Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's up!!

Hello :)

I am back home now - All settled in my cozy little house. I was gone for a total of 4 weeks! I was in OKC for 2.5 wks training - then Dallas, TX for a half a week for my competition - then LA Cali for a week doing photo shoots. So after all the plane rides across the country I'm back in my hometown in NC.

What can I say ...I AM ECSTATIC!!!! I placed 2nd in the LightHeavyWeight class - coming in a 132LBS. 8LBS heavier than last year when I struggled to make Middleweight!! 8LBS!! I didn't realize that I had even put on any muscle this off season. I trained hard and ate ate ate but guess I just didn't see the progress until contest time. I believe there were 19 competitors in my class - Of which ALL looked amazing. The entire show this year was great! Such great competition.

Prejudging... all proceeded onto the stage. Quarter turns ...and off the stage we go. Then we all do our 40 second mandatory routines for the judges. All back onstage together. Call out the top 5 in numerical order to go to the center of the stage. YAY!! I was in the 1st call out - top 5. Along with Kristy Hawkins, Karen Choate, Elena Seiple, and Amy Neal. I was in the middle to begin with - between Elena and Kristy ...Then they moved Kristy to the middle ...Then they kicked me and Kristy off the stage, ahahaha, and they continued with the comparisons for the placings. So ...that told us all that Kristy and myself were the top 2 ...But who was 1st and who was 2nd????? We didn't know. It was such an honor just to be in the position that I was in at that moment. I was honestly speechless ...Butterflies all day. I relaxed for the rest of the day - preparing myself for whatever might come my way that night. Knowing already that I had achieved so much - no matter the outcome.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kristy Hawkins - She brought her best to the stage and received the best in return. What a success. She told me that she wants to petition for an invite to the Arnold Classic - so awesome. She will do great! She is such a sweet girl - very quiet. She is about to have her PhD which is even more amazing. I know how difficult is was competing when I was getting my Bachelors in nursing school ...I can imagine how intense her life must be preparing for a contest while pursuing her PhD. If you want it - You will get it. I believe that. Congratulations again to Kristy!! Onto the Pros!!!

This year has been amazing - With so many amazing people in my life. To start ...My Mom has been by my side through thick and thin since the very day I was born. Never has she turned her back on me ...never. She has been to every show I have competed in since I began at the age of 13 - 10 shows total, I believe. I love you Mom! My Brothers have been by my side - always there for me if I need them. My best friends are always encouraging me and are always there for me. Cindy came to Nationals last year and my friend Holly came to support me this year. Thank you Carrie Ledford and Sherry Smith for all your help and encouragment ...I love you guys! My trainer and awesome friend Howard has put up with me for 20 weeks straight!!!! Lol. I love him so much. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to share this journey with. I can't explain how awesome he is ...The guy sleeps with his phone! 3AM if I need anything, he's there, awaiting my call. But more than that, we developed a relationship that I will cherish forever. To succeed in BB you have to have someone (a trainer) #1 that knows what they are doing. But more importantly you have to be able to trust them - their every decision - every call - I have trust issues, lol - but I put all my faith and trust in hHh and look where I am now!! He always says that he just tells me what to do and that I'm the one that has to do the work, hahah. How deceivingly true that is. With hHh by my side, I am so excited to make the best gains of my entire career this off season - and bring my even sharper and more improved physique to the 2008 Nationals stage. Keep your eyes peeled havn't seen the best Britt Miller yet :-)

I have been able to do some awesome photo shoots these past weeks. I got to shoot with the AMAZING David Paul for Dave Palumbo's SPECIES Products and Muscular Development - The wildest most amazing shoot of my entire life!! It was very artistic - I was able to be myself - be free and just have fun. I wish I could show you our work! But it's being held hostage until it appears in the magazine, ahahah. ...Also shot with the great photographer Per Bernell for Muscular Development too. At this shoot I was able to shoot with Evan Centopani and Timea Majorova. They were both so sweet and awesome to work with. Per is a great photographer!! I can't wait to see the products! They are also being held hostage, lol. Although I havn't even seen the pictures from this shoot yet!! I also shot with Mike from Physique-Art again this year in L.A. We shot in an awesome studio. I will post some pics when I get these back. I'm excited to see these too! I did a little work for my website while in Dallas Sunday afte the show. I was so drained and exausted that I really just relaxed for the most part. I LOVE getting my hair and make-up done. Nothing is better than getting up, showering, and just going to the set for your shoot, ahahah. You just sit there and the make up artist does your face and the stylist does your hair and coordinates your outfits, lol, it was soooo great! Hope Zarro did my make up for the SPECIES Ad shoot ...omg, such an amazing job - I looked like a cat!! She's such a sweet girl! The American Idol/Tela Tequila makeup artist did my face for the Per Bernell shoot.

