Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CHeckin In...

Just wanted to say Hi. I am starving!! lol. I can not wait to just indulge myself in cookies and ice cream!!!! ahahahah! Other than that, everything is going great. I haven't really been doing much lately; just hanging out and relaxing, trying to take it easy. I'm bad about ALWAYS having to be on my feet doing something - So I'm trying to rest a bit more. Training is going really good - staying strong even though the diet is brutal! Well I gtg eat and grocery Shopping. GOOD LUCK to ISABELLE TURELL this weekend at the ATLANTIC CITY PRO where she is making her PRO DEBUT!!!! I believe she and Heather Polisky-Armbrust are the definite future of the MS. OLYMPIA stage - I really really believe that! They have the two most amazing physiques - OH YEAH, and LISA AUKLAND as well ...She is my FAV!!!