Sunday, December 25, 2005

****Merry Christmas!!!!****

Hey Guys!!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! I am at home for the holidays and havn't had access to the internet ...BUT... since I had the chance, I wanted to drop in and say a quick hello and tell you all to have a wonderful Christmas :) Things are going well for me and things are great here with my family, I couldn't have asked for anything more this Christmas day! I will talk to you all soon...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hey guyz...

Just got in from training. Walked there and back in the freezing cold. I was frozen by the time I got home- from sweating at the gym. I'm just sitting here drinking a shake and thought I would get out the broke digital camara ...and on the first try it worked! So, I took a few pics for ya. I just jumped on the scale and weighed 163 :) Here ya go, I hope you enjoy... Oh yeah, My sports bra still has sweat on it so be nice and ignore it, lol ...and the hair is a little outta control too but hey, I just got done training so cut me some slack, lol ...You know you love me :):):) Talk to ya soon, love yas :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

What it is ya'll ...

Yep, It's me, B.
I am just sitting at the store listening to music and being so bored! I started a new job at a local nutrition store (like I have time for a job with school and training and all?!) to help out a little and for a little extra cash. I only work a few hours in the afternoon, a few days a week and Saturdays. It's not all that bad, It has it's benefits... It keeps me focused; I can study when there is no one in here and it helps me to remember to get all my protein in everday :) ...since I'm surrounded by it.

I just replied to my stonecold-emails today also, so you that have written me should have a reply! Thanks for all the great emails and comlpliments, they really help keep me motivated!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did, considering all the food I ate! Turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans, maccaroni :), stuffing, so much more that I can't remember, and my FAV ...dessert! Couldn't even tell you how bad I splurged with the sweets! And I hate to say it, but a little of the splurge-attitude is still lingering along in my everyday life :):):) I'm doing better though, starting to calm down a little bit. I really want to post some pics of my current offseason status. Just have to take some pics on the digital cam. I have really increased my weights and have been striving for muscle gain. Despite all those sweets at Thanksgiving I have been eating to gain good quality muscle. I am weighing 164lbs as of this morning ...Getting back up there :) I am definatly a leaner 164lbs than I was at my highest 163lbs last year. I am satisfied with the way I have put on the weight and I wouldn't mind being a steady 170lbs by the time I begin dieting for the Nationals in July. I can do it, I just have to work hard and stay focused! I know you all have confidence in me :)

School... Yep, it's still my life and will be until I graduate. I am so excited to get out and start working a real job. It's so hard to make reality out of the fact that I am 21 and will be an RN! I guess it relates to me being 21 and thus far succeeding in womens bodybuilding. I know I'm still a youngin', but man, time flies by, huh?!

Not really any outstanding lifts lately- I've been working on building deep definition ...I really have to work on this considering my muscle is not as mature as the older women I compete with. I am lifting heavy enough to make beneficial gains but really trying to dig deep if you know what I mean. I really want to bring my all time best to the stage at the 2006 Nationals. I have the determination and most important, dedication ...I just have to do it, that's all I can do, right?! I have stopped doing squats and deadlifts for the time being. A lot of presses and and some hack squats are doing the building of my quads right now. I'm doing a lot of pulls for my back and it seems to be woking! I miss the deadlifts but I need a little break from them! Biceps are growing like crazy. Training with 45's (db's) now for sets. They used to be my last set of about 4-6 reps, Now I go heavier for those. Shoulders are right there with my bi's. Did presses with 55's for a good set of 10 yesterday. My chest is really starting to pick back up. It was slacking for a little while. I'm back up to 65-70lb db's for high-incline presses. I quit doing cable flies for chest for awhile. I just started back and can already see more of a deeper line again :) ...

I want to say hey to a few bb's that I havn't been in touch with lately:
...Cindy Phillips-, I miss ya girl! Hope we can hang out again soon!
...Amanda Dunbar-, It's been awhile girl. I would love to talk to ya and see how your PRO :) life is taking way!
...Barbara Fletcher, you looked awesome at Nationals! Your such an incredible lil' (actually big) ball of muscle : Can't wait to talk to ya. Let me know when your website gets running!
...I know there are more but these were the few that have been on my mind lately. Hope you all are doing well and having a wonderful offseason. Make way for 2006 :)

Alright guys, I am gonna get to going. I get off in a few hours and need to eat in a few minutes. I want to thank you all for visiting my site and I hope you are enjoying it ...I know I am :) Stayed tuned for more and I will talk soon!