Thank you Dave Palumbo and Steve Bleckman for steering me in this direction!!

Also I will be shooting for FLEX Magazines BODY SHOP Ad next week with Terry Goodlad ...I can't wait!! Then I can eat eat eat!!!!! haha.

Alright guys, I know I left out so much, or it feels like it anyways ...It was just an amazing journey to say the least. I am very pleased with everything :-)


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Passed time...

Britt here...

Hey guys!!!! Not sure where to start here. It's been one hell of a ride these past weeks - or months I should say. There's been ups and downs, the good and the bad. Not always skippy, lol. Mmmm Skippy Peanut Butter, lol, sorry :-) But more good than bad I have to say. I've been extreamly fortunate to have had all the support that I've had this time around - dieting and training. I have a trainer this year. He has been here for me through thick and thin ...through all my crazy thinking. You wouldn't beleive how messed up my mind-vision connection is when it comes to answering a simple question ..."How do you look today?" I've come up with some pretty far-fetched answers, lol. Pretty much everything from the most simple to the most complicated have changed for me this year. Everything except my determination and dedication ;) ...Over the years - first starting out - and along the way as well - it's very hard. To stick to your diet, do your cardio, to NOT have those thoughts of wanting to quit, etc. Now it's like this is a part of me - a part of who I am. It makes me, ME. Yes ...I whine and complain but it's only to make me feel better ahhahaha. It's just good to not have to question yourself everyday about things. Just to be able to get up and do what you have to do without debating. You do what you gotta do to reach your dreams. It's an awesome feeling.

So Anyways... A lot has went on. I've been to Oklahoma a few times to train ...Amazing! New Jersey for a photo shoot. Cindy has been to my house to visit! We had a blast as we always do. I've meet some incredible people. My baby-girl Deezy has gotton HUGE!!!! She's just a baby and her paws are softball sized, lol. she's a mess. My neighborhood has said that I have to get rid of her chain-linked fence b/c they are not allowed. whatever hahaha. Don't know what I'm going to do b/c to fence in my entire back yard with an appropriate privacy fence will be close to $5000.00!!!!! I'd let her stay inside but she's so darn big and sheds black hair like crazy. She makes me laugh so hard. I had her pinned in the yard on a chain - attached to a stake in the ground to let her hang out a little while - while I was cleaning inside the other day. I came outside and she was gone!!! I called her and then heard something that sounded like reindeer bells and santas sley She came running around the house dragging along the 20foot chain with the stake bouncing along on the end. I was dying. She's so funny. There is a little white kitten that comes around that she likes to hang out with and play with. It's soooo cute.

Work is stressful. I havn't been feeling well lately so I've missed some days at work. Being worn down is starting to take a toll on my body. I have the best boss at work. She is so awesome. So understanding and willing to work with you. I have wanted to change specialties in Nursing for about the past year but she is the only thing keeping me static right now. And she's so cute too ...she's pregnant. Pregnant people are so cute. I have 2 nephews and a little neice and they are all so beautiful. I love kids and can't wait to have some one day. There's just something about that mother-child connection that I find so appealing. Rikki and Mike (webmaster and his wife) have a new little girl. She's such a good baby! They've done a really great job with her - great parents.

So I have my suits for Nationals! They are beautiful - Thanks to Tamara of Bikini Guru! She does such a great job. Pretty plain this year but that is what I wanted. My body will speak louder than the suits anyways ;) Havn't got jewelry just yet but have an idea of what I want. Posing routine, custom made by Joey :), is all taken care of. Just a little more practicing and It'll be ready to show. Hair is RED now, lol. Always changing. Always will probably ahahah. I can't keep one thing for too long - I get bored with it and need something new or different. I got a new tatoo. It says Eternal Love. Which has underlying meaning to me. It's really means a lot to me. More than what lyes on the surface of the words. Little pieces from my life - growing to be who I am now. It's pretty cool.

Ok well that's a little update for now. Check back and I'll try to keep this darn thing updated ahahha. OH YEAH ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRLIE CINDY!!!!! On Wednesday, Halloween!!!! Cindy is turning 24. LOVE YOU BABE...MISS U!! And oh yea, I had a birthday about a month ago :) I'm 23 now, lol.

