Tuesday, April 28, 2009


17-9, and we WIN!!

Hi Guys!!
It's me, checking in.  Just in from our softball game, which was a blast!  Above is a picture of my sister, Shannon, and I after the game.  I absolutely LOVE being back on a team.  Bodybuilding is an individual sport, which I also love, but I really miss team sports.  We have a great team with great players and great attitudes.  You can't ask for anything better!  Our season lasts until May, I believe, then following there is a league team and co-ed team that I will play for.  Also, I will be coaching kids basketball!  That is so exciting for me!  I love kids, and basketball is my long lost love, so it couldn't be any better!  I am watering my yard tonight.  It hasn't been raining much lately.  It's been in the 90's everyday for the last week.  I went to the lake a couple times and laid out in the sun a few times too.  The warm weather makes you want to get out of the house and just do things, anything!  I watched Bedtime Stories last night.  Unlike Marley and Me, it was a fantastic movie!  Alright guys, it's time to run out and move the sprinklers!  Lets hope I don't spray myself in the face like I did the other night!! lol


...here is a funny picture of me playing the air guitar and Shannon, well, I'm not exactly sure what she was doing??!! lol