Few FUN pics...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Here is my new email so you guys can finally get in touch with me again. The hotmail acct has not been working for months now ...Here is the new one

It is not linked to my site yet but will be soon ...I'll let yas know! But if you want to email me, it does work!

I'm heading to the gym for about an hour but here are a few of my fav members sections pics from the USA's ...just for you ...

Much love

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can't beleive it's already November!

I can't beleive that it's already November! It's almost time for the Nationals! I went home this weekend to go to "Quincy Roberts Elite" Bodybuilding show. He always holds a good show. I hepled hand out trophies to the Women's BB classes. A few of my friends from home were doing it to warm up for Nat's and a few were there to guest pose along with BIG Ronnie Colman! He was soooo Huge and looked awesome as always! Here are a few pics of some freinds that will be doing the 2004 Nat's ...

This is Shaun Crump at the end of September of this year. This pic is from his website, He will be a Heavyweight at the 05 Nats. Me and Shaun won the 2004 NC States and both went on to place 2nd at the 2004 Nationals. Shaun has not competed since the Jr Nat's and has put on some tremendous size! Shaun guest posed at the show this weekend and he looked phenom. Shaun has always been there for me and helped me along the way. As we have always said, Hold ya head up high! I miss ya and I love ya :) Good Luck Babe, you look awesome!

This is Greg Jones at the 2004 Nat's. He placed 4th in the Heavyweight class. I don't have any pics on my new computer so I had to get them from You can check out his profile there. Greg also looked phenom this weekend at the show. He returned as the overall winner of the show in 2004 and was one of the guest posers. Greg has also supported me through my training and dieting. Thanks, and just so you know, it means so much. I know you will do great and you know you
have my support. I love ya and good luck babe!

This is Tangela Morgan. Tangela won the NC States this year (2005) and placed 1st in the LHW class at the Jr Usa's. Tangela has multiple titles and they are all overall or first place titles, that is amazing! She won the heavyweight class this weekend at the Elite. I wish you the best of luck girl, your almost there, about 3 more weeks! Tang was s a school teacher at my old highschool before she moved ...can you imagine the little boys reactions to her!? haha. I love ya girl!

Good luck to all three of you! I miss ya'll so much and wish I could be home to support yas. Even though I will not be able to be at the Nat's in Alanta because of school, I will be here calling and checking up on ya and supporting you with everything I have! For all that don't know, all four of us are from the same gym in Salisbury, NC. NC is dominating!!!! lol. I LOVE YOU GUYS and I know you will all kick ass at the Nationals! ...I can't beleive that Shaun and Greg will have to compete in the same class against each other being such good friends and everything ...ya'll behave, lol. ANYWAYS, GOOD LUCK!!!!

Other than that, I have just been here at school. I actually have a day off from clinicals today!!!! YAY! I slept until about noon and have been lying around ever since! It feels soo good to relax! I stayed home sunday night to finish some homework that was due Mon morning and didn't leave until around 130am to come back here so I didn't get here until around 5am, ahhhh! Sent my work in and got to bed around 530am. Woke up at 730am and went to Clinical at 9am. SOOOO tired all day yesterday at clinicals. Got out at 4pm came home and did some work that was due by 5pm. Didn't get it in until around 6om but hopfully it will be ok?!?! THEN ...WENT TO SLEEP!!!! until 8pm, woke up, ate, and did a paper that had to be turned in by 12midnight. Sent it in with 15 minutes to spare :) Got ready for bed and passed out!!!! This is how my days have been this semester, minute to minute! Now you can see why I am so ready for Christmas, even thanksgiving! Hmm, guess you are wondering where the lifting part of yesterday was?! haha, well, there wasn't one :( I've had to sacrifice some of my lifting time for school time and it drives me CrAzY but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm still geting stronger SOME HOW even though I am not lifting as much! I love that! I just started a new diet today. Trying to focus and put on a little "good" size instead of eating everything in sight like I have been latly :):):) I went home with a friend last weekend and her WONDERFUL MOM made me food ALL weekend long! It was sooo great! Holly and I sat around and did homework all weekend and her mom catered to my BB eating, it was soo funny! She was like I've never shopped for a BB before! She came in the door with eggs, extra lean hamburger, steaks, potatoes, ham ....I LOVE YOU LYNN!!!! Shes like my 2nd Momma, lol. She takes care of me and checks up on me all the time just as her daughter(my bff Holly, :) does. Seroiusly, they are so good hearted and soo nice to me and I am soo thankful for them! This is for them both (BrittsHonor :) ...