B :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hey hey

hey guys,
Just a quick update, have a lot goign on lately. Last week i was in Oklahoma and right now Cin is here visiting with me. Lots of amazing things to tell yas. Cin and I are just get reday to do some shopping and spend the day togther as she leaves tomorrow, so i will update you with everything then!!!

Heres a quick pic from last yr after nationals taken by physique art.....

Look for me and Cin on tonight.....we'll be doing it TOGTHER tonight!!!!!

At you again soon,


Monday, August 20, 2007


My girl Cindy personally invited into the IFBB! What an honor! I love you Cin and I couldn't be more proud of you - You deserve this and have an amazing future ahead! Here is your new IFBB Professional Bodybuilder guys ...

On a smaller note, lol, my whole look changed over night - It's just hair - So lets hear it - cause I've heard EVERYTHING imagneable ...from good too bad :) So go ahead - I'm ready - criticize me ahahhaha...

Off to the gym...
B :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time for an update...

Another Beach Picture...

Just done eating and cleaning the kitchen. I'm sitting here at the computer and I can hear my washing machine all the way in here, lol, it's so darn loud. My little girl is out in her pin. She's getting so big and she is soooooo wild so I have been keeping her outside. I have to be careful when I go in her pin to change her water or feed her because she digs holes - they are everywhere and I've almost busted my butt a few times. I guess she thinks she can dig herself an underground tunnel ...who knows what she's thinking - she's a crazy pup - and I love her to death! I sprayed her down a few times today with cold water since it's been so hot outside - she loves it! Then she rolls in the dirt for the next 10 minutes and gets all muddy. I came home from the gym today and was planning to go to the pool for a little while - Once I got home and ate I decided that I'd just lay out back and tan for a bit. Glad I didn't go bc I stayed out there for about 45 minutes and couldn't stand it anymore so I had to come in. I got some good sun tho.

I've been dieting a little and doing some cardio. Cardio is sooo brutal, lol. I try to think positive thoughts about it - thinking it'll make it not so bad ...ya, it doesn't work that well. It just seems endless I guess - takes forever. Cardio is always better at the gym cause I can people watch. Here I just stare at the wall, lol. My trophies are right infront of me so I look at those alot - think about the different times I competed and things that happened along the way ...Believe it or not, looking at them does motivate me sometimes. Makes cardio seem worth something ...sometimes, ahaha.

I gotta say Congratulations to Miss Cindy Phillips because she looks PHENOMONAL!!!!! The next soon to be Canadian PRO ...Middleweights are going to be blown away by her 5-foot diesel-stacked-ripped but yet beautiful feminine stature ...I keep saying amazing bc I can't think of any other word, lol, it's the only one that suits her ...She is just amazing ...I'm sure she will post an up-to-date pic before she leaves for Edmonton tomorrow morning ...and you'll see what I'm talking about ...just amazing. She's like 3 days out and as fuller than I have EVER been ONstage, lol, seriously. I don't know how tha girl does it but she manages to NEVER go flat. You take my carbs away for 1 day and I look like wet noodle, ahahhaha. ANyways - this is not about me, It's about Cin go get em baby and show em all that you've worked for!!!! I miss ya! Me and Cin talked this morning on the phone - I was like whats upo, wacha doin ...she said she was doing her last cardio session for the rest of the year, hahah, i was laughing.

Okey Dokey ...Im getting tired - I think Im going to head to bed soon ...that's bad huh - it's only 730 haha :) Sleep is very important to me ... #1 on my to-do list, lol. I'll prob update yas tomorrow maybe with a pic ...I'm getting my hair done ...gonna get something done that none of you have ever seen ...hope ya like it ...hope I like it :)

Love You
B :-)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quick Pic...

Had dinner and a movie with the fam on Friday night...

Will write more on Monday ...For now I have to get some sleep..


B :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hi Guys!! Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite poems... I'm off to the gym to train legs early this morning ...See yas!!!! Web Cam prob tonight!!

B :)

Hope you enjoy...

