Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video for yas :)

Check it out guys ...the end of the entire clip is amazing- I freakin' love it :) ...much much more in the members section :)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey yas!!!!

Yes, I have deleted the comments box once again and I want to apologize to you all who come to my site to support me- due to the ruthless comments that have been posted on my blog by the "anonymous" them self. I mean really, the word perfect is NOT in my vocabulary, but seriously ...what is it???? Have I achieved more than you, do I work harder than you, i mean it physical???? ...are my eyes browner than yours or are my teeth whiter than yours ...I don't get it- ...obviously you've got some big balls coming to my site and talking some sort of fictional jealousy while defensively hiding behind the letters a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s ...which in this case I believe spells gutless coward. I actually feel sorry for them in that they have no life other than to come to my site to only hate on what I have achieved ...simply pitiful. Those are the ones that need psychological help and ya know if they'd simply ask I'd be so kind enough to give them some sort of reference to outside help, LOL. I hate that people have to live their lives in that kind of mindset ...Any-who ...Enough about the psycho haters ... :) Thank you to all that are by my side year-round and support me for who I am!!!!
My apology is given once again ;)

Weight is around 155 right now ...Been dieting for 2 weeks and a day :) 16 weeks 4 days to go ...not so bad, huh?!!!!! I trained back today and had a really really awesome workout. Getting into the groove of the in-season training and dieting lifestyle. The picture that I have posted is from about a week ago ...I'll post some more along the way that show my progress. I've been talking to Cindy and she is looking great! Girl has about 9 weeks to go I believe. I can't wait to see her onstage ..strutting her stuff, lol. She's working really hard this year and from what I hear has been putting her everything into this competition ...So it will show in the end ...Keep at it girl, your only what you let yourself be ;) (I love that saying :)

Work is great. I love being an RN. It's such a reward when you know that you've contributed to someones wellbeing. It's definitely going to be tough as a new nurse working, trying to get use to that lifestyle while simutaneously starting the competition lifestyle ...but just as I said a minute ago, your only what you let yourself be. I just have to do it, lol, that's all there is to it. When I get frustrated and stressed about dieting and working (previously school) I just remember that everyone else is doing the same thing as I am ...No one has is easy. Believe it or not, it works :)

I have been surfing the web a lot lately, looking at new newly turned fbb pro's and seeing wheat their plans are for the future. I think that Amanda Dunbar has great potential as a pro fbb. This is just me thinking, but I don't doubt at all that we will soon be seeing her on stage as a pro with all the big-time pro's ... it's amazing ...To turn pro and step on stage with the veterans of the sport soon after awesome would that be? I think that she is one of the ones that has the sport of fbb calculated down to the bone the way, for those of you that want to see for yourselves, her website is ...

Well guys, I have to get to bed ...Oh yea, Bill G ...I've been training calves pretty religiously lately and I even did a few sets of abs the other day, I was just playing around- I was working out beside of the ab area so I figured I'd do a few sets just to say that I did 'em :):):):) Actually felt pretty good :)

Congrats to my friend C who just got a new job!!!! Miss yas Hun!!!!

Goodnight guys and I will talk to you all soon ...sooner than before :)

B :')

Friday, July 07, 2006


I couldn't add this pic to the last post for some odd reason so I had to attach it after I posted the journal ...but anyways, this is a picture form LAST YEAR, 2005, when I was 11 weeks out from the USA's ... Whew...After looking at pics form last year ...I've got a long ways to go this time around :)


Good day today...

Hi yas all!!!

I'm just hanging out looking at the new FLEX mag ...awaiting my last meal before bedtime :) I've had a crazy busy week ...Monday I started my diet, Tuesday was the 4th and such, Wednesday I got another interview set up for next week with a different hospital- just to find out about 10 minutes later that the other hospital wanted me to come in for a follow-up interview on Thursday morning (today) ...And Today, I went for the 2nd interview and no more than 30 minutes after I left the hospital I received a call from them offering me the position ...So in short, I took the position and am cancelling plans for the interview that I made for next week ...soooo, That's been my week :) I accepted the position as an RN on a Cardiac floor whic I think I am really going to like. The nurse manager was super nice and everyone on the floor seemed so supportive. I can't wait to get started. Orientation starts in about 2 weeks :) So exciting :) I had really wanted to hold off and not get a job until January so I could focus on the Nationals ...but considering some of my college loan guidelines, unfortunatly I was not able to do that ...oh well, life isn't always easy but I'll make it :) I'm really excited about the Nationals this year. I really want to see what I can offer this time around. To progress from last year would be more than enough for me long as I can say that I improved 100% from the time I last stepped on stage ...That's quite alright with me. That's all you can do :)

Anyways, I'm heading to the beach for a while since I'll be starting work soon. I can't wait to just get there and be lazy for a few days :) I hate traveling while I'm dieting's such a hastle ...packing all your food is the main thing and it seems like you can't have fun either- bc you can't go out and eat, if you go out to do something fun it just seems like it's drab bc you can't eat, lol. Seroiusly, I'm all about food. I can't do anything without having to stop somewhere or stop something to get me something to eat :)

Training is going well. Deadlifted 315 today for 6 reps- felt really good at the time but after today's workout my back is killing me. It's funny watching me do cardio, lol, I seriously have not did cardio since I stepped of stage at the USA's in July of 2005 ...yea, I feel like such a fatass huffing and puffing on the treadmill, lol :) Oh well, Gotta love it :)

Alrighty guys, I'm off to eat and go to sleep- I gotta full day ahead. Sleep tight and have a great weekend!!!!

I'll be on webcam when I get back from the beach there ;)

B :')