This weekend my Mom fixed some gooood country cookin ...we had the family over and ate my most fav meal, the one I have the day after every competition ...Cube steak and gravy with mushrooms and onions, homeade mashed potatoes (with gravy, of course!), green beans, sweet potatoe cassoarole (yummm), and jelly biscuits. It was oh so awesome! Of course I had to walk around the neighborhood a few times after that meal, haha. I LOVE YOU MOM AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME AND EVERYHTING YOU DO FOR ME! Here is me and my Mom... :)

After my Exam Friday Me and Holly and some friends are going to a Journey concert. They were laughing at me bc I was so young :( HOlly has been making me listen to Journey nonstop this past week, it's so funny! It'll be so great to get outta here and have a little fun! Anyways, I am about to relax for a few then head to the gym to train legs! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to yas again soon!

There are some awesome new pics in the members section! Check them out!! I love my fans!



Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hey Guys...

What's up?!
It's Britt here! I just wanted to stop in and say hello to you all. I know I havn't been here in awhile. It's been a crazy past ...well, FOREVER for me! School is just overwhelming at this time and trying to get in the gym and train is taking a lot out of me too. There were some comments about me not ever posting in my Blog and not acknowledging my fans ...I love my fans and have NO disrespect for any of you! Just understand that I am really really busy with planing my future career have been caught up in that for bigtime lately! I graduate from Nursing school in May and I am really trying to "get er done" if you know what I mean, lol :) I will be applying for jobs soon ...How craZy is that???? But anyways, I love my fans!

Just got back from the Olympia this past Tuesday morning! The trip to Vegas was great and the Olympia experience was awesome! Yaxini won the womens and of course Ronnie took the mens! I really thought Iris Kyle was going to take it again. I was hatin all that talk about cutler maybe taking the title from Coleman ...yea, don't think so, lol! Iris Kyle looked phenom! She was ripped to shreaded as always! One day ...One day!! Yaxini was just overall beautiful! As you all probably already know from Cindy's blog ...We finally got to meet and chill together! Cindy is great and has an awesome personality. We are so much alike that it is unreal. I wish we lived close by where we could hang out and especially train together! We did a few shoots together and had a lot of fun doing them. We started making a DVD which is a really cool idea. And we had some strength contests and good stuff like that. Shes such a little ball of muscle ...5 foot and 145lbs ...that's jacked! Cindys got a hot little body and she is well on her way in the sport of BB. Ima have to catch up with her on the size factor, lol. I can't beleive she lost her camara ...that really sucks! I know we had some really good pics on there. Liek us lifting in the gym, doing photo shoots and vodeo, just pics aropund the hotel, and pics of us eating the big "beefeater", haha. We had a 24oz prime rib the night that we were leaving vegas, along with an appetizer, salad, bread, and dessert! Yep, we are 100% BB's, lol. You all know about me and my love for food :) If Cindy and I were around each other all the time, we would be major fatasses, haha. One of the days we had muffins, cookies, and coffee and it was sooooo good! Steve and I and his friends, James, Paul, and Sage ate buffets the entire time that we were there! I had soo much good food, it was great!

Neal, Cin, Me, and Steve

Me and Cin

Me and Steve's friends, Paul and James

THen the bad news... I got sick the second that I went to the airport on Monday night. I was sick the entire way home on my flights and was even sicker when I got back to the airport here. My wonderful friend Holly came and opicked me up. We were supposed to go shopping after she picked me up but we had to go home instead bc I was so sick :( I slept the ride home. Got home and slept for 2 days straight then couldn't stand it anymore so I had to go to the doc ...They put me in a hospital bed in one of the rooms bc I couldn't stand up. Gave me a shot of Phenergan to keep my stomach setteled bc I couldn't stop puking ...that's nasty, I know! I really don't even remember being there but was supposedly there for a few hours?! I had to go back the next day for follow up and well, now I'm better!!! But still don't know what was wrong with me poisioning, flu ...??? that's what the doc thought. But I have to say thanks to my wonderful HOLLY for taking awesome care of me. Shes did everything for me this past week! Gotta love her! On top of that, I had so much school work to do and got even more behind bc of all that stuff ...oh well , I'll make it, always do the end.

THat't what I'm doing now ...Writing papers! I've finished one paper today and am getting ready to start another in just a few minutes! I have a few exams and papers due this week as usual. This is why I am always busy, so don't hold it against me ...Pleeeeeeeeeease, ya know I love yas.