The Last Pedal
© By Carolann S. Wallace

Perfect as a rose pedal
Watch as it endures
The blooms fight for their life
As they are surrounded by knives
For what they know best
Is the blossom of their hearts
They live in the moment they open
Hopes to achieve, reside in their minds

Pedals come and pedals go
Stop to watch as they appear
Appreciate the colors and smells
Learn from them while they are here
For they will disappear
No more chances do they get
They cannot be forgiven
For they must open and if they don't
It is the end

Some will arise to the occasion
They are beautiful in every way
Every chance they get
To send sweet aroma in the air
To fill the days with colors so fair
But the life is short
Because they opened, they must fall
The fall to death
Conscious of the life they lived
Are they successful or
Do they suffer in agony
as the last pedal falls

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just me

What ups yaw...
just off webcam. i got my nose pierced a few weeks ago at the beach. ive wanted it done for a long time but never had the urge to do it. so i did it lol.didnt hurt or even get sore. not many can tell i even have it. course it was the first thing my mom saw ...she doesnt like it. i dont think she really cares too much for any of my tatoos or piercings but shes cool with them. shes a great mom.

so i have a new roomate now. its a little different living with someone after living alone for so long. im the biggest clean freak now that i have my own place. i walk around picking up tiny pieces of dirt and wiping everything down all the time ahaha. you might even call me a little ocd when it comes to keeping my house clean. never been like that until i bought a house of my own. its true that you respect things that you have to earn yourself- very true. sometimes i feel a little consistant with cleaning but its my house so i have the right to be picky bout it, right?

deezy is growing like a weed. shes prob 25-30 lbs now. i have to take her back to the vet soon for more shots. she gets on my last nerve sometimes. she doesnt listen very well and i end up beating her butt haha. i got her a dog lot to keep her outside now. shes tearing up too much stuff in my house. chewed on my bed!!!!!!! i was soooooooooo pissed ...sooooooo dissapointed that she did that. tried chewing on my blinds, peed in the couch, and chewed my molding in the laundry room. !!!!!!!!! again, i get so upset because i had to buy everything brand spanking new that is in my house. the only thing that is not new are my coffee/end tables that my brother gave me when he moved to his new house. everything else came straight from my pocket. so you can see why it bothers me :)

ive been in a really irritible mood lately. anything and everything sets me off it seems like hahaha. i try to keep my cool but the combo of everything is a little much lol. i started a diet about 2 weeks ago too so that might have a little to do with it too. but anyways is going well. i have my one year evaluation coming up next week so i better get a raise, hahah. if not ill prob be pissy with them too hahah. i got my hair cut and colored this week. a littler darker in the bottom and a little light on the top ok i guess. i want something different but i cant find anything i like- nothing drastic. so i just cut a few side bangs. its a little change.

well thats all for now its bed time for me. finally getting tired. my sleep schedule is all wacko as usual.

B :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fun in the sun :)

What's up guys...
I've been at the beach this past week- Took a buncha pics for yas - they'll be in the members section ...Here's a lil pic for ya all ...
Growing well!
B :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mind boggled

Things have been sort of weird here lately- My thoughts are all over the place- With everything positive I have going for me in life, it just seems like there is something missing. I catch myself all the time in deep thought- usually starring into space. I think I'm just to a point in my life where I want something more- I mean, I always want more out of life- I'm never satisfied with anything I accomplish bc I know I can acheive more- nothing but a thing ...But ...Everything I've did in life has been for a reason- To know that I can make it own my own- to know that I can accomplish anything that I want to- That is why I built/bought a house ...bc I wanted to know for myself that I could take on that mountain and be ok ...But now that I have did all this, it's like what ...I don't want to keep proving to myself that I can accomplish things by myself ...I've already figured that out- I already know that. I'm ready to move forward and make progress in other steps of life. I'm 22 ...ya that's young- what more could a 22 year old want, right? I have all the necessities of life and so so so so much more- Not that I don't deserve what I have bc I'll be the first to tell you that I have worked my ass off for everything I have in this life ...But there is still something missing ...I just feel a void ...I have made myself happy my entire life ...I'm ready to make someone else happy.

Just had to speak my mind for a few seconds- That's been riding on me for a week or two now... I'm heading to bed so I can get up in the morning...

Goodnight- Sweet Dreams ...And Thanks for listening,


Friday, June 08, 2007


Hey Hey ...

Wanted to remind everyone to vote for me in the Miss Biceps contest!!!! I'm in 2nd right now- you know how to make me #1 :) Here's the website link...
I'm not sure who entered me- or who picked the pictures that are showcased ...But Thanks! Although the pictures posted are not my favorite since they are a few years old- to say the least, Lol :) ...Oh well, guess someone likes them??!!

Also- There are new pictures posted of me on Muscular Development Magazines website- Taken by Mike Y. of Phisique-Art... Here is the link...

I'm off to bed- been digging in the dirt since 2pm this afternoon- I'm exausted. Didn't finish planting everything so I'll have to pick back up next week...
Anyways, Goodnight-


B :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lots of pics...

