Thursday, April 27, 2006

Still at about 161...

Snapshot from the other day after the gym ...I'm still sitting around 160 after coming down from 170. I'm just not gaining like I was before ...But I'm still holdin' my head up high :) Only one more nursing exam ...yipp-ieeeeee I'll be in touch soon,

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Heaviest Lift @ the BICEP CHALLENGE...

150LB BARBELL CURL just posted in the MEMBERS SECTION under the bicep challenge btw Me and Cindy Phillips ...DON'T MISS IT!!!!
B ;)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Never before seen pics...

I wanted to share a couple of pics with yas ...These were taken by the awesome David Kippen of Muscle Moods photography at the NPC USA's in Vegas, July 2005 @ 124lbs... He's great to work with! Many many more from this shoot will be posted in the members section ...I hope you enjoy!

B :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Scatter brained....

Hey Babes...
Whoooo Hoooo I just finished taking an exam that I've been studying for all friggin week- It was definitely hard but I just pray that I passed! Havn't been to the gym in 2 days ...I trained legs on Tuesday I believe ...??, yeah, it was Tuesday, and they're bringin' the pain pretty badly today. I know yas all want to hear the workout so HERE GOES...

70lb x 15 reps
90lb x 15 reps
110 x 12
130 x 12
150 x 10

210lb x 1 rep
190lb x 2 rep
170 x 3
150 x 4
120 x 5
110 x 6
90 x 7
70 x 8
50 x 9
30lb x 10 reps

3 45's each side x 15 reps
4 45's each side x 15 reps
5 45's each side x 10 reps
5 45's each side x 10 reps again
6 45's each side x 8 reps

OUCH about right now :)

Few sets of light Free-Squats for burn
bar x 15 reps
45 ea side x 15 reps
45 ea side x 15 reps again ...actually lost hold of the bar on this set around 8 reps- started rollin off my traps I went down with the weight and grounded it on the safety bar ...took the weight off the bar ...put the bar back on the rack ...put the weight back on ..and did 15 more reps :)

20 lb db's x 15 reps each leg
20 lb db's x 12 reps each leg
20 lb db's x 10 reps each leg

HAMMIES....was pretty tired from quads so didn't go full force on stiff legs
Stiff leg deadlifts
90lb db's x 15 reps
100lb db's x 12 reps
110lb db's x 10 reps

Stiff legs on Smith machine for a good stretch
bar x 15
45s on each x 15
45s on ea x 15 again

Lying ham curls ...yeee-yah, i was really feeling these that day!
60lb x 15
80lb x 15
100lb x 15

then a lying curl burnout
100lb x 1 rep
90n x 2
80 x 3
70 x 4
60 x 5
50 x 6
40 x 7
30 x 8
20 x 9
10lb x 10 reps

then 1 set of 100lb lying curls until failure

Finally to finish off hammies...
light weight seated curls for a good squeeze
70lb x 15 reps
90lb x 15
110lb x 15

AAAANNNNDDDDDDD, THE END! OF A CRUEL WORKOUT ...guess that's why my legs are still pretty stiff right now. It's one of those "hurt so good" feelings tho. I feel like I've been walking on glass for a few days now, lol. I was surprised, I didn't get sick in the gym but had an awesome workout ...getting back to my old self again :):):):) Can't wait to train back today! It was funny when I got home from the gym after doing legs, I was getting me some fatfree Sherbet outta the freezer for some of my post training simple sugars (gotta luv the offseason) ...Well, I eat it straight out of the container so when I'm done I put the spoon in the container and put it all back in the freezer ...haha, if you can already imagine ...for some reason the damn spoon decided that it wanted to get stuck to my tounge when I went to eat the sherbet off it, so i was chillin with a spoon hanging from my tounge for a little while, lol. Anyways...