My lifts are going through the roof lately (except this wk since I've been sick). When in Vegas I repped 7 plates once on barbell t-bar rows. and I repped 150lbs once for barbell curls. It felt awesome! Neal had pics but unfortunatly they lost hte camara. We definatly have it on video though! I did 115lbs for 6 reps on barbell curls yesterday. Did 275 on free weight squats for 6 reps. 95lb db's for stiff leg deadlifts for 8 reps. THat's all for now but I'm trying to increase my lifts and put on a little size so there WILL be more soon! ;)

Anyways, I had so much fun meeting Cindy and Neal and can't wait to hang with them again!
By the way ...My email has not been working for about ...wel, over a month. Someone changed my password again?! Why, I don't know, but we are getting me, once again, a new email addy. Should be up soon so I'll be able to at least respond to some of you when I get free time. I love reading you alls emails but it hard sometime to write back to everyone. But to assure you ...I DO read them all! So when I can get into the account I will let you know, actually that accout will not be working, I'll just have a new addy. Talk to you all soon and I will try my best to keep you updated at least once a week on my lifts and all!

Me and Cin

Love My Fans!!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Morning after the USA's...

Here are a few pics of the morning after the 2005 USA's ...As you can tell, I took a shower :) No more tan for me ...OOOps :) Amanda(LHW), Barbara(LW), and Me(Britt, MW)and I'm not sure where Heather(HW) was at this time!? ENJOY...

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Whats up guys...
WEBCAM tonight around 9PM EST. It's a late notice but it's something new thats being tried with the cam tonight. Something about something that's free??!! Not sure about the details but I'll find out more later tonight...
SPREAD THE WORD and I'll see ya a little later :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Britt here...

Whats up ya'll-
Long time no see huh?!? If you havn't already figured out (as most of you prob already have) ...School has definatly started back :( Yea, this semester is already kicking my ass! And I just realized that I have an exam on the Friday that I am supposed to be leaving for the Olympia. I'm hoping that I can take the exam early bc if not I am totally screwed. This semester my classes are based around the care of the elder adult and the care of the psychologically disordered. VERY interesting thus far into the class!! That's ALL I will say :)

I have been training to grow and I am finally seeing some results! I'm eating well but ALL THE TIME, lol. It's working so I'm sticking with it. I am staying around 150/152 all the time ...somewhere right around there depending on the time of day, of course a lil lighter in the mornings. I am trying to stay in decent (comfortable)shape considering I have a really long offseason ...Almost a whole year of growing time ...hell yeah!! Ya know, I hate being uncomfortable and never having ANY clothes that fit and sweating ALL the time and all that other stuff that comes with extra weight! So I figured I would try my best to stay at a moderate offseason size. As all of you are asking ...What weight class will I come in at the '06 Nats?!?! Hmmm, to tell you the truth, if I gain ANY muscle (which I damn-well better:) I will have to move up a weight class. I weighed in at 124 this year-making the 125 cut-off by ONE lb and I was so depleted when I weighed in that night. Saying that, I will be a LHW which I am TERRIFIED of but I'll get over it when the time comes ;) I always do :)

CLASSES ARE SO CANCELLED TOMORROW!!!! I was supposed to have my Med-Surg Clinical tomorrow at the hospital so now I have this NEVER-ENDING assignment that I have to complete ...BOOH!! No fun!! Oh well, guess it's better than standing on my feet for 9 hours and then coming home and having to write our weekly NEVER-ENDING paper, lol. Either way, typing papers suck, lol :) And now I get to train tomorrow, YAY!

I trained legs today with a friend and by the end of extensions he had already capped-out on me ...CASEY!!!! Lol, just playing man, I know you tried :) BUT he did video from then until the end of hams so thats awesome! Got some footage for yas! I did 245lbs for 8 reps from the ground on stiff-legs today ...felt rediciously great :) I did chest yesterday (excluding any and all DB presses) and my chest is killing me today; it's so sore! Might have to try this every once in awhile. I just did ALL flys (machine, cable, DB) except for one incline machine press and it turned out pretty good. I have back tomorrow ...I LOVE lifting back, it's my favorite as of right now ...I'll start hateing it as I continue to get stronger, lol takes more energy to load the plates on than it does to lift your set, lol :)