Right b4 Deezy attacked the cam ...and my face, lol

Last year (2006) 10 weeks out from Nationals

Going over the Gulf of Mexico ...I think??!!

I just took this picture today --Her ears are soooooo cute!

Old wecam shot of the Abs...

Me and my friend Megan -- she wants to compete in Figure in the future...

Me and my home girl, Saf ...This was my weight-lifting coach in highschool -- If you've read my bio, this is who I was speaking of... She used to kick my ass in the gym, now I kick hers, haha, love ya girl -- She loves my gruelsome leg workouts :)

This is Cassy -- She's competing in a natural figure show next weekend -- you go girl -- it's your show -- you've worked for it -- take it with pride!!!!!

My friend forever, Jill!

My wonderful Sis-n-law, Keisha ...She has been babysitting Deezy for me when I work :) Thanks! Love ya!

Wal-Mart trip to find Deezy a bed :):):):)

Holly and Deez... Miss ya Loe!

Me and my precious little girl!!!!!

And ...the precious little girl herself --posing for the camara....

...I love you all!!!!! I'm off to bed...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

FLA ...

Hi guys...
I'm here in Florida ...I flew into ATL Tuesday after I got off work to see my friend Adam- then we went out and afterwards starting heading towards FLA that night. Memorial Day WE is supposed to be off the chain down here in Destin BUT I have to fly back tomorrow morning bc I have to work Friday ...TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!! Couldn't find NOT one person who could work for me Friday ...BOOOOOHHH!! Even offered 'em $100!! Anyways, I will post some new pics when I get home ...Guys I'm growing ...weighed 168 lbs this afternoon!!! I can't control my eating habits, lol :) We had tons of sushi today was sooooo yummy :) Ok, wish me safe travels and I will see you soon ...WEBCAM again MONDAY NIGHT :)



B :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Early Mornin B...

HEY guys....

It's pretty early for me- Or it's been an early morning for me... I slept yesterday until 7pm catching up on my sleep. So of course I couldn't go to sleep last night. I trained hams late then came home and ate and watched Tivo-d episodes of Shear Genius and Workout all night ...Finally layed down around 2am after eating a shake ...layed there til 530am got up again had another shake and watched some more tv ...snd I've been cleaning ever since. Oh well, I guess I'll fall asleep sometime today I hope. I have work again tomorrow so hopfully I'll get some rest. I have a lot to do today ...things that I have been putting off forever!!! LOVEthe show Workout ...I think it's halarious bc I know the guy Brian on there ...he is from my home town and his bluntness just cracks me up. He packed it up and carried that with him to LA and on the show, lol, it's reality, right??!! Gotta be real. I'd absolutly love to have a reality show ...some kind of training/BB reality show ...that'd be crazy fun. Especially if me and Cin could do it together know have it be a mix of Paris Hilton & Nicloe Richie's reality show and throw some training in there too ...ahhhh, I'd die, I'd be laughing so hard all the time ...Me and Cin have had some great times together... LOVE YA BABE :)

Anyways, I just wanted to check in with yas and keep ya updated on me. I am currently sitting at 155-160. Trying to gain some good offseason muscle for the future. Eating like crazy! Training hard! cardio :):):):) Gotta love it! Big girls need lovn too, lol. I think that saying is so funny :)

OK ...I'm outty to the gym to train quads... So I can get back and work outside in the yard and around the house all day ...hope its not too hot- guess ill get a tan and have a heat stroke if it is ...oh well Ill deal... LOVE YAS ALLLLLLLL!!
Yours Forever,
B :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to stay ...

HEY Y'ALL!!!!! ...A little bit of my southern-twang to start with :)

I think I can honestly say that I am back for good ...I have a reliable computer system that I can count on, internet connection is good, and my time/work schedule is pretty satisfying and most importantly, I am ready :) Ready to be back on here interacting with y'all!! So let me aploigize for not updating my blog for the last month ...I apoligize!!!!!!! Lol. No excuses just an apology.

Ill go ahead and address the issue here ...There's been hear-say that I was going to take a few years off from BB/competing; This WAS my intention a few months ago. I was burnt out, not of BB inparticular, but I was just carrying a heavy load in general was a little overwhelming. I was going to just chill out for 1-2-3 yrs and let my body have a break from the intense dieting and training that we BB's all know. I was still training but just not as often and not as intense ...Ya - that got OLD - REAL FAST. So I started back training hard and eating like I should to make gains ...and now I think my passion is back at the level where it needs to be to continue competing ...Anyways, that has been my journey over the past 5 months ...

