WEEK!!!!! :) I have 3 huge floor to ceiling windows in my room so the lighting should be great for that. The room I was doing webcam in was really dark ...It was like "candlelight webcam," haha.

I am a lil under 6 weeks out and am dying for this diet to be over! Work is always having parties and bringing food in almost everyday it seems. Women love to bring snacks and food in bulk to work, it's horrible ...I just try to stay away from it- It's not a problem or temptation for me but it's the fact that they don't understand and like to waive it in my face saying ...Brrriiiiiiittt, don't you want some ....MMmmmmmm ...I just have to laugh about it and joke with them so I don't get an attitude, haha, but I've been close a few times :)

Anyways, I gotsta run so here are a few pictures from Carowinds yesterday ...For those of you that have no clue what Carowinds is, it's like Bush Gardens or Six Flags amusment park. It was a good time and not to mention great cardio all day :)

Talk soon,
B :)