There are some AWESOME NEW videos posted in the members section of my site. They are from the USA's when I was in my top condition :) ...That I miss soooo much! Also, there are some new pics that were posted today under the "BEACH" section ...I'll give you a few previews at the end... You should go check em out!!!! I'll also post a few from the USA shoot and then one of me and my babe;)

WEB-CAM as you all have been asking about ...I am not sure when the next time I will be on is :( School is killing my LIFE! Wait, what life!?!? Yea, that's what I mean! Trying to get in the gym to train and stay with my cardio everyday has been my goal lately. I have an exam this week and 2 next week and not to mention tons of UNNECESSIARY busy work for nursing school! I promise I will get a session scheduled for soon ...Don't know exactly when but I will let you all know! I will more than likly just pop on as one of the other girls are finishing up, that way many of you will already be there. But again, I'll let ya know :)

Alrighty guys, It's about time I get back to studying ...BLAHHHHH :X lol, Right after I watch the season finalle for GILMORE GIRLS for my roomate, Em. Yep, shes in class and she is DEFINATLY obsessed with this show, lol, so being the GREAT friend that I am, I'm observing until she gets home, lol :) But I will talk soooooooooon :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Few Vegas pics...

Here are a few pics from the USA's in Vegas this year. I have many many more but I am between classes right now and need to get my butt back to school :) Hope everyone is doing well and after this hectic day is done, I will rewrite my journal ...from tha otha day, ya know, the one that obnoxiously deleted itself, lol. Just doing cardio today bc I'm in PAIN I'll talk soon guys,

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I just wrote this HUGE journal for you all and downloaded almost 15 Pics ...and it is GONE ...DELETED ...Damn internet! I spent almost a whole hour on that one! UGGGGGGGHH, Guys, as much as I want to rewrite it, I have no time right now- I have to be on the hospital floor at 6am tomorrow morning. I will redo later, I promise :( For now, here is a pic of me and my roomie...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

what up what up

Hows it going ya'll?!?
Well, I am about to go train hammies but I wanted to stop and say a quick hello before I went. Trained quads yesterday so I've been experiencing the horrible cramps ALL damn day! Not to mention the whole way we were walking to school! Hmmm, today was interesting- actual first day of classes- not sure what to think except for I better get my ass in high gear and keep it there! I'm just realizing that it is probably a very bright idea that I am not competing again until I graduate (may 06)... Seems that I am going to need all my spare time, wait, what spare time??!! Anyways, I'm thinking the 06 Nats is a smart choice! I got out of my afternoon class, walked home, ate and went and washed my car. I'm sure it'll rain tonight, lol, but it needed it! Even took a pretty little pi-cha fo ya...

There it is, tha Celica, haha, nice glare huh?! THEN...

I went to McDonalds :):):) and had the BB's special, lol, 2 double cheeseburgers without the bread and the oh so wonderful grilled chic sand WITH the bread... Sorry guys, that bread is too good to throw to the birds :) Fat N Happy, growing, and of course LOVIN IT! haha. I couldn't help myself- my car was like pulling into the parking lot and I couldn't make it go straight, I SWEAR!!! It's growing food, right? Just ask AmandaD, she'll tell ya- Ain't that right girl? See, somebody's on my side. Then me and my roomie were taking the oh-so-stupid pics so heres one for yas... I look like a BIG pumpkin :) Let me just call myself out on this one, lol, I'm pretty good at that sometimes... Ok, no more burgers ...Maybe!

Ok, enough of that, gotta head to the gym so tomorrow will hurry up and come! Someone is coming to visit me this weekend and I'm so excited :)
Talk Soon-

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Other night...

Pic of me and the x-roomie from the other night, lol, :) how sad :( She actually wasn't ready here so I'll post another later ...for now, I gotta run ...Litterally, to the tanning bed then the gym, bis and tris today ;) School stadt tomorrow ...BOOH!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

What's happening...

WHAT IS UP? I've just been hanging out all day doing absolutly nothing :) I went out with some friends last night and had a little bitta southern fun, lol. I havn't partied in quite awhile so it was about time to let go for a night :) I'm not really a partier since BB and school are the biggest part of my life, but when it comes time to party, I don't hold back, haha. Everybodys gotta have some fun, right? I went out with my friend, Judy, that I was roomates with for my first three years of college. I havn't seen her all summer! It was great to see her and have some fun! She has also been my steady workout partner for about 2 years when I am at school. We met in the dorms our freshman year- actually got randomly placed together as romates... worked out well bc we are too much alike! I just knew that I was going to be put with some big fat girl that layed in her bed all day sucking on her inhaler, LOL, seriously, that'd be my luck! I got in the room before she did but when she walked in she was like "thank god your normal!" We've had so many fun and wild and crazy times, and more than a few "I can't believe we're still alive" times since we've been friends. Honestly, we've been through it ALL, some good, some bad, but ALL worth laughing over 'til this day! Anyways, I'll post a pic from last night when I get one... It always seems that people want to arm wrestle me when I go out-and they will keep on until I have to just go somewhere else so I usually just ignore them, haha, but last night was a wild one so of course I was arm wrestling the whole damn club, lol. I have some pics from that too so I'll post em when I get em ;) Anyways,

