Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's up!!

Hello :)

I am back home now - All settled in my cozy little house. I was gone for a total of 4 weeks! I was in OKC for 2.5 wks training - then Dallas, TX for a half a week for my competition - then LA Cali for a week doing photo shoots. So after all the plane rides across the country I'm back in my hometown in NC.

What can I say ...I AM ECSTATIC!!!! I placed 2nd in the LightHeavyWeight class - coming in a 132LBS. 8LBS heavier than last year when I struggled to make Middleweight!! 8LBS!! I didn't realize that I had even put on any muscle this off season. I trained hard and ate ate ate but guess I just didn't see the progress until contest time. I believe there were 19 competitors in my class - Of which ALL looked amazing. The entire show this year was great! Such great competition.

Prejudging... all proceeded onto the stage. Quarter turns ...and off the stage we go. Then we all do our 40 second mandatory routines for the judges. All back onstage together. Call out the top 5 in numerical order to go to the center of the stage. YAY!! I was in the 1st call out - top 5. Along with Kristy Hawkins, Karen Choate, Elena Seiple, and Amy Neal. I was in the middle to begin with - between Elena and Kristy ...Then they moved Kristy to the middle ...Then they kicked me and Kristy off the stage, ahahaha, and they continued with the comparisons for the placings. So ...that told us all that Kristy and myself were the top 2 ...But who was 1st and who was 2nd????? We didn't know. It was such an honor just to be in the position that I was in at that moment. I was honestly speechless ...Butterflies all day. I relaxed for the rest of the day - preparing myself for whatever might come my way that night. Knowing already that I had achieved so much - no matter the outcome.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kristy Hawkins - She brought her best to the stage and received the best in return. What a success. She told me that she wants to petition for an invite to the Arnold Classic - so awesome. She will do great! She is such a sweet girl - very quiet. She is about to have her PhD which is even more amazing. I know how difficult is was competing when I was getting my Bachelors in nursing school ...I can imagine how intense her life must be preparing for a contest while pursuing her PhD. If you want it - You will get it. I believe that. Congratulations again to Kristy!! Onto the Pros!!!

This year has been amazing - With so many amazing people in my life. To start ...My Mom has been by my side through thick and thin since the very day I was born. Never has she turned her back on me ...never. She has been to every show I have competed in since I began at the age of 13 - 10 shows total, I believe. I love you Mom! My Brothers have been by my side - always there for me if I need them. My best friends are always encouraging me and are always there for me. Cindy came to Nationals last year and my friend Holly came to support me this year. Thank you Carrie Ledford and Sherry Smith for all your help and encouragment ...I love you guys! My trainer and awesome friend Howard has put up with me for 20 weeks straight!!!! Lol. I love him so much. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to share this journey with. I can't explain how awesome he is ...The guy sleeps with his phone! 3AM if I need anything, he's there, awaiting my call. But more than that, we developed a relationship that I will cherish forever. To succeed in BB you have to have someone (a trainer) #1 that knows what they are doing. But more importantly you have to be able to trust them - their every decision - every call - I have trust issues, lol - but I put all my faith and trust in hHh and look where I am now!! He always says that he just tells me what to do and that I'm the one that has to do the work, hahah. How deceivingly true that is. With hHh by my side, I am so excited to make the best gains of my entire career this off season - and bring my even sharper and more improved physique to the 2008 Nationals stage. Keep your eyes peeled havn't seen the best Britt Miller yet :-)

I have been able to do some awesome photo shoots these past weeks. I got to shoot with the AMAZING David Paul for Dave Palumbo's SPECIES Products and Muscular Development - The wildest most amazing shoot of my entire life!! It was very artistic - I was able to be myself - be free and just have fun. I wish I could show you our work! But it's being held hostage until it appears in the magazine, ahahah. ...Also shot with the great photographer Per Bernell for Muscular Development too. At this shoot I was able to shoot with Evan Centopani and Timea Majorova. They were both so sweet and awesome to work with. Per is a great photographer!! I can't wait to see the products! They are also being held hostage, lol. Although I havn't even seen the pictures from this shoot yet!! I also shot with Mike from Physique-Art again this year in L.A. We shot in an awesome studio. I will post some pics when I get these back. I'm excited to see these too! I did a little work for my website while in Dallas Sunday afte the show. I was so drained and exausted that I really just relaxed for the most part. I LOVE getting my hair and make-up done. Nothing is better than getting up, showering, and just going to the set for your shoot, ahahah. You just sit there and the make up artist does your face and the stylist does your hair and coordinates your outfits, lol, it was soooo great! Hope Zarro did my make up for the SPECIES Ad shoot ...omg, such an amazing job - I looked like a cat!! She's such a sweet girl! The American Idol/Tela Tequila makeup artist did my face for the Per Bernell shoot.

Thank you Dave Palumbo and Steve Bleckman for steering me in this direction!!

Also I will be shooting for FLEX Magazines BODY SHOP Ad next week with Terry Goodlad ...I can't wait!! Then I can eat eat eat!!!!! haha.

Alright guys, I know I left out so much, or it feels like it anyways ...It was just an amazing journey to say the least. I am very pleased with everything :-)