I have been working as an RN for a year now! Wow ...It's so crazy to me. It doesn't feel like I've had a real job for an entire year, lol. But then agian it seems like so long ago since I graduated ...weird. Work is good. I'm working a little extra as of right now but not for much longer. We needed some extra help on our floor so I signed up for bout an extra day a week...

LOVING the house. I am pretty much all moved in and loving it. Still a few things I need ...Like a bed for the guest bedroom but I'll get it sooner or later. It's so hot here these past few days in the 80's and 90's ...which for some reason just reminded me that I need to wash my car lol. It's a mess - It's really dirrrrty haha.

Sooooo... I am going to get a little sleep but THANK YOU for all hanging with me and keeping it real. I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you, really ...I really really love my fans!!!!!

That's all for tonight ...Nite Nite,
B :-)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Arnold weekend is here...

Too bad I wont be there :( The last few years at the Arnold were fun; The Expo especially. Seeing all the competitors and the companies they represent is pretty cool. I've always liked seeing the Pro's at their booths promoting their sponsors- I've always wanted to be in their place. Anyways... I'm wishing all the Arnold competitors The Best this weekend. I know it will be an awesome turnout....

On another note ...What did you all think about the Sacramento Pro??!! First off, congratualtions to Heather ...Job well done! Nailed her Pro debut! I'm not sure what I think about the turnout for the Sacramento??!! I understand the 20% rule ...but to my knowledge it is supposed to denote 20% less muscle, not 20% more softness/or 20% less hardness!!!! Bodybuing is hard work to say the least- and for them, "The Comittee," to go and downsize our ending/onstage physique is flat out demeaning ...This is how I feel about it. I know that it takes a hell of a lot of work to become a Pro- meaning that you have to be in tip-top shape, almost perfect, to the T conditioning ...OK, this gets you Pro ...and them once you are there, the rules change a little ...softness is becoming more and more in the demands of the Pro competition. I am not implying this to the female bodybuilders, This is directed to the rules of female bodybuilding- The Pro's are doing nothing but doing what they have to do to win/place on that level- and right now the thing to do that will make you a winner is to come in soft. To me, I think that make female bodybuilding as a whole look like shit. This sport is made as difficult as it is to wean out the ones with no dedication to bringing out the absolute best of there physique. Bodybuilding is the most complicated thing I have ever did in life- I do it because it challanges me, I love disipline and having dedication, i love transforming my body to something almost unreal ...Before you know it, and it's actually already starting to happen, everyone and their 75 year old Mom will be onstage competing in female bodybuilding competitions ...Hey, no hate here, the more the merrier ...IF you have did your part and deserve to be onstage. It's on thing to lose 200lbs and go from a size 38 to a size 16 ...but it's something totally different to lose 40-50lbs and transform your body from offseason shape to tip top onstage ripped hard dry condition and still maintain your feminity. Props to everyone that loses mad amounts of weight ...I help people do this everyday, encourage them, support them, motivate them and even train with them. These people have straight-up dedication and I have total respect for them ...but if we were to put all these people on stage and label them as bodybuilders ...what would bodybuilding be labeled as????? All this stems from the fact that I THINK famale bodybuilding is slipping into the norm. We are suppose to be different than others ...If female bb's can maintain their femininity and still be shredded as hell ...then that should be the norm of female bodybuilding. If female bodybuilders have to become "softer" and "less hard" to get that "feminine look" then that's not FEMALE bodybuilding, now is it? Bodybuilding in general (male or female) is not labeled soft and watered over, it's labeled with the words hard, muscle mass, ripped, shape, symmetry, vascularity and so on ...This is BB and the only line between male and famale bodybuilding should be straight femininity ...NOT softness- If you don't have the feminine characteristics, then coming in less conditioned is not going to suffice for femininity- and this is what I think "The Committee" is trying to accomplish when they are looking for this softer and less conditioned look ........................WHEW!!!!!! Glad I got that off my chest, hahah. So those are my thoughts ...Anyone beg to differ? I would love to hear who agrees and/or disagrees and the reason behind your thoughts...

So, training is going well when I am getting in the gym. Trained back yesterday.

Pulldowns 5-6 sets- max 120lbs for 6 reps

Pullups- assisted- 4 sets with good stretching in between

Deadlifts- free weight from the ground- 5 sets- Max 275lbs for 6 reps

Seated machine rows- 3 sets-dont remember weight- sets ranging from 60-200lbs

Seated machine pull downs- 3 sets- same weight range as other machine exercise

I had a pretty short workout but is was a hell of a workout- I trained shoulders today and I was struggling with my back bc it was so weak. I had to wear my belt while traing shoulders, haha. It really helped though- without it I'd have probably fell out on the floor, ahah.