I'm going to the OLYMPIA in October! Getting my ticket this week! I'm pretty excited about that, so I'll see yas there! I'll run through some of my workouts that I had did for the past few days...

Started with Extensions-
60lbs- warmup for 20
100lbs- 12
120lbs- 12
150lbs- 10
170lbs- 8
190- 6
210- 4
Early burnout starting at 210lbs for 1rep going all the way back up to 20lbs for 15reps.

3 45's on each side- 10 reps
4 45's on each side- 12 reps
5 45's on each- 10 reps
6 45's on each- 10 reps (270 on each side + 45(machine)= 585lbs)

Hack Squats-
3 sets of 10 with a 45 on each side.

Front Squats-
45 on each side- 12 reps
45 on each side- 10 reps
45+25 on each side- to failure- 7 reps

Stiff leg dead lifts/HAMS-
Started with 45 and 25 on each side for 15 reps- About this time, someone told me the gym was closing early(in 10 min) to let the new freshman come in and workout by them selves ...I was pissed bc they have been closing early latly without letting anybody know in advance. I would just have went to Golds and trained... So, I just kept this weight on the bar and did my last 2 sets of stiff legs with it. Ten, I left and went to Gold's to finish hams...

One leg curls-
45 on each side- 10 reps
45 and 10 on each- 10 reps
45 and 2 10's on each- 10 reps

lying curls-
130lbs- 10 reps
150lbs- 8 reps
150lbs- 8 reps
160 lbs- 6 reps

Walking lunges with no weight(I would've busted my face if I tried to walk with weight, lol)
3 sets of 24

Cardio for 20 min.

CHEST DAY-(actually had a workout partner today!! :)
50lbs each- 10 reps
60lbs each- 10 reps
70 lbs- 6 reps

Incline DB presses-
50lb DB's- 10 reps
55lb- 10 reps
60lb- 10 reps
60lb- 8 reps

Machine Incline presses-
45 on each- 10
45 and 25 on each- 10
45, 25, and 10 one each- 10

Incline DB flys-
30lb DB's- 10
35lb- 10
35lb- 10

3 sets of front raises for shoulders-
30lb DB's- 10
35lb DB's- 10
40lb DB's- 10

20 min cardio and calves ( I WILL MAKE THEM GROW DAMN-IT :)

BACK (I had Judy, my old roomate/workout partner with me, YAY! I missed muh girl!)
Started with pulldowns-
60lbs- warmup for 20 reps
100lbs- 10
120lbs- 10
130lbs- 10

Bent over side DB rows-
80lb DB- 10reps on each side
85lb DB- 10reps on each side
90lb DB- 10reps on each side

T Bar Rows-
2 45's- 10 reps
2 45's and 25- 10 reps
3 45's- 10 reps

Seated Rows-
100lbs- 10 reps
120lbs- 10 reps
140lbs- 10 reps

Bent over barbell rows-
45 on each side- 10 reps
45 on each side- 10 reps
45 and 25 on each- 10 reps

DB Pull overs-
50lb Db- 10
55lb DB- 10
60lb DB- 10

3 sets hyperextensions and 2 sets of Judy-assisted pullups, haha. Yes, after that workout, I NEEDED help!! Then we did calves. NOT TO MENTION... we walked to the gym in the 100 degree heat in the middle of the day so obviously we had to walk back!! About 30 min each way, not too bad! I wanted to pass out when we got back!!

Alright guys- I've gotta go outside and bring my "thawed-out" refridgerator inside. I keep a little one in my room... You know us lil BB piggys have to have food at first hand when we wake up in the middle of the night hungry, haha, seriously! The freezer was being taken over by the glacier thats been progressivly forming for awhile... Then Ima head out and do a little bit of cardio, but I wil talk soon!
*WEBCAM tomorrow at 9PM EST!!