Friday, September 29, 2006

Still holding strong...

Hey Everyone!
Let me start by apologizing for the long absence. I am at work right now and beleive it or not I am actually sitting down with free time on my hands??!! It has been a full-house around here ever since I started. Tonight is the first night that I have not had a full patient load ...and I have actually been able to eat every four hours like I am supposed to, and not every 6 or 7 like I was. So tonight has been a good night- only four patients for me :) I am liking my job and I am pretty use to the mode of things. My body has gotton in the groove of things and has adjusted pretty well. My sleep schedule is all out of wack but I just sleep when I am tired and stay up when I am not. It works well for me, lol :) My quality of sleep has definitely went through the roof! Considering how drained I am all the time, I can lye my head down and be in a deep sleep within seconds- and that is pretty much at any given moment :) That is good though, it makes things go by so much quicker in terms of dieting and training. NATIONALS is coming up pretty soon ya'll ...The excitement really has not hit me yet but I am definitely awaiting the day of the show! So so so ready to step on that stage :) I have to send my entry form in pretty soon ...I think it is has to be in by October 20th. Next Wednesday, October the 4th is my birthday :) Not really anything exciting ...cause I can't EAT anything fun:( Oh well, just more of a reason to celebrate afterwards ...right??!! :) November the 4th I will be ONE week out form the Nationals ans am guest posing with Branch Warren at Quincy Roberts' ELITE Classic in High Point, NC. Quincy has been helping me with my posing for the past few years. I like working with him because he is straight forward, no bullshit. I absolutly love that quality in people. Just be straight up, ya know?! Anyways ...6 weeks out from Nationals and I DO HAVE PICTURES of each week counting down from 11 weeks out but you'll have to wait until I get my internet back up and running at home. I was having computer problems and now my internet is acting up. I started dieting at 19 weeks out. So, I have the pics on my digital camara and I promise you'll see them the minute everything comes together :) Seems like I am coming along as I should but from day to day my opinion changes ...sometimes drastically, lol, which is pretty frusturating and not to mention, annoying, haha :) So, my solution has been to just ignore what I look like, hahahahha, I know I'm doing what I am suppose to be so I know my body has to be responding so I just try not to get caught up in judging my body on a regular basis. I wait from week to week to see what my brother has to say and that is what I go by :)

People had been telling me about this girl that works here at the hospital that I do ...They were like she is big, she's a bodybuilder, she competes, and all that ..So I was thinking, Im going to have to go and see who this is ...Well, some time passed and it slipped my mind. The other day after I came in and was starting to give my first round of medications, I heard a voice behind me say "There you are" ...I didn't think they were talking to be but just by reaction I turned around ...I didn't recognize her and for a split second I was like is she talking to me????!!!! Then I quickly realized that this was no average woman, this girl was BUILT, haha. SO then I figured out that that is who everyone had been telling me about. Her name is Tara Boyd. She was so nice and welcoming to me. We talked for a few minutes but I had to get back to my patients. She told me that she had judged me a few times while I have been coming up in the sport. I'm not really one to show a lot of excitment but I was really excited to finally meet someone locally that is into the sport like I am! She generously invited me to come train at some of the local Peak Fitness centers around the area. I have not had time to call her just yet but I definitely want to get up with her and maybe train or just hang out. Most BB's have so much in common it seems, haha. Anyways that was pretty cool ...

My Mom and I live in a little house right inside town and I really like it. It's so great to be close to pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Well, my Brother and Sister-n-law sold their house the other day :( I love that house soooo much. My brother built it from ground up and really customized everything and put his own touch on everyhthing from the floor plan to the accessories and to the yard and landscaping. It's so beautiful! I lived there for about 2 years I guess, when I was home from school. Anyways, my point is that they sold it last week and it's kind of sad :( BUT the good news is that they are moving in with my Mom and I until they get their new land and house and such ...So exciting :) I'm such a family kinda girl :) I love my family and would do anything in the world for them. I'd usually prefer going out with the fam as opposed to going out with friends. I have 2 nephews and a neice and hopefully another on the way sometime soon from my oldest Brother (the one that I've been talking about). My other brother and sister-n-law just has a baby girl named Kyleigh about 5 months ago ...She's a doll- so beautiful! Anyways, back to the house story ...I basically take up the 2 spare bedrooms in our house ...bc I have tons of crap that I have no where to put, lol. I had my computer desk, tv, tv stand, wooden chair, stair stepper, and shoes and clothes in the spare bedroom now I get to move it all out to the garage, haha. I actually moved the desk into my room so it's a little cramped in there right now but it's ok. We'll now have 5 cars in the driveway instead of 2 and in general it's gonna be a lil tighter, lol. Just a little change I guess but I'm ready for them to move in :) Oh yea, what should be really funny is that we have a house cat and they have 3 dogs, one in which is a house dog, hahahha. It's hilarious to watch those 2 in the house together when they bring him over. The cat has no front claws and the dog is really hyper and spastic which makes it so funny to watch them bc buster, the dog, can't bear to look at the cat, Cody, and Cody will just stare Buster down- This really gets Busters blood flowing and he will get really really jumpy and Cody will end up smacking him in the head ...time after time after time after time, lol, then hissing at him over and over again. It cracks me up!

Ok, so I guess I need to get going ...I will have those countdown pics up really soon ...fingers crossed :):):):)

Congratulations to Miss Cindy Phillips for an amazing placing in the Canadian Nationals 2 weeks ago!!!! She looked so amazing! Hard work shines through everytime ...never fails :) Awesome job baby!!!!! I miss ya and hope you will get to come to Nationals!

B :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Taking a break...

Hello guys!
I am on my break at work and decided to write a little. My internet, or my computer I should say, at home is so brooooooooke, lol. It makes me really mad but I'll leave my madness in disquise. How is everyone? Not like you can answer me or anything but at least you know I care and asked ;) I am ok. Training and prep for Nationals is pretty fast-paced right now. With work and all, the week to week count downs seem almost like they run together ...Ok, so this was really short but something has come up. I will come back and update this post and write more before I get off work if time allows ...if not, I'll be in touch soon ...9 weeks to go :)
B :)