GUESS WHAT!!?? Me and Miss Cindy are going to Vegas together after I graduate :) We're gonna do some offseason shooting together. Probably doing some training together too for video ...I can't wait for us to be able to seriously train together! How exciting! It's gonna be soooooooooo much fun ...Can't wait to see muh gurl! AND we are doing LIVE WEBCAM ...TOGETHER ...from VEGAS!! You'll get to chat with us both at the same time! I havn't did webcam in a really long time bc of school but I'm looking forward to starting again in a few weeks! The only bad thing about this trip is that I know me and Cin are gonna shop like craZy!!!! We both LOVE to shop ;) I just ordered some new luggage!!!! I really needed it- It's my graduation present from my Moms :):) Love You Mom!!!!

Thanks guys for all the awesome comments you left on the last post I made ...Some of the things you all come up with cracks me up but some is really sweet too ...THANKS AGAIN, YA MADE MY DAY!

ONLY 2 more weeks til graduation! OMG, I honestly cn't believe it! But i"m sure as hell not arguing with the fact! So ready to get out and start working and I'm really looking forward to the Nationals this year ...I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I even begin to think about it! Just as I sad last year, and the year before that, I ONLY WANT TO BRING MY BEST TO THE STAGE, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS ...100% IMPROVMENT EACH YEAR IS WHAT I STRIVE FOR AND IN TURN IS WHAT I WILL STEP ON STAGE WITH ...This is what drives me :) n-e-ways, getting rid of those butterflies ...

Some of you have been emailing me about the guy I met, lol, yea well, we're just friends ;) I'm ridin solo ...and so far I've found nothing wrong with that, lol ...Although he is an awesome awesome guy! Everything happens the way it does for a reason, right?! Yea, it does. Sooooo, I know I have some other stuff to tell yas but I can't remember it for some reason... When I do I'll post again ...only 2 more exams to go!!!! Pray fo muah!!!!

Oh yeah, DVD should be coming out soon ...It'll be for sale on my site, ...I'll let you know as soon as Mike lets me know!

Ima get a shower and then I'm off to train BACK this afternoon...

I have to spend the day at school tomorrow doing some online exams that have to be finished ny monday so I'm dreading that! It's so B-E-A-utiful outside ...I just wanna head to the beach for the weekend and get a nice tan!!!! Blahhhh, i have to study for an exam on Monday too so that's a no-go, oh well, maybe I'll lay out on the lawn and get a tan, lol ;)

Talk to ya all soon,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What up


What's Up Ya'll ...Just finishing up some late night school work ...My eyes are shutting so I'm getting ready to go to bed but I wanted to post a pic for yas first :)

I had an awesome arm workout today ...Tri's are killin me. Did a little calves too. By the way, for the calve workouts ...I usually do seated, standing, and donkey presses. Something that I have been trying that I really like is 10 for 10. I do 10 sets of 10 reps of which ever of those 3 exercises I choose. Doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty intense. Take about 45 seconds between each set ...just enough time to change the weight. I should be training calves about every 3 days but I have really been slacking lately. I still havn't gained my weight back from being sick. I ended up going from 170 down to 153 in 6 days ...I'll let you do the math, lol, it's pretty discouraging. And those lbs were lost just because I didn't eat for 6 days ...That's so crazy. It's been about a week and a half since I have been better and I am only up to 160. It's so hard to get back up to 170-- And it took me sooo long to get there in the first place ...Oh well, I'll gain it back in time- But I'm still not eating a full load like I was.

This last week has been really good for me- in all aspects- A lot going on but it's coming together well. Still not sure where Ima work but I'll figure that out soon enough. I've already registered for the test I'll have take to get my nursing license- Finished sending everything in today. I have a presentation this week, a test the next week and the one after that, then I have my final ...aaaannnddddd, well, that's it! I'll be done, graduated! (All prayers are still accepted, Lol)

I've got legs tomorrow- and I have a feeling that Ima get my ass kicked- I have a training partner tomorrow and he's none less than an over-achiever, which is awesome EXCEPT on leg day, haha. Nah, I'm playin, Ya'll know I love training hard. I've trained solo for quite a while now but he's such a great guy to train with- It's nice to be able to train with someone that too has a passion for the weights. My legs are still sore from last week. I trained them 2 days after I got back in the gym from being sick, so I had really not trained them in 2 weeks- They were KO'ed after that workout, and still are :)

Alrighty, Ima go to bed so I can get some nuch needed rest ...I'll talk to yas all soon ...