Seated smith machine presses- 5 sets

bar for 50 reps

10 each side for 20 reps

20 each side for 15 reps

30 each side for 10 reps

40 each side for 8 reps

25 each side for 10 reps

Superset DB side laterals with DB single-arm side laterals ...too many sets to count :)

singles-went up to 30lb DB for sets of 10

together- went up to 30lb DB's for sets of 10

Did burnout set on single-arm laterals- started with 35lb DB and went down to 5lb DB in incriments of 5lbs ...oooouuuuch :)

Front raises with preweighted bars- 5 sets

50lb for 20 reps

60lb for 12 reps

70lb for 10 reps

80lb for 10 reps

20lb for 20 reps

Finished with seated bent over DB lateral raises

20lb for 15 reps

25lbs for 15 reps

30lbs for 12 reps

35lbs for 10 reps

And I was toasted :)

Alrighty folks, I've got to get to bed- I work tomorrow.

Leave yas with a pic from Nationals by Physique Art...


B :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Man, I miss my bud...

How hot is this???? This was in Vegas in '06 ...We had so much fun just chillin and relaxin! LOVE this picture and miss my best buff bud Cin :( MISS YOU CIN!!!!! I left you a message on your blog :) Talk soon guys,
B :')

Friday, February 09, 2007

What up what up what up . . .

B here ...
Just chillin at work- So friggin busy tonight- Just now sitting down and finally finished with all my documentation. Sorry I havn't posted lately ...most of you all know what's up around here- most understand my craZy schedule :)

Training has been going well lately ...When I have been able to get to the gym, lol. My strength is coming back- I guess I'm actually getting back into the groove of things- Ya know, training like I should- heavy and intense- and eating like I should ...MOST of the time, lol ...I've eaten shitty for the past few days but it's all good- I actually look a little better- muscles are fuller. Cardio every once in awhile- nothing crazy.

I've been pretty happy lately- actually really happy- Life is good- taking some time to enjoy life and spend time with friends. Life is totally different from when I was in college ...nursing school ...whatever. When I look back, I can really see how stressed I was ...I have NO idea in hell, haha, how I did it I made it ...??!! Class, studying, bodybuilding, diet, training for the NC states/Metrolina/USA's/Nationals, cardio, friends, work, BAD relationships, hahahhaha ...HOW??!! Who knows ...all I know is that I am so so glad that it is in my past :) I'm thinking about going back to school sometime in the near future- but believe that it is going to be 10X easier than it was for me before- I'm much more stable in life- or at least I think so anyways...

I'm supposed to be making a trip to see Mike really soon to work on **NEW** material for my members!!!!! Once our schedules agree it's a done deal- I know you all are ready for some new gym material!! I know I am!
About the Arnold Classic ...No plans for that. I'd love to go but my schedule will not allow me to :(

I'll let you know about webcam when I start that again... for now, it's a no-go, it's brizzzzzzzz-oke, lol :)

Ima get off here and find something useful to do, so I will catch up with all y'all later.

Ok ...Here ya go ... enjoy life, train hard, eat to grow, always be helpful, be a best friend, show respect, give generously, always look forward, never look back, have no regrets, be beautiful, be honest and trust-worthy, always keep family #1, make someone happy, let someone make you happy, and love somebody special!!!!! ...

B :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beach post...

Hello Guys!!!! Just checkin in with yas ...My POS computer is acting up again- guess it's time for a new one, huh? So...I am at the beach with my friend Holly(Loe) visiting for a few days! It's so fun to be here and chill with her- we always act a fool when we're together- act like we're 10 again ...It's so great, I love it!!!!! We've just been relaxing and playing, lol. Seriously, 4wheeler, playstation, fighting and wrestling ...just picking around ...I don't wanna go back to work, :( ...Ok, maybe I do ;) It's just great to be here with my girl. As you all know, me and Holly were in Nursing school together- She graduated this December and just PASSED HER STATE BOARDS ...WHOOOOOO HOOOO!!! That's awesome- She's gonna be working at Wilmington hospital. Anyways, These pics are of me, Holly, and the awesome Moms and Pops. We went out to eat Japan last night in J-Ville ...Japanese, whatever, I call it Japan :) We are going shopping in Wilmington today (I havn't got her a graduation present yet :) and later going to some place with a band, bar, and a bunch of arcade games, hahaha. We watched The Gaurdian yeaterday and it was GREAT!!!! So so good! Anyways, Ima shower and we're gonna get going so I will holla at yas later ...


