Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weekend Time!!

Again, why is this underlined? Anyways. . .
Training is going(now the underlining disappears?) good. I haven't become too excited yet, about it all.  When things get a little less hectic and I am able to slow down a bit and think straight, I'm sure the butterflies will begin fluttering around.
Not much longer and I'll be spending time with my BFF, Cin!!  I'm going to visit her really soon and I can't wait!
My grass is amazing!!! (fingers crossed the scorching sun doesn't kill it) I have been taking such good care of it!  I mowed the back last week, and man was that a 5 hour chore!  The grass was up to my face! It was horrible!  Thank goodness my brother is amazing and loves me dearly! :)  I did the weed eating, which was like fighting your way through a jungle.  I was looking for Tarzan but never saw him.  Then today I mowed the front and wow! it looks great!  It's green!  I have to say I did an outstanding job. . . oh yeah, I even mowed in diagonal lines :)  and the weed-eating was nothing less than spectacular. . . All by my sweet little self :)  Only thing gone wrong is my basketball goal is now broke in half, and tomorrow will be on its way to the dump.  oops :)  I played on that thing almost every night!  Deezy is an amazing defensive guard!
I'm off to bed.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  
Do something fun!