Love Yas All,

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not feeling 100%

Hey yas all...
Its been an interesting weekend/week for me. I've been miserably sick. All the sudden got really sick Friday night with a bad case of the flu. I've been sick ever since. I missed my Saturday and Sunday CLinicals at hte hospital- which it was supposed to be my last weekend for the semester but now I have to finish this coming weekend- Which in turn means that I will not be at the NC States this weekend :(:(:(:( Sorry!!!! I had planned my work so that I could come home to see everyone and help out at the show- but now it's pretty much impossible :( I thought I was doing better Sunday afternoon, actually talked to my babygirl CinPhillips that night, but then I tried to eat something for the first time and got really sick again. Therefore I havn't been eating, just drinking stupid Gatorade (Uggghhhh :( just tons of sugar) but anyways ...Had to drag myself to school to take an exam Monday morning that I didn't get to study for any after Friday night. Came home went back to bed- got up this morning bc I had to go to clinical- ending up leaving early- came home went to bed- and now I can't sleep anymore aaaannnndddddd my stomach still hurts, bad :( Yes, I'm a whiney-butt but I give myself the right to be, lol, I've been thru hell these last 5 days. Oh yea, I had a flat tire the other day too and had to fix it in the cold, lol- just thought I'd add another little complaint :)

So I havn't been in the gym since Friday and have lost a little over 10 lbs bc I'm not eating. Sucks! really bad. Can't wait until I can get back in the gym and gain my weight back. I wont take long to gain it back but ya know it seems like it takes forever! And I worked so hard to get up to 170 too, even you all know that! Ima try to get back in the gym tomorrow but we'll see how I feel after I get outta clinical tomorrow. Not gonna go back until I feel 100% better- definatly don't wanna get sick again! On a better note ...During all this Bad something good did happen ...I met a hot guy aaaannndndd well, I'm kinda interested :)

As I said before, Me and Cindy talked on the phone the other night ...She's such an awesome girl and we're so much alike that it's just crazy. We don't just have the BB perspective in common but life in general values, you know further down the road. Right now, life is great with BB, but many are asking where is the sport goiing ...that's really not even a factor with me ... I train and compete because it is what I love and that is one thing that will never change; I will always have a passion for BB. Doing well in competition, having a website, having fans like you all, being known for what you've accomplished at 22 years old, just everything ....It's just so great, I love it! But when I think about the future, there is so much more to me than BB. I will always train and keep in shape but the day will come when it's time to change gears. No one knows when exactly that will be but it'll be when I feel like I have accomlished what I have desired. I want to keep my life open to other things aside of BB know, like all the wonderful things in life, things and feelings that can't be replaced ...things like marriage and kids. Just something I have been thinking about lately ...More than likely since I'm graduating and really getting out on my own ...But for now, until that time comes and those things happen, Nursing and BB are my passions ...Anyways, BIG CIN's muh girl, lol, I'm going to watch her compete in Canada at the Nationals in September if everything goes as planned! Love 'er!! If we shoot together, it'll be amazing, we'll both be dieted down :) I'll be about a month and a half out from the Nationals and she'll be all ripped up, lol, can't wait!

Anyways for you that keep asking about the calve exercises ..How about this, Since I have to do calves as soon as I get back in the gym, I'll do a kick-ass Calve workout and give you the low-down on exactly what I did afterwards ...Sound good? ;)

Alrighty guys, Ima get going and try to get some good sleep so maybe I can be all better tomorrow!

Be in touch soon...
Love Yas,

Leave ya with a pic when I was 11 weeks out from the USA's, 2005...