B :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's Goin' On Guys .....

How are yas all?
I'm doing pretty good I'd have to say. Training, work, webcam!!, the house ...everything's coming along nicely thus far. My schedule's been really really full these past few weeks but what's new, lol, I'm always stressed for time :)

First off, I would like to thank you all for being concerned about me and my possible future bodybuilding career ...I really appreciate your thoughts and concerns ;) ...BUT I would like to tell my fans and whoever else wants to listen, I AM NOT GIVING UP OR QUITTING FEMALE BODYBUILDING ...I'm just taking a little break- Ya know, home girl needs a break every once in awhile ;) I have so much going on right now that I think I need to tend to the most important things- like making a future for myself that I know can hold me up and carry me through life. I went to school and worked pretty damn hard for my BSN and now I want to really utilize what I have been rewarded with- without having to be stressed out all the time- Since I graduated in May of last year, and finished with my Nationals Prep in November, I have been soooooo laid back and just "whatever" that it would be insane for me to go and do something crazy like try to compete in bodybuilding this year. I'm young ...I've got time :) ...So anyways, those are my thoughts and intentions when talking about that ...

But one more thing that I was thinking about ... I have competeted quite a bit since my freshman year in highschool!!!! ...That's nine years ...And what amazes me is that I can honestly say, that until this past November/December, I have NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER taken more than 5-6 days off from training in those 9 years ...NEVER!!!! I know your body needs a break every once in awhile but that was a HUGE no-no for me, haha ...I just couldn't do it ...I was so stuck on training training training that I didn't think about anything else. If I missed a day in the gym I'd go insane, it was such a big deal- Now I laugh about that but I still see and understand why I was that was- I was determined to accomplish something- Bodybuilding/training is addictive, very addictive, LOL. Here is what I have accoplished thus far...

1999 (9th grade highschool) Elite NC Show -- competed in figure ...didn't place :(
2001 (11th grade highschool) Metrolina NC Show -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding

2003 (Freshman in college) NC States -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding
2003 (Freshman in college) Metrolina -- 3rd place figure

2004 (Sophmore in college) NC States -- 1st place lightweight bodybuilding and overall champ

2004 (Sophmore in college) Jr Nationals -- 2nd place middleweight bodybuilding

2005 (Junior in college) Collegiate Nationals -- 1st place heavyweight bodybuilding and overal champ

2005 (Junior in college) NPC USA -- 1st place middleweight bodybuilding

2006 (Graduated/RN) NPC Nationals -- 3rd place middleweight bodybuilding :)

Here is a picture of my very first bodybuilding show ...Well ...I'll have to post them on here later bc it's not letting me for some reason right now?!

Then I will post a picture from 2006 Nationals, my latest show this past November...

I have a few more pictures to post as well since I got some feedback from the last pictures saying that you all really like the "everyday-life" pics ...I have tons of them bc I love taking pictures :)

My friend Holly just graduated from Nursing school in December and is getting ready to take boards so I am hoping to spend some time with her coming up soon- She's a trip, she make me laugh so hard sometime, I love her to death ...we are total opposites but yet get along so well and have an awesome time together just hanging out. We were pratically roomates my senior year in college ...Although she wore my nerves into the dirt sometimes, she kept me sane most of the time ...BUT DON'T TELL HER THAT ;) LOVE YOU LOE!!!!! I MISS YA and your moma and dad!!!! I'll post a pic of us too...

I hope to see Cindy soon, we are trying to book a trip together soon to relax a lil' :) Maybe do a bit for out sites?! Hopefully we can get that lined up.. Love my girl :) Miss ya Cin ...and Neil :)

Alright guys ...I've beenloving doing webcam lately so stop by and see me soon! I'll be on Tuesday night (jan 16) ...See ya there ;)

Going to go eat a lil somethin somethin (i.e. something good- prob sweets :)
<3 B.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A few pictures from the holidays for yas...

...Cute pics, huh? They are of me, brother, doggie (Buster) playing cards getting ready to spade us all out, haha- my sister-n-law, me and my friend Tiffany, and me and my neice playing on the floor on Christmas day.

I am about to go to the gym and tan and do some cardio training today :) Just got done eatong some chicken and almonds ...and some other stuff that I'd rather not talk about, haha, feeling a little guilty :)

Anyways,I gotta go and write my girl Cin and get going to the gym so I'll talk to yas later ...

B :)